When the six X-men returned home from their adventure, Andy and Mian were put to bed and Chris went to find Theressa. She had volunteered to help Scott check the jet for any damages and put her bike away. He had gone to the garage and found that both Scott and Theressa where gone. He saw Theressa's Norton and H2. So he knew she was still here. As he walked the halls, he could hear quiet sobs coming from the living room. When he pocked his head in, he saw Theressa sitting on the window seat with tears pouring out of her beautiful blue eyes. Normally the eye that the scar runs threw turns the same color as the scar but since her eyes where dark blue and her scar was dark blue you really couldn't tell the difference.

"T, are you all right? I haven't seen you break down like this in a long time."

"I knew this would happen!"

"You knew what would happen?" Chris walked over to his wife and sat right behind her on the bench. Theressa looked out the window and tried to change the subject.

"Chris, look at that sunrise. Isn't it beautiful? The last time I even had time to look at a sunrise or a sunset was when I was fifteen. It was right after we had gotten Tabitha and right before Wolverine left for the second time since I had known him. That was probably the last time he saw one too."

"Theressa what is wrong? You said you knew something was going to happen. What was it?" Theressa sighed long and hard. Then she finally spoke.

"I knew Mian and Andy would be put up to the challenge only I didn't know when."

"How did you know in the first place?"

"Well, when I failed my challenge (in Apocalypse's eye) he put a cures on me. He said that every one of my children and possibly their children will have to take the same challenge that I failed. That's why he has Jasmine and why he tried to take Mian. The whole thing with the sentinels was planned. He wanted Wolverine and I out of the picture so it would be easier for him to steal Andy and Mian. Luckily Andy has a good head on her shoulders. Apocalypse wanted them on his team. You've seen what they can do when they combine powers. They could punch out a mountain if they wanted to. I'm just so scared because I know this will happen to every child we have and I can't protect them from it."

"Are you saying what I think your saying?"

"Yes I am. We are going to have a baby." Chris jumped up out of his seat and grabbed Theressa's hands. Then he pulled her close.

"This is great. It is the perfect ending to a horrible month."

"You do know what that means though Theressa." Logan said as he, Xavier, Jean, Storm, and Scott made their way into the room.

"What does it mean Logan?" Theressa asked.

"It means no more danger room or missions for a while." Theressa's scar had long changed to baby blue. She knew they were teasing her but she knew that they were right.

"Come on. Let's go tell Andy and Mian." Chris said as everyone left the room to tell the twins of their coming sibling.