Two years after Apocalypse had taken Jasmine, Theressa and Chris had twin girls. Their names are Andrea Hannah and Miandrea Flora Knight. They have blond hair and hazel eyes like their father. They each have a birthmark on the left side of their face. It is a thin line going threw their left eye. It is similar to their mother's only theirs doesn't change colors.
Andy and Mian are both thirteen. Mian has fiery claws and has had her powers ever since she was three. (Which is considered unusual because one's powers normally manifest themselves during puberty.)
Andy on the other hand, her powers manifested about a month ago. She is able to generate claws like her twin sister but hers are ice instead of fire. The girls have lived at the Xavier institute all their lives. Theressa teaches a martial arts class and Chris is the Driver's education instructor. After school hours Theressa has allowed Wolverine to tutor Andy to bring her up to speed with her sister. Ever since she lost Jasmine, Theressa has become over protective. She still wonders if the same thing will ever happen to her twins.