In a little bar on the out skirts of town, Logan sits on the tallest bar stool. Justas he finishes his beer someone familiar walks in. This person is someone that would never walk into a place like this unless they were looking for something. Logan remembered the familiar scent that the stranger had but he couldn't put a face to the scent. It could be someone with Xavier. He thought. Then he remembered that he didn't care anymore. He had left to sort out the rest of his memories. The stranger's footsteps interrupted his thinking. He knew the stranger was headed towards the bar. "Logan?"

The stranger said when she was standing next to Logan. When she didn't get a response out of him she spoke again.

"Logan, I need your help with a mission."

Now Logan knew that voice. It was the voice of Theressa Elisabith Conwell. Logan had taught her how to fight but left before he showed her how to uses her powers in a fight. From what he had seen that night at S.H.I.E.L.D. he figured she had it under control.

"Logan I need your help." Theressa said a third time thinking that Logan hadn't heard her the first two times.

"I know I heard you the first time. So what are you doing on this mission?"

"I can't really say until you say you will help me. So Logan are or are you not going to help me?"


"Don't make me force you to help me."
At that Wolverine looked up from the empty beer bottle and glared at her evenly. She can' t make me do anything. He thought. Then he remembered the danger room practice fight. She had thrown him in to the weapon circle so hard that when he mad contacked he broke it. He sighed and said

"Do you think you can bet the best fighter that ever lived?" Theressa laughed.

"You think that you are the best?"

"Yeah bub what's it to yah?"
Theressa looked back at Logan with serousness that matched his. Finally after severl minutes of silence, Theressa said.

"I just wanted to show you how good I have become at marshle arts and with my powers. But I guess that you are too scared that I will beat you too badly."

Even though Theressa knew that that wasn't true she also knew that she would have to either trick Logan into helping her or convince him. Right now, it looked like she would have to come up with a trick.
Logan got up off of his stool and stood in front of Theressa. She was a head taller than he was. He was five foot three but Theressa did have boots on. So she was probably five foot two at the most.
"You think I'm afraid of you? Fine, I'll help you. You said something about a mission. What exactly are we talking about? Going after Magneto, again? Protecting some political weirdo?"

"No, no , nothing like that. We just need o look for a new mutant."

"You also mentioned that you wanted to show me how good you had gotten with your powers and your fighting skills."

"Do you want a demo?" Theressa said as they walked out the front door and around to the back.

"Do you want a demo?" Theressa asked.

"Do you mean demo for demolish or demonstration.?" Logan asked teasingly.

"Do you want one or not?"

"Okay fine. I was only teasing." Theressa stood in front of Logan, lifted up her right hand and the next thing Logan knew he was on the ground. His gut hurt tromendasly

"Wow. Your lasers have gotten pretty powerful."

"Yeah but that wasn't the highest setting. I've never used it that high yet. Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine. I see that you've gotten over the fear of killing or injuring me." Wolverine teased.
Now that he knew how powerful Theressa was there was only one question. Who's side is she on? Sure she had been with the x-men when he left but, she was only twelve years old and she didn't know how to use her powers in a fight like she does now. She was a young lady of fifteen and she could decide for herself. Hopefully she was on the side of the X-men.
"So what do they call you now, Laser Blaser?" Wolverine asked because the last time he saw her she hadn't picked a code name yet. Theressa laughed and said

"No! They call me The Black Fox."

`Logan could not wait any longer. He had to know what team she was on.

"Who sent you?" The question startled Theressa. She thought that he would know who sent her. My name must have thrown him off. She thought.


"Good. At least we know we are on the same page."

Theressa turned around. This caused Wolverine to wonder what was going on. All though his unasked question didn't stay unanswered for long. With a strong blow of the Canadian wind a new scent danced about in the air. This was the scent of an enemy. An enemy that would stay an enemy forever.

"We've got company." Wolverine said as he spun around on his heals to face the snow, covered treetops. Without warning, some lonitic on a motorcycle came out of the trees. Logan imediantly got out his claws and said something in a low growl. Theressa couldn't understand what he said so she used her telepathic abilities to find out. What he said was a name of a lonitic on the motorcycle. His name was Sabertooth.