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Notes: Really just an utterly pointless drabble-like thing. If you're stupid enough to flame me for the pairing, please keep in mind that 1) It's practically becoming canon now, with what Takahashi's been doing to the plot lately and 2) I LOVE flames. Especially stupid flames. They are my one constant source of entertainment. XD (Okay, I like regular reviews too. Really. XD)

~ For Just One Moment ~

I am going to die, she thinks. Because He knows, and I will die.

There are so, so many things she has yet to do, so many words left unspoken, and she feels a sudden sense of despair. She will fight, she will fight to the very end, for that is her nature, and He will have to drag her to the depths of hell himself before she will even consider giving up all hope at last.

But in the end, she will lose. She knows. And she will die, never again to feel the wind blowing against her face, to feel her hair flying free behind her in the breeze. Never again. Perhaps it is only in death that she will find the freedom she has so desired.

She wonders if this is why humans are so fearful of death, and if that is what makes them so weak, or perhaps if that is what makes them stronger, somehow.

But it does not matter. She is a demon, not a human, and she does not fear death.

She turns to leave because she knows she will die, and not even the beautiful, beautiful man who stands watching her as she slowly walks away can save her now. Not even he. She will die, but he will live. He must.

As the girl child's sweet voice questions her innocently, she pauses, stopping in her tracks.

And for just one moment, she falters.

I... I just wanted to...

So many things, so little time. What can she say, what can she do?

I just wanted to... see you... one last time, before I died...

The man says nothing as she flies off. His silvery hair floats back in the breeze she leaves behind. He gazes at her figure receding in the blue, blue sky, even after he can see her no more. And he thinks only that she is beautiful, so very beautiful, and she is going to die.

I just wanted to... tell you... that I --


I may write more for this, but it will have to wait until Takahashi reveals exactly what she has in mind for these two... I would rather stay as canon as possible when writing non-AU scenarios, and I don't really feel like coming up with an AU Inuyasha story anyway. If anything, it will probably take the form of a sequel. This little pointless piece is most likely going to remain a one-shot.