Meeting the family

A slave found the two like that and gasped. Youko's head snapped to him then back at Keila who winked at him at him and closed her eyes feigning sleep. He smirked. 'Smart girl' he thought then turned an evil yet furious gaze on the still dumb-founded servant at the door. Are you here to tell her about dinner?" he snapped.

"Y-yes." He stammered in reply. Youko nodded then turned back to Keila and gently shook her. "Mistress Keila, its time for dinner. "He said softly. She groaned and peeked open an eye. "How dare you! Handle me in such a familiar way!" she said sounding infuriated.

Feeling betrayed he only glanced into her eyes to see that they weren't angry at all. In fact they looked on the verge of laughter. This puzzled him to no end and decided to play it safe. "I apologized Mistress. I will accept any punishment you give me." he muttered kneeling on the floor in front of her.

"Fine, fine. I will not punish you for it is a small matter. You, find my other slaves and have them join them for dinner. Dress them in suitable clothes. Not rags but actual clothes like regular people at least. Leave me." she said haughtily. The servant bowed out the room quickly. The two stared at each other for a second before cracking up.

"That was too funny!" Keila cried falling to her knees clutching her stomach. Youko only laughed softly due to his quiet demeanor. Another knock on the door and they both stopped quickly staring at each other again.

"Mistress Keila. Are you okay in there." Came another quiet voice. "I'm fine thank you!" she called. The footsteps of the other servant could be heard and with that another roar of laughter erupted for Keila's chest. In her mirth she tripped and fell on Youko but her laughter never ceased. That is...till the door swung open to reveal a petite girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. She was on the shorter side with a gold dress and a cloak that adorned one shoulder with her family crest on it.

"Keila!" the girl screeched before tackling poor Keila right off of Youko to the floor.

"My poor cousin. I heard all about having to buy slaves. Where is he? I heard one of the servants say he's a looker." She gushed in one breath. Keila shook her head once to clear it.

"That's him right here. Youko this is my cousin Reilu. Reilu this is Youko." She said calmly. Reilu peered over Keila's shoulder and gasped. "Well God damn! That has to be one of the finest slaves I ever laid eyes on!" she said pushing Keila out of the way to stare at

Youko's face who blinked rapidly at this before bowing respectfully. "Mistress Reilu. It is a pleasure to meet you." He said softly.

"Pleasure's all mine believe me." said Reilu. "If you think he's gorgeous, which he is, you have to see Serrano and Manic. All 3 of them together is to make any girl want to drop dead." Said Keila her eyes twinkling with amusement. "Now I'm going to get dressed while two acquaint yourselves." Keila said walking into her closet. Reilu started to sing, "I'm a slave for you" when she turned around and started to circle Youko who was on the floor still bowed down." Rise Youko. You are not to bow to me like that. I don't need people to grovel in order to feel important. What is your full demon name?" said once again in one breath. "Youko Kurama." He replied standing up.

Even as he did Reilu stared at him. "Are you familiar with the demon Hiei?" she asked her eyes twinkling with excitement. Youko nodded and she went into the hallway to shout. "Hiei! Come in here!" she yelled and less than a second later the short speed demon was in the room bowing with one arm to his chest in a respectful bow.

"You called Mistress?" he said lowly. Reilu smiled and motioned for him to turn around.

"Say hello to your old friend Youko Kurama." She said and Hiei whirled around and faced Youko who had a smirk on his face. "Youko..." said Hiei and then in a flash both were fighting in a blur of white, black, silver, and green. AkashaReilu could see the glint of a sword and she smirked. Typical Hiei.

When Keila came out she blinked a bit. Then she smiled. "Hiya Hiei!" she said waving. The battle stopped mid-swing long enough for Hiei to say, "Hello Ms. Keila." Before him and Youko were back to fighting. Reilu and Keila glanced at each other and started to talk casually figuring this was some sort of thing guys did. (Smart no?) Pressing an intercom for the servant's quarters she ordered for some clothes to be brought up or Youko. Suddenly the fight stopped both fighters in a position where a flick of the wrist could kill the other.

"You're getting old Hiei. Either that or your skills are diminishing." Said Youko with a smirk. "And you are old Kitsune." Said Hiei putting his sword back.

"Oh no way!" Keila suddenly yelled eyes wide. Both Youko's and Hiei's head turned to them. "Way! It's supposed to be a costume party. Everybody can come. What are you going to be?" replied AkashaReilu.

Obviously neither one noticed the fight was over. (I take back that last comment.) "I can't tell you that! But it's going to be stunning." Keila promised with a wink. The servant for Youko's clothes handed them to Youko and Youko went into the bathroom and changed.

"Ms. Keila you look even more stunning than the time I saw you last." said Hiei kissing her hand. Keila smiled at him as he gave her a secretive wink.

An: (YO! What's up with Hiei! I'll tell ya. Being that he's also a slave he doesn't exactly have a lot of room to be arrogant now does he? So he's kind of mellowed out. Don't worry Our beloved Hiei does have his moments wear he acts like his normal self like the fight with Youko!)

She smiled. "Your looking pretty good yourself." She said her smile widening. The door to the bathroom came open and her jaw dropped as Youko walked out. Wearing a white dress suit and white shoes to go with it made him look even more stunning than ever. "Damn!" she whispered to herself and looked down at her own outfit. It was white silk, her shoulders exposed in a shrug. The lining was gold and another gold cord around her waist. It fit her body to show off her curves and the sleeve went out into a light flare that made her look like every move she made turn into a dance. But next to Youko it looked like a rag. "Ms. Keila you look lovely." said Youko using his finger to raise her chin so she could look into her eyes. 'Ai Yi Yi!' she thought as he smiled own at her.

"Though you are missing something." He added going over to her dresser and open it he took out a gold headband and a necklace with a sapphire on the end and inside it had a white flame. He crossed the room and with them and getting down onto one knee he put them on. Reilu who was on the other side of Youko facing Keila she stared at Youko butt smiling before looking at Keila to mouth out "God damn!" Then laughed to see the faint blush touching Keila cheeks as Youko brushed her hair out the way so he could put the necklace on. "Now you look exquisite. "He said nicking her chin with his finger rising to his feet before helping her to hers.

"Together you two look perfect!" said Reilu going for the dresser this time taking out a camera. "Picture time! OK Youko wrap your arms around Keila waist with her back to you and Keila reach back to caress his face looking at the camera while Youko looks at you." Instructed Reilu as they complied.'

'Why fight knowing you can't win?' thought Keila. "Now give a little naughty girl smile Keila," said Reilu and Keila rolled her eyes but lowered her eyelids and let a smirk touch her lips. "That's now let a strand of hair fall into your eyes." She added and Keila blew up into her bangs till one fell into her eyes. "Great now stare there." she said snapping the picture. Keila laughed and walked over to see the picture and gasped. She truly looked sexy in this picture.

"Wow." she said aloud causing Hiei and Youko to come over to see the picture as well. Both of their eyes bulged. "Wow." They said together. "Now you know this has to be made to one of my magazine covers right?" said Reilu looking at Keila. Keila nodded her ascent. "Magazine?" asked Youko raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah she creates a magazine with our stories in them." "Interesting." Said Youko as a knock on the door came and Keila yelled out.

"Come on in!" The door came open and Manic and Serrano came through the door both wore black tuxes and at this the girls' eyes bulged.

"I take it these are the other two?" said Reilu jaw slacked Keila nodded and she stepped forward and smiled. "You guys look great!" she said happily as they bowed. "Thank you Mistress Keila." They said together. "Whoa! There goes my whole happy moment. Look guys treat my like a friend. Not a superior. You can argue whine whatever! Just stop acting all humble and stuff!" she said as Manic and Serrano blinked.

"But isn't that disrespectful?" asked Manic.

"Nope. That's being friendly. I'd like it if we were friendly at least!" replied Keila. Manic and Serrano blinked them smiled as they stood up straight. ''Your wish is our command." They said together and Keila bit her lip to keep the grin off her lips since they were joking around with her.

"Keila after dinner we really must get a whole bunch of pictures of you guys. This will be the best magazine I ever put out!" said Reilu rubbing her hands together. Keila only grinned and led them out to the dinner hall.

Excel: Oh my GAWD! Years later I come back and see my mistakes! Shame on me! FOR SHAME! I hope this is better now!