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Chapter 1: The Shadows Attack

It was cold that night on SR3Alpha21, but Samus wouldn't know. The Chozo had designed her suit so that it would be heat resistant, and would stay the same temperature as Samus' body. Even if she could feel the cold night, she wouldn't care. The night on SRAlpha21 was nothing compared to the endless winter in the Phendrana Drifts of Tallon IV.

Samus was nearly infamous by now, She had built up a reputation as a planet destroyer, as every planet she stepped foot on seemed to blow up. But she would never end up in the wanted list of any race's police force. Not now she was part of the Galactic Federation. Not with her other reputation of being the only bounty hunter in the Milky Way galaxy to have killed even one Space Pirate and live to tell the tale. Let alone their leader, the dragon known as Ridley, and another million Pirates, some enhanced some not. The later becoming very rare in the war mad race.

But Samus had no intentions of letting this planet be destroyed. Not after the great war of 2631, where the humans were forced to evacuate Earth after an armada of Space Pirates decided that they liked the supply of Uranium that Earth had to offer. The humans were forced to colonize the planet of SRAlpha21. The planet used to belong to the Chozo, but as it was so similar to Earth, the Chozo people left and gave the planet to the humans. They had more than enough planets to live on, even though many of them had been invaded by Space Pirates and subsequently destroyed by Samus.

Samus had just landed. She had been on a killing spree in the Pirates' new territory. You wouldn't have known it was Earth if it wasn't for the shape of the continents. What was once Britain was now covered with a huge glass dome. This is where the Pirates quarantine the Metroids.

Metroid, a small jellyfish like creature without the tentacles. It floats around using some invisible force and eats the energy of any creature that comes too close. What this energy is, no one knows, but without it a person dies. Only the Chozo know what this energy is, as the Metroids are their creation, but they don't want to tell anyone, just in case a Space Pirate spy is listening. The Pirates would use anything as a weapon and once deliberately mutated a lot of their species to see if it would make them stronger.

Samus had booked a room in the Britannia hotel. She would have had to pay if she hadn't been in the federation. The hotel room overlooked the Azimuth Lake, and if you looked hard enough, you might be able to make out Samus' flame orange hunter-class gunship. Samus thought she saw something moving near her ship, which was not uncommon on this planet. But this was different.

She quickly pulled out her helmet from the wardrobe. How she wished she hadn't got changed! She switched to Scan-Visor, which quite helpfully had a magnifying function built into it. Just as she thought, Shadow Pirates. The Shadow enhanced version of the Space Pirates is equipped with a cloaking device, making them invisible to the lazy eye. Samus definitely had no lazy eye.

She quickly pulled on her suit, opened the window and jumped. Her room was quite high up and was not the place where one would normally jump out of a window. But this was Samus Aran, fearless bounty hunter. Armed to the teeth with the Chozos' prized weaponry that most humans can only dream about. One of her suit's abilities was a morph ball. It allowed Samus to roll up in a ball the size of a large football. It also stopped her from feeling the pain as she hit the ground.

She preferred rolling to walking. It was faster and a lot more fun. It took her two minutes from when she saw the Shadow Pirates to get to them. The Pirates turned off their cloaking devices and looked round to see a metal ball that was definitely not there before. One of them walked forwards to this strange invading being and was within a metre of it when it started moving like an egg about to hatch. Samus popped out and kicked it in the face. The others looked like they were preparing an attack until Samus aimed her arm cannon at them. "Under normal circumstances I would arrest anything with a conscience. But your Space Pirates, I make special exceptions for your lot." She said as she charged up her arm cannon. She fired but it didn't hit any of the Pirates. They looked surprised, if Space Pirates can look surprised. How could Samus Aran Miss? Is it possible? The Space Pirates ran towards Samus and prepared another attack.

But she didn't miss. Her Wave Beam, a beam of pure electricity went into the side of her ship and powered up its defence systems. Just as a Pirate was within a foot of Samus the ship fired a hyper beam at each of the Space Pirates killing them in one.

Samus didn't go back to her room for a while. She had to write this in her log book.