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Note: This series takes after the "Love Hina" manga and takes place during volume 14, only with some changed events here and there. Read to find out.

Uncontrolled Passions
Chapter 1:
Losing Control

Keitaro's POV:

It's been two months, two long, tiring months since we all came home from the Kingdom of Molmol, Su's native land. Aunt Haruka, Seta and Sarah all decided to stay so they could do some more excavating. We've gotten a few calls from them and they're doing real well. I'm glad for them.

I only wish I could say the same for myself.

After the plane landed back in Japan, me and Naru rushed back to the Hinata House to meet up with my Granny Hina, who said in a fax she sent to us that she would be coming back on the 10th to meet me and my fiancée and hold a wedding so I could claim all of my inheritance. Unfortunately we came back a day late because we didn't realize that Molmol straddles the International Date Line, just like Pararakelse, a fact that Mutsumi happily pointed out. So the day we got back was the 11th, not the 10th, meaning we missed meeting up with Grandma, or so we all had thought at the time.

A few hours after we got back, though, we got a call from Granny and she told us that she decided to extend her stay overseas by a whole year, but she does still expect me to at least have a fiancée ready for her when she does come back. We were all pretty happy about that since everybody was getting really riled up about everything that was going on, and you know how tough it is living with a bunch of riled up girls, most of whom like to take out all their frustrations and aggressions on me.

The only problem lately is that Naru has started to get kinda distant from me. At first everything was going along nicely, but then she started to push me away. It started off simple…well, not really. I let Naru make all the major decisions in our relationship, you know, mainly about…er…how physical we get. The day after we got back, Naru and I were making out and she told me that she wanted to do it. I was really excited, and mainly because this time I was prepared with some…um…protection I now keep in my dresser. Just as we were beginning to take off our clothes and really get into it, Naru suddenly freaked out and shoved me down into my room. About a week later, the same thing happened, only a little more painfully. Five push aways later and then Naru began to push me away from even kissing her. Every day it got a little worse and now, she avoids me every time I walk into the room she's in.

I don't know why she's doing it, but it gets depressing after a while, I mean, it has to be something that I did, there is no other excuse, I just wish I knew what I did so I can apologize to Naru and everything will be better and back to normal for us.

Another thing that has been bugging me is a strange feeling I've been getting lately. I have no idea what it is, but it keeps getting bigger and stronger and I'm having trouble focusing and doing my daily work and maintenance in the Hinata House, especially when any of the girls are nearby strangely enough. I really wish I could find out what this feeling is so I can get over it or something and refocus so I don't have to worry about getting yelled at or hit for not doing a good job on my work.

Normal POV:

Keitaro, Kanako and Su all walk inside the local grocery store, intending on doing a little shopping. Tama-chan and Kuro have tagged along as well, the turtle resting on the landlord's head while the black cat walks on the ground, leading the group ahead. As soon as they enter the store, the hyperactive young foreign girl rushes off to the produce section, intending on wiping out the store's supply of bananas.

The landlord of Hinata House looks up at the small turtle on his head. "Hey Tama-chan, can you keep an eye on Su and make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble?"

The turtle flies off of his head and turns around to face him. Raising a flipper, she says, "Myuh!" enthusiastically before flying off to find the young girl.

Kanako looks over at her beloved brother, realizing that, although they are in a public place, they are technically alone with each other, separated from all of the other tenants of the Hinata House, especially the 'psycho girl' Naru. "So oniichan," she starts in an innocent sounding voice, "where should we start shopping?" She moves a bit closer to him so their arms are now brushing against each other with each step they take.

Keitaro doesn't notice this as he thinks over their shopping plans. "Hmm…I think we should look over the list first." He reaches into his back pocket, and pauses as he finds it empty. He smiles slightly and reaches into his other back pocket, finding only his wallet. "Oh shoot! I think I forgot the list back home! Hold on and I'll get it!" With his most winning smile, he waves at his younger sister as he runs out of the grocery store.

The young Urashima shakes her head with a small smile. "He never changes." She looks down at her cat, a devious smile appearing on her face. "Say Kuro, how about we do a little shopping of our own?"

Naru walks into the Café Hina, a distracted look on her face. Her longtime friend Kitsune, who now co-owns the café with their other friend Mutsumi, walks up to the younger girl, a smirk on her face. "Hey girl, what's up?" Her smile fades a bit as she notices the look on her friend's face. "What's wrong Naru?"

The long haired girl sits down at one of the empty tables, resting her head on both of her hands. "It's Keitaro," comes her short answer.

The fox eyed woman sits opposite of her friend, a serious look now occupying her face. "So you're ready to tell me why you've been pushing the poor guy away?"

Naru's head snaps up. "W-What?! How…how did you know about that?"

"Keitaro's been here quite a few times in the last couple of weeks to talk," Kitsune replies, still leveling her good friend with a serious glare, "and his mood has been getting worse and worse each time he stops on by. Me and Mutsumi are gettin' real worried about him."

"Yes," the beautiful Okinawan woman agrees, taking a spot in between the two other young women. "Kei-kun is usually so nice and happy, but now he's all sad and he thinks it is something he did."

Kitsune rubs the bridge of her nose. "And I know he did nothing out of the ordinary, he just always assumes he is the one who did something wrong, never any of us, the sweet dope," she adds with a small smile. "But the fact of the matter is that guy loves you more than anything else on this world, and right now he is hurting a lot. I don't know what your problem is, but you've got to talk to him Naru, if not for him, then for all of your friends. You may be avoiding him for some strange reason, but the rest of us aren't. We can see how crappy of a mood he's in, and it's starting to affect the rest of us too."

Naru looks down at the table she is sitting at, her right hand leaving her head and tracing circles on the table. "I-I don't know if I can," she meekly replies. She is startled when Kitsune slams both of her hands hard onto the table.

"Damn it!" she shouts, getting the attention of everyone in the café, including Shinobu, who is in the back cooking food for the customers, a job she took up when they got back home. "This isn't a game Naru! Get off of your ass and talk to him!"

The youngest of the trio stands up, tears in her eyes and an angry expression on her face. "It's not as simple a problem as you think it is!"

Mutsumi places a hand on Naru's shoulder, her warm, kind expression calming the other girl down. "Then tell us Naru-san." Her eyes go wide as a sudden thought occurs to her. "Do you not love Kei-kun anymore?"

"No!" Naru quickly yells. "It's…it's not like that at all. I still love Keitaro, but…"

"But nothing!" Kitsune interrupts, waving her arms around. "If you still love the guy, go and tell him! Don't leave him out in the blue like you're doing."

Narusegawa opens her mouth to say something, but stops. She looks back and forth between her two friends, who are looking pointedly at her, waiting for a response. She suddenly turns her head to the side, too ashamed to give it to them. With a leap, she rushes out of the café and into the city, shouting, "I'm sorry! I just can't!"

Kistunce sighs heavily while Mutsumi gets a crestfallen look on her face. "Well that was a big waste of time," the fox eyed girl replies, standing up from her seat.

The Okinawan woman nods slightly. "I just hope Naru-san can talk to Kei-kun before something bad happens."

Up on the third floor of the Hinata House, Motoko sits in her room, fresh off of a heavy training session, wearing a blue tank top and khaki shorts and a somewhat troubled look on her face. "Damn you Urashima," she mutters out loud, "I had thought that I could put my feelings about you into the past, but the harder I try to push my feelings for you aside, the stronger they come back and stay within me." She places a hand over her heart. "Why can I not let you go?"

The young woman stands up and walks to her door, enjoying the absolute and strange silence that fills her ears. "I have never been here when everyone is out…it is so quiet. Kitsune, Mutsumi and Shinobu are working down at the café, Urashima, Su, Kanako, her cat and that wretched turtle are out shopping and Narusegawa…well I do not know where she is right now, but she is not here." With nothing to do, she begins to walk around the Hinata House.

Just as she passes the landlord's room, she pauses. Ignoring her rational side, she slides the door open and cautiously walks in, one hand placed over her gradually increasing heartbeat. She slowly walks up to Keitaro's dresser, looking at what is placed on top of it. She allows a small smile to spread across her beautiful features at the framed photograph that is sitting prominently among all of the other items. The picture has the entire group, plus Seta, Haruka, Sarah and Keitaro's two perverted friends and was taken shortly before they held the play at the Beach Café Hinata. "That was a fun time," she murmurs.

A small bottle with a clear liquid inside of it catches her eyes. Motoko picks it up and removes the cap. She brings it close to her nose and sniffs lightly. A deep shiver runs down her spine as she instantly recognizes it as Keitaro's aftershave. Quickly, the samurai girl puts the bottle back down, albeit with shaky hands. She places both of her hands to the middle of her chest and breathes deeply. 'What are these sensations I am feeling?' she thinks to herself. 'It is nothing I have ever felt before, but it feels so amazingly good!' Her eyes widen as she feels a deep warmth grow in her lower abdomen. 'I…I am getting aroused?!' the voice in her head squeaks out while her face reddens several shades.

The young woman backs up, not believing the sensations she is feeling. As she steps back, her feet catch onto something and Motoko falls down. She quickly sits up to identify the object she tripped on, and pauses as she sees that it is Keitaro's futon. 'Can it be possible to get such…such feelings just by smelling something?' To test her own question, Motoko moves into a sitting position and moves the rolled up futon closer. Closing her eyes, the young woman inhales deeply, her body instantly reacting to the familiar and quite pleasing scent of Keitaro.

The warmth in her lower abdomen increases and spreads down in between her legs, getting a startled gasp from the young woman. The sensations she is feeling are so powerful and new to her that she is having trouble gathering up any coherent thoughts. One feeling overpowers all others she has: feed this fire that is growing deep inside of her, or relinquish it. Not knowing what to do, her mind suddenly flashes back to a conversation between Naru and Kitsune that she was eavesdropping in on some time ago…

"So you're feelin' all warm and funny down below and you don't know what to do about it?" the fox eyed girl asked her friend, the humor quite evident in her voice.

Naru nodded slightly, her face burning in embarrassment. "Yeah, and lately it's gotten so strong when I'm around him…I…I just don't know what to do about it. Do you have any suggestions Kitsune?"

The troubled girl's good friend smiles mischievously, her eyes opening lightly to show off the dangerous glint in them. "Naru, my dear, dear friend, I think it is time to teach you the long honored tradition of self-pleasuring"…

Motoko's eyes widen even more than they already were as she recalls Kitsune's unnecessarily detailed description on every step to…do the deed. The samurai girl grimaces as she gazes down at her hands. "Must I do this?" she mutters out loud. "It does not seem right." Keitaro's smiling face suddenly appears in her mind's eyes, increasing the warmth down below. Without a second thought, she reaches down and unzips her shorts. Her right hand slides down, passing into her panties. Her eyes slide shut and she begins to touch herself. A soft moan escapes her lips as she feels herself in a way she has never done before.

The young woman's eyes suddenly snap open and a gasp escapes her as a small jolt of pleasure ripples through her body. "Oh…Oh wow!" she whispers, her breathing increasing. "That felt…incredible!" She adjusts her position so she is more comfortable, now using Keitaro's futon to rest her head on. With the futon on each side of her face, his scent is now all around her, overpowering her senses and beckoning her to continue so she does, now with increased fervor. Her body starts to gently rock with her ministrations. Her eyes close again as a deep, husky moan escapes her lips. In her mind, it is Urashima who is the one who is touching her. "Oh…Keitaro…"

Meanwhile, the front door to the Hinata House opens and Keitaro walks in, a goofy smile on his face. "I can't believe I forgot the shopping list," he mutters out loud, looking on all the tabletops for it. He pauses for a moment, scratching his chin in thought. "Oh yeah! I ran in my room to grab my wallet just before we left! I must have left it there!" He goes up a flight of stairs to his floor and walks over to his door. He is just about to slide it open, when a loud groan on the other side causes him to stop. 'Who's in my room?' he thinks to himself. Keitaro, as usual, doesn't think this all the way through as he slides the door open. What he sees freezes him on the spot.

Motoko is lying down in the middle of his room, using his futon as a pillow, but that is not what really surprises him. The young woman is in the middle of what looks like some very important cough business. Her khaki shorts have been hiked down to her knees, exposing her panties. Her right hand is not visible, being inside of her panties. The furious movements of her fingers quite clearly suggest that she is pleasuring herself. Her left hand is reaching behind her, grasping the futon and keeping it in place. A deep blush is caressing her cheeks and a few light beads of sweat are forming on her forehead. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is slightly open, an occasional moan or sharp intake of breath coming out.

'W-W-W-What is Motoko doing?!' his mind screams to himself. He is so shocked that his body doesn't even respond by bleeding profusely from the nose. 'Why is she doing that…and in my room??!!' Of course, he can't think of any possible answers, his eyes drinking in every little detail. The main reason no real answers are coming to him is because all the blood in his body has rushed down to a certain area, expressing how much he is enjoying the show before him.

Motoko feels her body tense up as her pleasure rapidly intensifies. "Oh…oh yes…" she mutters, her back arching up as she increases her ministrations. She feels her body reaching its peak. "Ungh…uh…" Her breathing increases as her peak nears. "Oh…more…" Her body finally reaches its peak, and as the wave of amazing pleasure flows all over her, she shouts, "Keitaro!" Her body flops onto the floor after she is finished, a very satisfied sigh escaping her. After a few seconds, her breathing has returned to normal and she slowly opens her eyes, muttering, "I have never felt such…such pleasure! I must try this agai…" but trails off as she finally notices that she isn't alone anymore in the Hinata House and the very person she was fantasizing about is standing in the door frame, a look of utmost surprise on his face. "Kei…I…I mean Urashima! W-What are you doing?!"

The young woman's words snap Keitaro out of his trance. As he shakes his head to regain all of his bearings, he feels that strange feeling inside of him, now more powerful than ever. Strangely, it gives him enough clarity of mind to speak properly. "What am I doing?! What are you doing Motoko?! This is my room and that's my futon you're lying on!"

The samurai girl is about to say something, but pauses, noticing her current state of undress and also that her right hand is still in her panties. Blushing furiously, she pulls her hand out and stands up, quickly pulling her khaki shorts back up to a respectable level. "I am…that is, I…" her lower lip trembles as hot tears sting her eyes. "Please…don't look at me!" She shouts, rushing for the door and shoving Keitaro aside.

Just as she passes him, the young landlord reaches out and catches her arm, stopping her in her tracks. "Wait…don't go Motoko." Gently, he pulls her closer, turning her to face him as he does so. The young woman has lowered her head so now her bangs cover her eyes, although Keitaro is sure she is crying. He slowly places a finger under her chin and raises her head up, though she looks away, refusing to gaze into his eyes, those soft, ever forgiving eyes, knowing that if she does, she will break down. "Motoko," he begins softly, "why were you doing that in my room?" He blushes deeply after saying this, a small dribble of blood finally leaking from his nose.

"I…I could not hold it in any longer," she answers, sniffing slightly.

"What couldn't you hold in?"

Knowing full well that it is a bad idea, the young woman looks up into Keitaro's eyes, feeling her entire resolve breaking down. "Everything!" she sobs, burying her face into the young man's shoulder. "My love, my heart, my…passion," she answers, her voice muffled by Keitaro's shirt. "Everything I have…do feel for you, I just wanted to shut it all away and go on with my life, but I couldn't! No matter what I did or said, you have not left my heart, your position in it has only strengthened! What I was just doing…I…I could not control it! My body was so filled with desire, and I overheard Kitsune saying how doing that helped…and it has." She lifts her head up and looks the landlord in the eyes. "I…I love you Keitaro Urashima, I always have and I always will. I know that your heart belongs to Narusegawa and I could never have a chance to be with you…but I cannot just ignore what my heart desires, and it desires you."

Her confession rocks Keitaro to the core. For the first time, he truly sees Motoko in a whole new light. Not just a friend and a strong warrior, but something more, something…much more meaningful. "Motoko," he begins in a soft, soothing voice, "I…I had no idea you felt that strongly about me." A sad smile spreads across his lips, confusing the samurai girl. "Truthfully, I'm not too sure what's going on between me and Naru right now. She's been avoiding me a lot lately…I'm starting to think that she doesn't love me anymore." His eyes widen slightly as Motoko gently places a hand on his cheek.

"She is a fool if that is the case." Leaning down, she catches Keitaro's lips with hers, relishing the feel, and quite gladdened that he is awake since he has begun to kiss back.

The young Urashima male wraps one arm around Motoko's waist while the other rests on her neck, her short hair brushing against his fingers. 'Even with short hair Motoko is amazingly beautiful,' he thinks to himself. He begins to lose himself in the kiss. 'I almost forgot how good this feels.'

After several amazing moments, Motoko reluctantly pulls away, a beautiful flush across her cheeks. "That was everything I imagined and more," she whispers. "Ura…Keitaro…would you…like to go into your room?"

"I…uh…what do you mean?" he stammers out. "Are you sure? I mean…well," he pauses as the young woman leans in for a quick kiss.

"Please?" she asks, a pleading look in her eyes. "Just this once, I would like to feel what it would be like to be yours, body and soul. I want to feel alive…would you grant me this one request?"

Keitaro doesn't give her a verbal answer, but backs up into his room, still holding onto Motoko and thus bringing her in with him. He slides the door shut and gazes deep into the samurai girl's eyes, his own filled with a passion he hasn't felt in a while. "Anything for you Motoko."

Motoko feels her knees weaken at his look and the huskiness of his voice. The fire down below ignites up once more. As his lips crush up against her, she thinks, 'Thank you.'

The young Tokyo U student pulls the woman in his arms down to the floor, using his other arm to unroll his futon. As he gently lays Motoko onto it, a sudden realization occurs to him. The strange feeling he has that has been growing as of late…when he and Motoko kissed, the feeling began to subside, as if it was being satisfied. 'That's it,' he thinks in surprise. 'It wasn't me being all sad and lonely or something like that…it was…well…it was my passion, my…lust and desires. When Naru pushed me away, it stated to grow because of when she began to push me away, we were about to…' he stops as the young woman below him begins to kiss his neck. A deep shiver runs down his spine at the sensations. 'I don't get it, Naru was the cause of all of this…and I thought I was. I'm sorry Naru, I still love you…but now…now I'm just not too sure.' His thoughts are stopped once again by Motoko, who stopped the kissing.

"Please, would you…touch me?"

"Y-Yeah," he replies, his breathing starting to increase. As his hand rests on her breast, he thinks, 'I'm just not sure about us anymore Naru.'

To be continued…

Author's notes: Well this is the first chapter of my newest Love Hina story. This is my first attempt at a story with higher sexual tones to it. Truthfully, I wanted to add in some more scenes between Keitaro and Motoko, but I got too bashful to do so. Sorry.

For those of you who have not read the Love Hina manga, Motoko cut her hair short after losing another duel with her older sister Tsuruko (this time they fought because Motoko lied about being in Tokyo University). This was in volume 13. Shortly after she cut her hair, she confessed to Keitaro that she loved him.

Well, this chapter was cough interesting. In the next one, the young landlord will have a romantic interaction with Naru…or so he thinks. – lighthawkdemon

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