She laid awake listening to her mother's soft cries and her father's loud yelling. This had been going on for at least two weeks now. "What are we going to do with her? First it was lifting a book or a milk carton with her mind. Now she can read our thoughts and shoot lasers? What's next walking through walls?" "Darling she is just a child. Surly you are not afraid of your twelve year old daughter?" Theressa moved from her bed and down the stairs. There she sat until she had gathered enough courage to go to the kitchen. Finally She made her presence known. "I'm just as scared as you are. Trust me. I can't just stop living my life. I have to admit that this whole thing is creepy but it is, at the same time, pretty cool and exciting." When there was no reaction from her father Theressa continued with tears in her eyes. "Daddy please tell me that you love me." Margaret moved to her daughter's side and put a loving arm around her. "I love you." "I know you do mom but I need to here it from my father." In Rob's mind he thought yes, I do. You will always be my baby. Then another thought came into his thoughts. She is a mutant. What if.... He allowed these thoughts to play out. Finally a wall formed around his heart. That caused him to say, "No you are not my daughter. MY Theressa Elizabeth Conwell died and in her place left you. A monster. I do not love you." "Robert Eric Conwell!! How could you say such a thing? Mutant or not she is still our daughter." With The tears about to fall, Theressa ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs that led to her room. When she got to her room she found the communicator that Scott Summers had given her when Jean, Xavier and he visited her a few days before. Xavier had said that his school was a school for gifted youngsters. Later on that day, Jean and Scott had said that it was a school for mutants. Kind of like a sanctuary of sorts.
"So what are your powers?" Theressa had asked Jean. "I am telepathic and telekinetic." Theressa looked at Jean confused. Jean smiled. "I can read People's minds and I can move things with my mind. Scott can fire optic blasts out of his eyes." "Is that why you have to wear those cool shades?" Theressa asked "Yeah pretty much." "What about your professor? What can he do?" "He is Telepathic as well" Scott answered "You mean like Jean and I?" "Yes, but a lot more powerful."
Something brought Theressa back to earth. She grabbed the communicator and slipped it on her ear. When she turned it on she heard beep then someone answered. "Hello?" "Hello, Is this Scott summers?" "Yes, Who is this?" "Theressa Conwell. Is Jean in?" "Let me go check." She heard Scott put the phone down and yell. "Jean Phone. It's Theressa." "hello?" "Hi Jean. I have made a decision I want to join the X-men."