To Love A slave

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Youko shifted in discomfort. It was mid –winter and his clothing (if you could call them that) proved useless against the harsh weather. Staring at the stars he waited for the dawn to come.
"How did this happen?" he wondered aloud. The humans had the demon race in shackles. Literally. Most of the demons were slaves. Being he caused so much havoc for them he was one of the first to be hunted down. The way his plants were useless against. How they violated his body How they treated him... he cut his thought s off there.
Using his tail to provide him with some comfort he fell asleep dreaming of his freedom.

"No Dad I don't want one." Said Keila.
"Sweet heart you have to have one. What would I look like in my position for my daughter not to have at least one slave?" her father soothed.
"So you're the Lord over the Shinari Lands. It doesn't change the fact that I don't want one." She replied.
"Well you need one. For protection and..." she cut him off.
"Fine, but I won't like it." She said stepping out of the limo, her father following suit.
"Ms. Isiteru a pleasure." Said the slave trader she mentally labeled as "the bastard".
"Sorry I can't say the same for you." She muttered. Looking around her heart breaking. They even sold children. It was sickening.
"Ah, the unwilling customer eh? Well I assure you, you'll have a change of heart once you see some of our exotic slaves." Said the Bastard.
"Lets just hurry up so I can get out of here. Its sick to hold people, even demons, like this. No one has the right to own anyone unless they're God himself and I don't see him selling anyone." She growled low in her throat.
"The slaves stared at her with mixed disbelief and happiness. She smiled back at them hoping against hope that all (especially the children) got good homes.
"Keila lets go." Said her father urging her into a door.
"Now pick carefully..." she cut the Bastard off.
"That one." She said not really caring whom, she pointed out. She wanted of this place.
"Good choice." Said her father as some people shackled a demon to a leash and handed it to her.
"Don't you want to know his abilities?" asked the bastard.
"Don't know don't care. If I wanted to know I'll ask him not you. Now my dad will handle all the paper work But I'm going home." She said gently pulling on the leash.
She walked out of the room then gave the leash a toss "Just follow me. "she said. Then she stopped an evil smirked coming across her face.
"Cover your ears everyone." She said and they all hurried to obey her. "DADDY!" she screeched. Her dad came running.
"What is it?" he asked.
"You can uncover your ears now. She said to the slaves before answering her dad.
"I want more."
"More what?"
"Slaves! I hate the thought of families being torn apart like this. So I want children whose parents haven't been sold yet and their parent." She said
"Alright start picking."
"Okey dokes." She said walking over to the cages. "I want half of these and they're parents even if they don't have them." She said. Then she spoke to the kids. "I have my friend Akasha get the rest of you." She said with a smile. The kids' eyes sparked to life.
Cages flew open and 9 children and 6 adults came out.
"Okay guys my name is Keila. Welcome to my family. Parents find your children and hold they're hands. We'll be going now." She said and led them all outside.
"Always make the most out of every situation." She mumbled to herself. When they got to the limo she stopped. Alright thank fully this is a stretch limo so we might be able to fit." She said Thinking quickly she came up with an idea. "Alright each row can up to six people. There are 15 of you. And there's 5 rows bow counting the back. So parents sit with children." She muttered. Then she turned to Youko "How many people could fit do you think?" she asked. He bowed.
"At least 36 mistress." He said and she tapped his shoulder.
"Just call me Keila. Or even Ms. Keila but not Mistress. I hate the feeling of having authority over you she said smiling at him. He blinked rapidly at her but nodded.
"All aboard!" she said cheerfully and they all climbed in. Sighing she pressed a hand to her forehead.
"Mistress Keila can I ask you a question?" asked a neko demoness.
"First tell me your name."
"Katsuri, Mistress, and this is my child Yuriko." She said.
"Pleasure to meet you Katsuri and Yuriko. Now please ask your question." Said Keila with a smile.

Youko couldn't believe his luck! Even though she didn't really choose him she more or less just pointed him out without even looking his way. From what he could tell she hated slavery with a passion. She was nice enough to rejoin families and treated them way nicer than his previous master.
That's when the neko youkai asked the question and he thought she would have punished her but instead she smiled and told them to tell her, her name.
"Where are we going?" she asked. Youko thought she would have snapped at her but instead she smiled in a friendly way.
"To our new home. You'll be able to freely raise your children there. Would you like to here more?" she asked. She seemed too sincere Youko couldn't help but answer for everyone else.
"Yes, Please Mistress." He said not taking his eyes off the floor. She smiled at him and continued to talk.
"Well its like a palace with tall towers big rooms and gardens that make you feel as if in paradise. We have a lot of spare bedrooms so I'll let you guy's sleep in there. The meals are delicious in every way. Of course you'll at the table with me. The children can play outside for I have little cousins who don't have many friends who love to come over. There is even a natural hot springs, which feel great during the winter. You're allowed full access to these areas." She said and they all looked at her. She smiled back at them
"Keila you shouldn't acquaint yourself with slaves so much." Said her father and they're eyes automatically went to the floor.
"Dad please refrains from saying that. I want them to be able to have an enjoyable experience when under our roof. Now starting from the front left please tell me your names and what type of youkai you are." She said completely ignoring her father's wishes.
"Mitsuri. I am a hawk youkai mistress." Said the girl up front. Her hair was brown and straight to her shoulders. Raven colored eyes gave her the feel of a fortune –teller.
"Please to me you Misturi. Who's your child?" said Keila politely.
"His name is Torin. He is a hawk like me." Mitsuri answered.
"Hi Ms. Keila." Said a little head of gold with raven-colored eyes like his mother.
"Hello Torin." She said smiling. He gave her a buck-toothed smile that made her smile even bigger.
Next came a male wolf whose name was Serrano and his pup was a little girl. Both hair jet-black hair and green eyes. The little girl blushed at Mistress Keila smile and told her, her name was Nonami.
This continued to they got to Youko." What's your name?" she said gently giving him another one of her smiles.
"Youko, Mistress Keila." he said staring at the floor. Suddenly he felt a hand in his hair and tensed up and the hand immediately left.
"Sorry Youko I just couldn't help but want to touch your hair. It was just so nice and silky..." she trailed off and his eyes traveled to her face and her eyes widened slightly." Tail... Ears... can I touch them please?" she said looking much like a little child.
"Of course Mistress." he replied bringing his tail out into full view. She petted it gently, which caused him to stifle a purr that desperately wanted to come out. The feeling left his tail and he almost wanted to whine until she started to rub his ears. Now he couldn't hold his purr at bay and he leaned into her hand and she started to scratch behind his ears. He heard her giggle and did both my ears, which caused him to purr louder.
"They are so Kawaii." He heard her say and was quite content till hand smacked his head down and he had to resist the urge to growl.
"Dad! What the hell you do that for?" Keila growled out sounding much like a demon herself.
"He should not be so familiar with you." Came her dad's gruff reply.
"I want them to be familiar with me. You wanted me to have slaves so badly and now that I have them you won't even let me treat them the way I want them to be treated. Don't do that anymore." She said giving her father a growl that sounded much like a demons. Then she turned to Youko.
"Are you okay Youko. He didn't hurt you did he?" she said stroking my hair. I shook my head to indicate no." Good." She said then did something that surprised the whole car.
' She kissed my forehead' he thought looking into her green eyes. They were beaming with compassion and happiness. He found himself smiling at her in spite of whatever punishment he might have to ensure. However none came.
"You're gorgeous when you smile you should do it more often." She said sitting back with a content smile. 'Did I do that?' He thought to himself. Not many of his master smiled at him unless in was to seduce him. But she had just genuinely smiled at him and said he was gorgeous when he had smiled back at her. Mistress Keila was definitely a mystery and he felt that he needed to solve it before he lost it. Keila smiled to herself. Youko she found out that he was her first choice and her first slave. If she was this good at randomly picking men she'd have to do it more often if that was the case. But his name stuck out in her memory like she should have remembered it from somewhere. She remembered it from when she was reading in her library. She'd have to find it again. The rest of the way home she was silent oblivious to her surroundings till Serrano came and told her it was time to get out. She smiled and thanked him.
Getting out of the car she grinned when her dad handed her the keys to their shackles. Snatching them she undid every last one of them then threw the keys into the distance. "Get the shackles off my feet so I can dance." She hummed as she worked. Finally straightening she smiled at them. "Okay you guys. We'll put you into rooms then you're free to do what you want." She said leading them into the palace.
Once they all got inside they couldn't help but look up. The palace was grander than what she described.
"Well guys welcome home!" she said turning around to smile at them. They all bowed and muttered a thanks to her." Now to get you guys some rooms..." she said to herself. Then she started to walk motioning for them to follow her. Abruptly they stopped at a door and she whirled around.
"Serrano, you're a wolf youkai right?" she said. Serrano stepped forward and muttered a yes. "Then you'll just love this room." She added opening the door.
Serrano eyes bulged and he turned to gape at Keila with wide eyes. " Mistress, are you sure this room is for a slave?" he said.
"What you don't like it?" she asked biting her lip to keep the frown off her face.
The room was midnight blue with wolves running through a deep green forest. The pattern on the wall was invisible to the naked eye but the forest surrounded the room to give the feel of midnight in the forest. The windows were huge and tall with huge royal blue drapes held back by silver cords. They're to beds in this one room. A huge master sized bed with midnight blue lined with silver cords with 1 single giant silver wolf comforter with white almost silver looking pillows at the top all with a wolf on them. On the other side of the room was a miniature version of the same bed. "Yes I do, but these rooms are to elaborate for a slave like me." he replied. She smiled at him. "Serrano I told you. I want you to be comfortable while here if like the rooms, they're yours. As a matter of fact I decorated this whole room when I read a story about a wolf youkai. So in a way the room kind of reminded me of you." She said with another smile. "If it would please my Mistress then I shall take it." He said with a bow. "Yes it would." She replied and he walked in with Nonami who immediately leaped onto the smaller bed and started to tuck herself in. "Well it looks like Nonami is tired. She can rest and so can you Serrano." Said Keila looking at the little girl with a grin. "Thank you Mistress." He said with another bow. "Your welcome. I'll come back to get you once lunch is ready." Then she closed the door. This treatment continued. The hawk youkai and her child room was of a deep violet color like the night sky speckled with Silver stars with the black figure of a hawk flying across it. The room was much like Serrano only this room held no forest just wide open sky and the comforters were violet like the walls with speckled stars and a giant red-tailed hawk was in the middle with its wings arched as if readying to fly off at any second. The tiger youkai Manic and his son Shoran stayed in a deep green room with tiger prowling across it. The comforters once again had a huge tiger that was in mid pounce coming off the bed. It was amazing to say the least. Katsuri and her cub Yuriko's room was a very deep shade of red. Almost like red wine. It had gold borders across the window and gold cords to hold hack the blood red curtains. The bed had gold pillows with the same red comforter with a sleeping cat cuddled next to her kitten. The room for the bear youkai and her twins was black. Silver was dotted everywhere and like the wolf room it had a forest with big brown bears lumbering around it. The comforters were like the others with a bear roaring at some unknown person and you could even see a two cubs roaring next to her. After that only 1 adult was left with 3 children." Well it looks like we are almost at the end of our journey. Now lets see there is a nursery for the other 2 and this room would be good for Evanesce and Spirit but where to put Youko. She said ushering the horse youkai into their room. She was muttering to herself while dropping off the 2 children. "Youko the is only one room I can think of that would be good for you but its not ready yet. But since there is an extra bed you can sleep in my room with me if you'd like." She said biting her lip. "I wouldn't mind Mistress." He said softly.' Geez he's gorgeous. Akasha would probably think negative of that though knowing her.' She thought to herself "Well come on then." She said leading him up some more stairs to a door and when she opened it he could have smirked. This room was called "the fox room" and he could have laughed if it was in his place to do so. "Youko you're a fox youkai right?" she said a faint blush on her cheeks. "Yes I am." He replied with a smile. Her blush darkened as she turned around. "Well I should just give my room to you." She said motioning for him to come into the room with her. "Mistress this is your room I wouldn't want to take it." He said as she sat down on the bed. She waved a hand to show him he could sit down. "I don't really mind... but Youko?" she asked turning on her side to face him. He looked down at her. "Yes Mistress?" he replied. "Can we treat and talk to each other normally? Like no 'Mistress' and not keeping eye contact with me. Like you call me Keila and I call you Youko... like friends. Only in this room if you don't feel comfortable doing outside." She said picking at a strand in her comforter. He stared at her then smiled. "I'd like that... Keila." He said and her head snapped up to him. He finally kept eye contact with her. She smiled and he smiled back. With a happy squeal she hugged him around his waist. He blinked but hesitantly wrapped an arm around her shoulder.' She is so friendly and innocent. "Youko you used to be the Makai thief right?" she said muffled by his chest. "Yes I was." He said happy that someone at least recognized him. "Then you really don't deserve to be treated this way. As a slave I mean. You should have been free to roam no matter what. If you were so evil and they wanted to get rid of you then they shouldn't have fell for the same traps." She said and he quirked an eyebrow at her. "You're the first person who ever told me that." He muttered putting his check against the top of her head. 'I'm glad they both thought together. Excel: Well there you have it folk's chapter one! Amiri: Why is he a slave. I didn't know you were a freak like that. Excel: I am not! Mandingo: You are to Excel: Am not Travonte: Are too. Excel: *whirls around* et tu Travonte? Travonte: I'm only speaking the truth Clarissa. Excel: Whateva you traitor. Readers this is Travonte a friend of my for, at least 3 years now. He's a vampire Lord so be careful while next to him he might bite. Travonte: Oh like you don't bite... Excel: I do just not that often. Travonte: You liar you almost bit me. Excel: I did not! Amiri and Mandingo grab popcorn and watch the two argue. Amiri and Mandingo: See you guys in next chapter: Meeting the family lets GO! Excel: I do not! Travonte: You do to! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~***~*~*~*~**~**~*~*~