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Note: This series takes after the "Love Hina" manga and takes place during volume 14, only with a whole new twist. Read to find out.

Warning! This chapter contains some lemony goodness as well as some incestuous content so anybody who shouldn't be reading this should probably go back right about now, but if this warning hasn't deterred you…enjoy!

Uncontrolled Passions
Chapter 6:
It's Not so Bad once You try it

Naru shuffles restlessly around in her futon trying to get some sleep but unable to get a single wink, the events of last night weighing heavily on her mind. "Damn it," she mutters out loud, feeling warm tears sting her eyes, "where did I go wrong? Keitaro loved me and I loved him and when you're in love, truly in love, you're supposed to stay loyal and stay by each other's sides forever…right?" Even Keitaro would have noticed the uncertainty in her voice.

She groans in frustration as her room begins to slowly get lighter, signifying the sun forthcoming rising. The temperamental Tokyo U student rubs her temples lightly, feeling a bit lightheaded from her cold she got last night. She moves her hands from her temples to her eyes, wanting desperately to purge the previous night from her mind. "I wish I could go back in time or something," she mutters out loud, "then I can go and tell Keitaro everything and we'd be happy…together." She moves her hands away from her eyes and is about to shout out in surprise at the sight above her before her mouth is firmly clamped shut with a pale, delicate looking hand…though Naru knows that the owner of the hand is a lot more dangerous than she appears.

Kanako leans in dangerously close to her rival's face, the smile on her lips not quite reaching the unbridled anger in her eyes. "You know," she begins in a sweet sounding voice, "I was willing to give up onii-chan to you and forgive you for lying and betraying me and for the countless times you've hurt my dear onii-chan for things he didn't do…but I was only going to do that because he loved you and wanted to be with you," she pauses for a moment as her smile suddenly becomes a good deal more sinister, "but now since that's not the case anymore…you're mine bitch!"

Several minutes later, Kanako exits Naru's room, cracking the knuckles on her hands one by one. The young Urashima takes a quick glance back at her rival's unconscious form, sneering angrily. 'She's lucky I'm in a hurry to get back to onii-chan,' she thinks to herself, 'otherwise I wouldn't have gone so easy on her.'

By 'going easy on her', Naru currently has a black eye, a very swollen lip, a bloody nose, a sprained, possibly fractured right wrist, a few bruised ribs and a little less hair that was very painfully pulled out.

The younger Urashima sibling walks into the landlord's room and goes straight for Keitaro's dresser, grabbing some clothes for her dear onii-chan. She remembers that he was garbed only in his boxer shorts when Naru sent him flying off into the forest and it has been a bit chilly out lately. Wherever he is now, Kanako is sure that he doesn't have any suitable clothes and he'd most definitely be grateful to her for bringing him some. She lastly slides open his closet and pulls out his favorite jacket, wrapping it around her small frame and taking in her beloved's wonderful scent, a shiver of excitement coursing through her body. "Don't you worry onii-chan," she mutters under her breath, "Kanako is coming for you!"

Shinobu is usually one of the first resident of the Hinata House to awaken in the morning aside from Motoko, who gets up before the morning sun for her daily training. The youngest resident likes to awaken early in the morning so she can go downstairs and prepare breakfast for all of her friends so it is no surprise to see her up at this early hour…though her current actions are a definite change from her norm. The young woman is standing in front of a full-length mirror she got for herself shortly after the gang all returned from their little trip to Mol Mol. She holds her arms out at her sides and closely examines her still developing nude body, scrutinizing every minute little detail of herself.

She turns to the side and stares at herself in a normal position for a moment, then arches her back and sucks her stomach in, pushing out her chest. She stays in that position for a few more seconds then relaxes back to normal while facing the mirror once more. The extremely talented chef places her hands under her breasts and hoists them up a bit. She smiles and then lets them go. 'I think they've gotten bigger,' she thinks to herself. Shinobu clasps her hands together and gazes upwards, her mind wandering to a certain male landlord of the all girls dormitory she lives in.

"Oh sempai," she sighs under her breath, "I know you love Naru a lot, but do you…could you ever find some more room in your heart…for me?" A rather pleasant shiver courses throughout her entire body as she remembers the soft kiss Keitaro gave to her while they were on Su's huge air blimp battleship. Though it was only a kiss on the cheek, it was the first kiss he had willingly given her, showing how much he had grown and matured into a man since his initial arrival since he would never have had the willpower to do such an act when he first arrived over two years ago.

Shinobu walks over to her bed and picks up the ugly toad like doll he won for her over a year ago at the beach. Though Keitaro had meant to get win her a cute kitty doll, the fact that he won the other doll just for her was enough to make her heart flutter. She puts the doll back down and faces herself in the mirror once more. She runs a hand up and down her flat stomach and smiles lightly as she feels soft muscles growing. 'Those exercises Kitsune showed me are working,' she thinks. She pauses for a moment to giggle under her breath. 'I always wondered how she stayed in such good shape when all she did before she got the Café Hina was sit around all day and drink that saké of hers.' That last part causes her to pause for a moment. 'Both she and Mutsumi are good at drinking saké …is that why both of them are so…big?' Storing that little tidbit of possible info into her memory, she goes to her dresser, puts on some undergarments and then proceeds to go about her new early morning routine of squats and various aerobics.

Some time later inside the cabin deep in the forest, Keitaro awakens from his blissful slumber as nature makes an unwanted call. The sun has fully risen somewhere around an hour or so ago and warm, yellow sunlight filters inside the small, yet cozy cabin. He looks at the beautiful young woman sleeping next him with her arm and leg draped over his body and smiles lovingly. Images of what they both did last night float into his mind, changing the nature of his smile slightly, as well as the color of his face. "You are…such an incredible woman Motoko," he whispers while caressing her cheek. The swordswoman responds by sighing blissfully and moving her body closer to Keitaro.

"Mmm…" she mutters out loud, "Keitaro."

The landlord chuckles slightly before slowly moving Motoko's limbs off of him while sliding away from her, not wanting to wake the young woman from her peaceful slumber. He stands up from their large makeshift futon and arches his back, letting out a light grunt as the joints in his spine crick and pop. With one last look at the lovely swordswoman, he walks into the small bathroom that Su installed the last time they were there. Just as soon as he closes the door to the bathroom, the door to the outside slowly opens and a figure stealthily enters.

Kanako walks into the cabin, finally finding it after over an hour of searching for her beloved onii-chan. She looks down at the futon, where Motoko is still happily sleeping. Normally, the younger Aoyama sister would have woken up at the moment she detected the intruder's aura, but after last night's events, she is still physically and emotionally drained. Kanako feels some tears sting her eyes as she comes to realize what happened between Motoko and Keitaro last night, the musky scent still lingering in the small cabin and the swordswoman's apparent lack of sleeping attire being a dead giveaway. She puts down the clothes she is carrying, then sheds her own as well. The youngest Urashima child then kneels down next to Motoko. "You know," she mutters, gently brushing aside a few stray strands of hair on the other girl's face, "I've always respected you as a warrior, but right now…right now I loathe you more than anyone on this planet," she pauses as a bitter smile plays itself across her face, "yet…I envy you probably even more. You have felt my onii-chan's true love in a way I have only been able to dream about," she stands back up and grabs a black handkerchief from her clothing, "and now it's my turn."

Keitaro stands in front of the toilet, relieving himself while his mind goes over all the events of last night, one event in particular keeps repeating itself in its entirety. 'I can't believe what we did,' he thinks in giddy awe. 'Motoko and I did more in two nights than Naru and I've done in all the time we've been together.' His mind wanders to his girlfriend…most probable ex-girlfriend and his mood changes from happy to sad in an instant. 'I really wish things could've gone differently. I do still love Naru…but I don't know if I'm in love with her anymore. If only she talked to me earlier, who knows what could've happened with us, with…everything.' He pauses a moment and sighs slightly out loud. 'I don't regret what Motoko and I did, but I really wish I'd have waited to sit down and talk to Naru first. It definitely would've been better for her to find about Motoko and me instead of walking in on us.' With a slightly depressed sigh, he finishes and is about to turn around when some black cloth suddenly is pulled over his eyes and is tied tightly onto the back of his head, completely blinding him. "M-Motoko? What are you doing?"

She does not speak in response, but turns him around and places a delicate finger over his lips to silence him and makes a soft, "Shhh," sound. Her hands slide up and down his chest, feeling his lean muscles and giving both people shivers of excitement. When he nods she leans in and is about to kiss him but stops herself at the last second, knowing that he might figure her out if she kisses his oh so tempting lips. She instead opts to place gentle kisses and licks on his neck, slowly moving up to his ear.

The young man starts to wrap his arms around the lovely young woman when she grabs his arms and puts them at his sides. "What are you doing?" She places a finger on his lips again and taps him once. "You…you don't want either of us to say anything?" he says in confusion and she taps his lips twice to say yes. "And you want to touch me…but I can't touch you?" She taps him again, stifling a giggle. "O-Okay…" Keitaro mutters, feeling slightly confused and unsure on the outside while on the inside, he is giggling like a little kid left alone in a candy store. 'This is…kinda kinky,' he thinks to himself. 'I never knew Motoko could be this adventurous.'

Kanako digs her nose into the crook or her beloved's neck and rubs her nude body against his, feeling truly content for the first time in a very long time. She lets out a soft gasp as she feels a certain part of her onii-chan spring to life and start to poke her on her lower abdomen. With a sly smile, she slides one of her hands down his chest and continues to go downwards, the young woman fully intending to continue what she started yesterday. As she firmly grips him, the landlord's body twitches and his arms move forward just a bit, as if he was just about to reach out and wrap his arms around her. Letting her smile turn much more sultry, her hand slowly moves up and down, hearing her beloved let out a gentle moan, which in turn encourages her to continue, putting more strength and rhythm onto her motions.

'O…Oh man!' he thinks in wonder while his body shudders in pleasure. 'Where the hell did…groan…Motoko learn how do that?'

The youngest Urashima continues her ministrations while kissing her way down his chest. Her beloved tenses as she reaches his lightly toned abs. She is about to continue downwards and please him further when a sudden thought comes to her. 'Motoko is not going to be sleeping for too much longer. I really want to please my dear oniichan as much as possible, but I don't want to risk taking too long and getting discovered before the grand finale.' She nods slightly to herself and gets back to her feet. 'Once he realizes that I'm the best woman to be with, we'll have plenty of time to do all of that and so much more!'

Suppressing the urge to giggle like mad, she releases Keitaro's erection and stands up. At his confused expression, she places her hands on his shoulders and gently pushes him down, sitting him on the toilet seat. Kanako slowly moves forward towards her beloved, the heat radiating off of her body causing the young man in front of her to sweat in anticipation as he begins to understand 'Motoko's' intentions. He shifts around on the seat to get more comfortable, wanting desperately to reach out and pull the lovely young woman in front of him close. 'I really want to touch her,' he thinks, 'but she seems to really be into this weird kinky stuff and I don't want to upset her or anything.' Being a good boy, he keeps his hands to himself for the moment.

Kanako situates herself properly, feeling a bit more nervous than she originally anticipated. Truth be told, this is the second time she has been in such a position with her oniichan, but this time…this time he's awake to enjoy it…

Six Years Ago…

Kanako lies restlessly on her futon in her room in the Urashima residence, too nervous and sad to get any sleep. Earlier in the day, Grandmother Hinata made an unexpected visit with an offer for her youngest grandchild. The old woman had always known that Kanako was a very unique young lady and wanted to take it upon herself to finish the young girl's schooling while she runs her newly opened all girls dormitory. Kanako would of course follow the eldest Urashima on her occasional travels throughout the world.

The youngest Urashima wasn't too gung-ho about the idea since it'd mean that she would be kept away from her beloved oniichan for a very long time, but her parents were thrilled about the idea since, though Kanako did do well in school, astonishingly well in fact, she was never very sociable and rarely left the house unless it was with Keitaro.

With some gentle yet uncompromising prodding from her parents, the young woman reluctantly agreed. Granny Hina was ecstatic and wanted to take her grandchild with her at that very moment but Kanako wanted to stay just one more night and say goodbye to her precious oniichan, who is currently staying late at school studying for his upcoming Tokyo University preparatory exams. The youngest Urashima sibling is still incredibly jealous that Keitaro has dedicated most of his life to study to get into such a prestigious college for a girl he used to play with when he was only five…a girl who he hasn't seen since and doesn't even remember her name or precisely what she looks like. Kanako knows that, if given the opportunity, she can do things that'll make him forget about that silly little promise girl…and pretty much every other girl in general.

Now frustrated at not being able to fall asleep, Kanako gets up from her futon and heads to the one person who she knows can help her get some rest. She silently slides open the door to Keitaro's room and creeps in, careful not to disturb her sleeping beloved. She smiles softly at the sight of him lying there sprawled out on his futon, assorted books and papers littered all around him. The fourteen-year-old girl kneels down beside him and gently caresses his face, wishing she could be a lot closer to him then they are.

As her eyes travel down his body, something a bit off catches her attention. A strange bulge is popping up about halfway down his futon. Curious, Kanako pulls the cover down, her eyes widening as she sees that it is inside Keitaro's boxers. Sating her desperately growing curiosity, she hooks her thumbs on the top of his boxers and pulls down. "O-Onii-chan," she says in hushed awe as she takes in the sight before her. Sure she's seen him naked plenty of times when they used to bathe together years ago but he has grown much since then and he never was this…excited before.

The young teenager quickly checks her older brother to make sure that he's still asleep. Satisfied that he's peacefully slumbering, Kanako reaches out and delicately touches his erection while her heartbeat rapidly increases, as well as a strange warmth down in her lower abdomen. After a few moments she begins to feel a little bolder and wraps her hand around him, the warmth coming from him surprising her slightly. As his adopted sister gently, yet firmly grips him Keitaro lets out a soft moan, startling the young woman. She backs off and quietly watches to make sure he hasn't wakened up.

After a few moments, the youngest Urashima lets out the breath she didn't know she was holding in. She is about to grab him again when a sudden thought occurs to her. 'I remember reading about something like this in one of onii-chan's special magazines.' These 'special magazines' she is thinking of are hidden inside an old shoebox in the darkest corner of Keitaro's closet buried behind a spare futon which is covered with several blankets and pillows. She definitely wasn't as interested in the dirty photos of women in the magazines as her older brother was, though she did admire and envy their fit, voluptuous bodies. She was much more interested in all the articles inside so she thoroughly read each and every one of them, memorizing word for word a few of the explicit things that lovers do while being intimate with one another.

Knowing that this is the last night that she'll get to see her dear, sweet onii-chan for a long, long time, Kanako decides to give herself a lasting memento of what she's going to leave behind…of what she will be pining for every single moment she is away. The young woman stands up and pulls down her pajama bottoms and panties, her heartbeat beginning to quicken up once more. Remembering what she read in the magazines, Kanako properly situates herself over her brother's sleeping form, kneels down, gently takes his erection in her hand and…

Back in the present, Keitaro groans loudly as Motoko, or who he assumes is Motoko, lets him enter her. 'Oh wow,' he thinks while slowly sliding in, 'this feels even better than last night!' The Tokyo U student's eyebrows rise as the lovely young woman on top of him suddenly grabs his hands and places them on her waist. She then sensually slides her own hands up his arms onto his shoulders, firmly gripping them while she moves her hips around a bit to get more comfortable. Once she is ready, 'Motoko' slowly rocks her body up and down on top of him.

Kanako bites her lower lip, her onii-chan feeling more amazing inside of her than she remembered. 'Oh Kami,' she thinks to herself, 'I'm about to reach my limits already!' The young woman lets out a soft gasp as Keitaro tightens his grip on her waist and begins to thrust harder into her.

The young Urashima starts to groan loudly as her beloved continues on with his motions while her pleasure builds higher and higher as she nears her climax. "Mmmm," she huskily moans while leaning into her onii-chan, their bodies and sweat rubbing up against each other. For several heated moments, they continue their slightly kinky love making, but the young woman has yet to reach her orgasm. For some reason, she is right at the breaking point, but her body won't allow her to complete it.

With a frustrated grunt, Kanako quickens her rhythm in hope that that will help, but her attempts are unfortunately in vain…though the older Urashima sibling certainly isn't minding one bit. Several more passionate moments pass and the only thing that is increasing in Kanako is her frustration. Just as she is about to think that she is unable to climax properly, a truly horrible thought indeed, Keitaro suddenly grunts, "I love you," into her ear.

Though Kanako knows that he isn't saying those words to her, or rather who he thinks she is, hearing him say that to her in such a pure, raw way is just the trigger her body needs and she finally orgasms. Her entire body tenses and she lets out a soft scream as wave after wave of pleasure courses through her. Underneath her, Keitaro still has enough sense left in him to stop his thrusting to let 'Motoko' finish up.

Soon she is done coming and leans her forehead onto her onii-chan's shoulder, her breathing ragged and her body occasionally twitching in the aftermath of such a tremendous feeling of pleasure. In a drunken-like state, she foolishly whispers out, "Oh onii-chan, that was wonder…" and quickly stops as she realizes what has slipped out…but it is already too late.

Keitaro's whole body both pales and cools considerably as he recognizes the voice and familiar term of endearment that was spoken…neither of which came from the woman who he thought he was making love too. Slowly, fearfully, the landlord of the Hinata House reaches up and pulls the black handkerchief off of his eyes. As he looks at his younger sister, who's face has adopted a hand-caught-in-the-cookie-jar look, and at the intimate position they are currently in with him still inside of her, his mind instantly goes into panic mode. The young man gets to his feet, flinging Kanako to the ground at the same time. "K-K-K-Kanako?" he squeaks out, "What the hell…how…why?" Her quickly averts his gaze from her totally nude body as she stands up.

The youngest Urashima rubs her now slightly sore bottom with a light grimace. She regains her composure, walks forward and wraps her arms lovingly around her older brother who flinches at the flesh-to-flesh contact and tries to back away, but she won't let go. "Because I love you onii-chan," she whispers. "I've always loved you in such a deep, emotional way that words can't describe. Why don't you realize that?" She disentangles one of her arms and moves it up to lovingly caress his face. "I've always called you onii-chan, but I…I've always thought of you as my sweet beloved." Her body begins to tremble slightly. "I've always known about your one dream to get into Tokyo University with that…that promise girl," she spits out that last part with as much venom as she can muster, "but did you ever know what my one dream was?"

"No," the young man truthfully answers while trying again to gently extricate himself from his younger sister.

Kanako feels her beloved try to escape and pulls herself even closer while whispering, "You. You're my one and only dream onii-chan. I've dreamed of being married to you, of running the Hinata Inn together as you promised we'd do so long ago and…and I've always fantasized about becoming your one and only lover and being intimate with you…just like we were a few moments ago." She rubs her body up and down, feeling the sparks of passion ignite once more within her and, judging by the hardening object that is poking her stomach, his spark is lighting up again as well.

'Oh Kami I can't keep calm when she's doing that to me,' the young man thinks while desperately trying to control himself, but a fine nude female body rubbing up against him isn't exactly something he can control himself over. Using every ounce of will power and strength in his body, he manages to push Kanako away and back up in front of the door. "N-No," he somewhat firmly states, "I don't care how many times you say you love me more than you should Kanako, I'll only think of you and love you as my little sister…nothing more."

This is not what the youngest Urashima sibling wanted to hear. She lowers her head so her bangs are covering her eyes. Her pale body starts to shake as the tears begin to come. "Why?" she quietly sobs. Kanako suddenly stops trembling and looks up, a hot fire burning in her eyes. "I don't care what you think," she takes a step forward, "you will love me…" she takes another, "even if I have to make you!" she then charges forward with her arms spread wide open. Keitaro starts to back up when his natural clumsiness kicks in and he tripe over nothing and falls backwards. His sister then sister falls onto him and they both crash through the door.

Just a few minutes ago, no more than ten feet away on the other side of the bathroom door Motoko has begun to awaken from her unusually deep slumber. Her eyes flutter open as she moans in a most satisfying way. The lovely swordswoman stands up and stretches widely, allowing the makeshift comforter to slide down her perfect body. "Oh what an incredible night!" she sighs in pure bliss.

It is just then that she notices that her lover is nowhere to be found. She softly calls out, "Keitaro? Where are you?" She takes a few steps around when her keen ears hear a soft voice on the other side of the bathroom door. Curious as to why the landlord would be in the bathroom talking to himself, she leans her head against the door, only to have it crash open and knock her back several feet. Motoko is quick to her feet, though the blow to the head did make her a bit dizzy. She is about to shout at the landlord when he suddenly scrambles from the wreckage of the broken door and gets to his feet behind her. "Keitaro?" she begins, "what are you…" her question is cut short by a soft groan coming from the broken bathroom door, a groan that didn't come from either of the two people standing up. "What is she doing here?" she asks while her eyes narrow dangerously.

Kanako gets to her feet and crosses her arms, a barely concealed grin gracing her face. "Well Onii-chan…it looks like we've been found out."

The swordswoman blinks a couple of times in surprise. She turns around and levels Keitaro with a questioning glare. "Found…out? W-What is she talking about?"

Keitaro looks back and forth between the two lovely women, his instincts telling him to panic and run like hell, but his heart…his heart is telling him to stay calm and explain everything and to believe in Motoko's ability to forgive. In the end, his heart wins out. "Motoko," he begins in a calm, controlled voice, "Kanako came up behind me when I was using the bathroom. She…she blindfolded me and…and…I thought she was you." He hangs his head down in shame. "I'm sorry."

Not too far from him his sister frowns unhappily, him apologizing for his short time of passion with her irking the youngest Urashima more than she expected…probably because he is apologizing to another woman for it. That and the fact that he's not even taking notice of her whatsoever while apologizing to the swordswoman helps to increase her frustration. 'Why can't he even look at me now?' she thinks in dismay. 'I thought he wanted this. I thought he'd see that he's better off with me, but why can't I get him to realize that and what…" she pauses and places her left hand over her heart, "…and what is this strange sensation I've been feeling ever since we fell through the bathroom door and Motoko saw us?'

Motoko asks Keitaro in a barely audible voice, "What did you…do?" while hoping for the best though at the same time fearing the worst.

The landlord looks up, his pain filled eyes wet with tears. "W-Way too much." He grabs her shoulders, a glimmer of desperation passing through his eyes. "Motoko, please, you gotta believe me. I never meant to do anything with her. You're the only one I want. Please Motoko please…forgive me."

The God's Cry School student bites her lower lip and turns her head to the side, unsure as how to respond. 'What shall I do?' she questions herself. 'I have never been put in such a situation…especially with such a decision in my hands.' For the briefest of moments she glances into his eyes, his warm chocolate colored eyes that are filled with so many emotions, the most prominent of them all currently being love and compassion. Its those very same eyes that she fell in love with a long time ago. Pushing aside all doubt in her mind, she slowly nods. "Yes Keitaro…I believe your words and I…I forgive you." She is suddenly crushed under the landlord's surprisingly strong embrace.

"Thank you Motoko!" Keitaro gushes, the relief coursing through his entire body. "I don't know what I would've done if you didn't forgive m…" he is cut off by someone loudly clearing their throat. They both look over to see Kanako still standing in the wreckage of the bathroom door, her arms folded under her chest and a none-to-pleased look on her face.

"So that's it?" she asks incredulously, "he just says he's sorry and you forgive him and everything goes back to being all happy smiley again?" She takes a step forward and puts her right hand over her heart. "What about me? I don't care what you think or say about the subject onii-chan, I love you. I have been ever since I was a little girl. The only thing I've ever wanted in this world is you and I can't just back off and move on like you mean nothing to me…not anymore I can't." Hot tears form in the corners of her eyes. "How can you expect me to give up when you've been the only good thing I have held in my heart and soul for over ten years? How?" The youngest Urashima covers her face in her hands as her body is wracked with trembling sobs.

Her older brother moves forward, whispering, "Kanako," and is about to embrace her when the young woman suddenly slaps his hands away.

She looks up a bit, a fierce resignation now burning in her partially obscured eyes. "Alright then," she mutters, "if I can't have you all to myself…then I have no choice." Kanako then walks over to Motoko and slithers behind her while placing her right hand on the swordswoman's firm, toned stomach and the left hand on her shoulder. She pokes her head up from behind the much taller woman's other shoulder. "She is very beautiful isn't she onii-chan?" The master of impersonations raises her left hand and gently strokes Mokoto's short raven hair. "Have you ever run your fingers through her hair? You could get a better feel of it when it was longer, but her hair is like silk," she pauses to push herself up onto her toes and dig her face into the back of her head and take a slight whiff, "and it smells absolutely incredible."

A heavy blush quickly forms onto Motoko's face. "W-W-What are you doing Kanako? You know I'm not like that!" She tries to squirm away but Kanako has her held tightly by her left shoulder.

"And neither am I," the very forward young woman admits, though she has quite a sultry smile at the current moment to contradict what she just said, "but for my onii-chan, I am willing to learn. If I have to share him with you…even if it's at the same time…I'm willing to do that to have him." She emphasizes her point by slowly tracing a finger around Motoko's navel while simultaneously nibbling and licking her right ear. The effort is quite effective.

The swordswoman's whole body begins to shake and her arms flail uselessly at her sides. "N-No," she stammers out, "Please not there! I…ooh!…I want you to…to…stop it!" Despite her words of protest, Motoko's body responds to the youngest Urashima's ministrations by slowly looses its initial tenseness and she closes her eyes while her breathing increases.

A feral grin replaces Kanako's sultry one both as she feels Motoko loosen up and sees her beloved onii-chan rooted to the spot, to shocked to make a single move. Her eyes lower down and as her eyes soak in Keitaro's increasing interest in what he's watching, her grin widens. Knowing that the God's Cry school student is now too turned on to resist, Kanako lets go of her shoulder and uses her now free hand to slide under Motoko's arm and gently cup her breast. She holds it for a moment, feeling a bit of shock how it is both quite smooth yet also firm at the same time, before beginning to gently massage and caress her. The Urashima sibling's other hand slides up and then works on the other breast.

Although Motoko is very much enjoying what is being done to her, her mind screams that it is a woman who is making her feel so good and such actions are quite wrong. 'I-I-I must…stop this,' she thinks to herself, 'but…but I cannot find the strength to do so…why?'

Kanako pauses from nibbling the swordswoman's ear to talk to her brother. "Onii-chan," she begins in a deep, husky voice, "you don't have to stand over there all by yourself." The master impersonator pauses to kiss Motoko's neck. "We're both ready for you. All you need to do is come on over and take us."

Keitaro starts for a moment as he finally comes to from his complete enrapture at the scene before him. Right after he absentmindedly wipes the drool off of his mouth, his little sister's words suddenly ring in his ears. 'B-Both of them?' he thinks in a tiny, squeaky sounding voice, 'at…at the same time?' Though part of him likes the idea and is already stating it's approval, the landlord's mind begins to fill with old memories he hasn't thought of in years…the first time he met Kanako when his parents brought her home…the joy he felt at her becoming his little sister…all the time they spent together and all the fun they had over the years…and now he sees in front of him his lovely young sister, using Motoko as a means to seduce him into sleeping with her.

As he finally realizes that he was considering her offer, the young man's natural instincts kick in…in other words, he panics. He takes a couple of steps back and, spying the bundle of clothes by the door, he scrambles over to them and tosses on one of his shirts and a pair of pants. He takes a moments glance at his stunned adopted sister, muttering, "I'm sorry Kanako. I…I just can't." He then turns around and runs out of the cabin, heading back to the Hinata House.

To be continued…

Author's notes:
Hello all of you who have managed to keep this story in your favorites list without dying of boredom and have been unbearably patient in waiting. I have returned. Though all my excuses for why I haven't updated in so long are all true, I won't waste your time by listing them. I decided to make it up to you guys by making this chapter a little longer than usual, I hope you enjoy it.

I have been working on my other Love Hina fic 'Different Promises' and have a good bit of it done and have been writing more and more as the ideas come along. Unfortunately I have been on a standstill with 'Family Affairs' for a while now. I'm stumped with how I want to continue the chapter I have been working on. I work on all my other stories when ideas come to me, though I have been hit with a terrible dry spell. I cannot apologize enough.

Well all I can say is to please stay patient and I will continue to work on my fics and update them as often as I can. – lighthawkdemon

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