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Chapter 9

        Harry looked around him. He was surrounded by his friends and classmates, merrily chattering away at the Gryffindor house table. As the individuals caught him looking at them they warmly smiled back. Would they still look at him this way in a few minutes? Some of them probably wouldn't. Harry felt reluctant to do this, but he felt that he had to. Harry coughed loudly, getting the attention from the people surrounding him. He started talking, but somehow he could not bring himself to look at them. 

"Just so you guys know, what I'm about to do is not to hurt you. It's neither is fling nor a joke nor something I was forced or manipulated in to. I think Hermione can vouch for that." All eyes raked towards Hermione who sat there smiling with an all-knowing grin. "I'm sorry if you don't like it, but this is my choice." Before anyone could ask what the hell Harry was talking about, he stood up. He walked towards the end of the table and stood in front of the door of the Great Hall, meeting Draco who had done the same when he saw Harry getting up.

        "Sure you want to do this?" Draco asked, looking at the half-dozen Gryffindor's frowning in their direction.

        Harry smiled as he took Draco's hands in his own.

        "Does this answer your question?"

        Harry put his hand in the small of Draco's back and pulled him closer. He covered his mouth with his own and swept him away into a possessive kiss.

        Even though the Hall was full of people talking they could clearly hear the shocked gasps of the onlookers.

        Hermione was watching the kissing couple with dreamy eyes.

        "Don't you think it's just beautiful?" she mused. "It's like Fire kissing Ice... causing steam."

        Not many of her table partners seemed to share that exact thought. Ron had went completely rigid. He was like a motionless statue titled "person-who-is-about-to-throw-up-and-fall-out-of-his-seat". Neville just gaped like he was watching a horrible car-crash but just couldn't bring himself to look away. Seamus spat his pumpkin juice all over the table and coughed vigorously. Dean, on the other hand, opened and closed his mouth like a fish on dry land. Ginny had been holding her breath for an unhealthy amount of time, and she looked like her brain couldn't comprehend what she was looking at. Colin Creevy had started flashing his camera at the two lovebirds and he seemed to have to restrain himself not to shout out instructions at them.

        Meanwhile other tables seemed to catch on to the scene exploding in front of them. People who noticed started elbowing the people next to them and in a matter of seconds everyone was watching the kissing couple. Some looked in shock while others looked in disgust, interest, hysterics (like Pansy Parkinson, who burst into tears seeing Draco kissing someone who wasn't her, a boy no less), or a mixture of all of the above.

        The head table was no less affected. Professor McGonagall had her lips pursed together as if she was trying to extract them of all blood. It wasn't clear if this was because the Gryffindor Golden Boy apparently fancied boys, or someone of her own house was kissing a Slytherin, or two boys were kissing, or just seeing two of her students behaving so unrestrained in a public place. Whatever the reason, she obviously wasn't pleased. She didn't seem shocked though. Unlike Snape, who's jaw had almost fallen to the floor, and who had to grab unto the edge of the table not to tumble out of his seat. Dumbledore was the only one who seemed to be delighted. He just smiled with a sparkle in his eyes.

        "Ron? Ron, are you alright?" Hermione asked, slightly worried about Ron's pale expressionless face. She started shaking him by his shoulders calling his name, without getting any response. It was like he was catatonic. It was really disconcerting. It was like he was a rag doll. Making a decision, Hermione moved her hands from his shoulders to cup his face. She leaned in and put a light kiss on Ron's lips. She released her lips as she felt Ron gasp in response.


        "Good morning, Sleeping Beauty," Hermione said.

        "What... what was that?" Ron wheezed.

        "What? Harry kissing Draco or me kissing you?"

        "Pick one."

        "Well, Harry and Draco are together now. Something obviously happened during Harry's memory-loss and now sparks are flying. They truly love each other and we should respect that. Me kissing you... well I could say that I was only trying to get you out of your fit, but that would be a lie."


        "Really," Hermione said, almost apologetically.

        "Good," he said as he smiled. Hermione smiled back a bit uneasily. God, this was awkward. Then suddenly Ron's face turned into a frown. "Harry's gay?"

        "Does it matter if he is?"

        "I guess not," Ron sighed. "But Malfoy? It's... it's Malfoy. Why? I mean... He's just a complete and total git!"

        Hermione shrugged.

        "Apparently he makes up for his lousy behaviour in other areas."

        Ron put his hands over his ears.

        "I do not even want to picture that."

        Hermione giggled.

        "Then picture this," Hermione said as she pulled Ron into a passionate kiss getting the attention from some of their table companions drawn towards them.

        "Seeing them snog actually turns you on doesn't it?" Ron asked as they came up for breath.

        "What if it does?" she asked in a way as if she was daring him to judge her for it.

        "Then I wish they would kiss more often," Ron said grinningly.


        "You think we've got the message across?" Harry asked, panting from lack of oxygen.

        "I don't think so," Draco answered mischievously.  "Perhaps we should have another go."

Harry smiled.

        "Draco?" Harry said in a fragile voice, ignoring Draco's insinuation.


        "I just... I... I just wanted to... I..." he stuttered. He stopped babbling, took a deep breath and whispered: "I love you."

        Even though it was a mere whisper only audible for him and Draco, lot's of people gasped as he said this. You don't need to be a lip reader to recognise those three words when they were being uttered.  All eyes flashed towards Draco, to look how he would respond.

        Draco grinned.

        "I should think so! I'm very lovable," he answered. Before Harry could even make an opinion about how he should feel about this response, Draco continued, dropping the sarcastic tone of voice.

"I'm not very good with the whole emotion-thing," he admitted, releasing a sigh. "I've never learned how to do that. I know I feel a lot of stuff regarding you, but I don't know if..." Harry heard Draco sigh. This was obviously very hard for him. "I don't know what love is, because I don't think anyone loved me before and vice versa." He looked into Harry's eyes and Harry could see they were filled with truth.

"But, you know..." Draco shrugged uncomfortably. "I... I think might..." He trailed off and didn't finish his sentence.

"Might what?" Harry asked, wanting to hear him say it.

        Draco groaned. He felt so uncomfortable having to be emotional.

        "For Merlin's sake, Potter!" he growled, momentarily falling back into his old habit of calling Harry by his last name. "Of course I love you back. How could I not? Damn you!"

Harry smiled, knowing Draco's outburst was only to cover his vulnerability. He wrapped his arms around Draco and held him close, as if to comfort him after the straining sensation of opening up to him like that. He felt a huge weight falling from his shoulders. He loved him back! This was the best day of his life! He was in love with the most gorgeous boy, no, man alive. The man who he warmly held in his arms at this moment. The man who could arouse him both in mind and in body in ways he couldn't even imagine before. The man who... who loved him back. Harry had to fight the tears forming in his eyes. He couldn't give a rats ass about what everyone else thought about them. Draco loved him back, and no one could take that away from him.

        Suddenly a sole clapping filled the silent Great Hall. All eyes turned towards the sound which came from Dumbledore who had stood up from his seat. Hermione quickly stood up and applauded along with the headmaster. She kicked Ron against the shin, who joined in. Soon, everyone who didn't resent the idea of Harry and Draco being an item stood up and clapped to celebrate the couple's bravery. Lots of people remained seated though.  Some because they were just to shocked to react, others because they found the idea of standing up and clapping just insulting. Crabbe and Goyle were sort of bouncing on their seats, seemingly indecisive about what they were supposed to do; get up and tribute Potter or remain seated and defy Draco? It didn't look like they found either of these options very alluring. Harry and Draco slightly parted in their embrace to look in astonishment at their standing ovation.

        "This feels nice," Draco noted.

        "What exactly?" Harry asked.

        "For once being the one on the receiving end of the applause. Never got that much, with you being the attention seeker and all."

        "I am not an... umpf!" Harry's protest got cut off when Draco covering Harry's mouth with his. Harry made a mental note to scold him for this later, providing his mind wouldn't go blank from the feel of Draco's lips on his. On the other hand, knowing the consequences of the last time his mind went blank, having it happen again really wouldn't be so bad. He smiled as he leaned his head unto Draco's shoulder and felt Draco's hand caressing his hair.

        Not bad at all.

*****THE END*****

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