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Six Months Later

Adam smiled softly as he kept his gaze glued on her. He could see her smiling back through the delicate, sheer veil she wore, her lovely hazel eyes shining with emotion.

Because Amy's father had been estranged from the rest of her family since she'd been a teenager, Jeff was doing the honors to give her away. And to Adam, the redhead had never looked more beautiful or happy.

It was their wedding day, and the tall blond man still had difficulty believing it was really happening now. Their engagement had ended up being a short one, as after the truth had come out fully, Amy had declared she wanted to marry him as soon as possible. Well, they'd still had to make concrete plans and arrangements, so "as soon as possible" had become six months.

The bride glanced over at her Maid of Honor. Trish looked stunning in her baby blue backless satin gown, her rich blonde hair all swept up. She also didn't fail to notice how Jeff was unable to keep his eyes off her now that they were at the altar.

Trish winked at Amy, then shifted her gaze to her boyfriend, blowing him a small kiss. The redhead couldn't help but chuckle at the sweetness of it.

"Dear friends," the priest began as Amy gazed up into Adam's sparkling green eyes, his hand reaching for hers and clasping it gently, "we are gathered here today to unite this man and this woman in holy matrimony."

Amy felt her heart bursting with love and joy. She never would have thought it possible to be as happy as she was right now. Her life had seemed to change even more over the last six months. She'd been completely filled with horror upon finding out the truth - that Paul Heyman had been scheming for so many months, trying to literally drive her insane in a sick quest for vengeance over his nephew's suicide. She still could hardly believe the man who had kidnapped, raped and held her prisoner for nine days had been Paul's nephew.

The evidence had been turned over to the police, and Heyman had been tried. However, he hadn't been sent to prison due to the jury finding him insane. Paul was now spending his days in Creedmore, a New York mental hospital.

She was doing so much better these days. She'd continued with her therapy, and the doctor was definitely helpful to her, enabling her to deal with what she'd endured and to get through it. Her ordeal with John Heyman would forever haunt her, but the redhead knew she no longer had that crippling fear, and she'd stopped having her nightmares - flashbacks.

Adam gazed into her eyes with such love and tenderness. She felt as though she could just about melt. He recited his heartfelt vows to her, and she smiled, feeling tears of joy, love and emotion suddenly swimming in her eyes.

"... I love you always and forever, and I vow to make your life with me as close to heaven on earth as humanly possible."

The tall blond man slid the engraved gold wedding band up her ring finger, his fingers gently caressing it and her hand.

Amy bit her lip and prevented the choked sob from escaping. Slowly, her voice breaking slightly here and there, she recited her vows to him.

"Thank you, Adam Copeland... Thank you for loving me, and for protecting me..."

The Canadian cocked his head at her words, and she instantly knew what he was thinking - that she would never have to thank him for these things, or for anything.

"... You have shown me what it is to truly love - with my entire being but also my soul. And you are my soulmate," she continued with a smile.

The blond man grinned. This was truly the happiest day of his life. Close seconds would be the day he'd met Amy and the day she'd accepted his proposal.

"... I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

His face lit up completely as he lifted her veil. She was his wife - he could hardly believe it, and his happiness soared even higher.

He lowered his lips onto hers, loving the feel of the kiss - so full of love, promises and dedication. And he would continue with all three of those things and make her happy as long as there was breath in his body.