She awoke in a sweat. Theressa looked over at her sleeping husband. "At least this time I didn't scream." Theressa had been having these nightmares for weeks now. Theressa got up out of bed and moved to the crib. Thankfully her little baby girl was safe and sound.

"But for how long?" Theressa asked herself.

Just then the baby woke up screaming. "Sh. Mommy's here Jasmine. It's okay. Don't cry." Chris woke up

"How long have you been up?" He asked noticing that Theressa was now in the rocking chair and didn't look very tiered.

"Only a few minutes. Chris I had that dream again. What if it comes true?" Theressa was almost in tears.

"Sweetheart, no one, not even Apocalypse is going to come after you, Jasmine, or me. Besides that was ten years ago." "

"Yes, but this time it wasn't Apocalypse."

"Who was it?" Chris asked as he knelt next to the rocking chair. Jasmine had long since gone to sleep.

"I don't know. At first there were many villains but then as I turn around they all pull together to create one monster. Then the monster grabs Jasmine from my arms and.... and........"

"And what?" Chris pressed on.

"And it kills her." Theressa was now clinging to her sleeping daughter. Reluctantly, She let Chris take Jasmine and put her in her crib. Chris then held Theressa in his protective arms.

"Theressa." Chris said as he saw his loving bride's scar turn dark blue. Then the tears began to spill out of her eyes.

"Theressa, I can't promise you that no one isn't after us but I can promise you my love and my support. I won't leave you. I give you my word as a gentleman and as your husband but until something actually happens I think you should get some sleep. You haven't slept much in the past three weeks."

Chris led Theressa to the bed and laid her on it. Theressa's tears had not ceased but she had them under control. When Theressa closed her eyes and finally went back to sleep, the nightmare returned. Only this time it went further. Jasmine was now thirteen. She was telepathic and telekinetic, like her mother. Unlike her mother she could breathe fire. In this dream Theressa is behind electric bars. Just like the ones she was behind when she was seventeen. Jasmine is standing on the other side. She holds the keys that can set her mother free.

"Please, Jasmine please. I'm your mother. Your own flesh and blood." Theressa pleads but all attempts fail. She gives the keys to the monster. The Monster is standing in the shadows so that Theressa can not see his face.

"Where is your father?"

"He is dead. I killed him myself."

The dream ends there and Theressa wakes up once more, only to find things as they were before. Once more she lay down and went to sleep. Only this time the dream did not return