I have been told that this latest chapter is hard to follow. Sorry!
If anything is confusing don't hesitate to email(christianjdavies at googlemail dot com) or PM me if there is anything you don't understand up to now. I will then post them in this chapter.

Confusing bits so far:
It doesn't really matter who Crow is. He is the bad guy from TimeSplitters3 and his only relevance to the story is that he wanted eternal life.
As for the maggotholes, what he and Ridley were doing is so powerfull that it is ripping apart the fabric of spacetime. The upcoming uber timetravel that I will not mention any more is also causing this.
The first maggothole: if you have read Of Mice and Men, there are three cans of beans opened, two eated and then the main characters went to sleep. I just wanted to include that dissapearing one somewhere.
As for the second one, somewhere in one of the previous chapters I had the Old Man tell ridley that he had already seen his future self kill Samus.

As for the bad guys wanting the good guys to join them, you'll have to wait and see what I'm planning with that. It relates directly to the function of the Palace.

Sorry that the paradoxes are confusing. I'm planing on explaining that in the final chapters of the story.