Born from darkness, loved by light

Chapter 1- Chaos control

Bright light surrounded me as earths atmosphere tried to crush my body, the power of the chaos emeralds the only thing between total oblivion and me.

Beside me a golden being zoomed upwards with me, sonic the hedgehog, my nemesis turned ally glowed with a golden light as we shot up towards the space colony ARK as my former home plummeted towards earth.

'Maria its time to keep that promise'

"No way is that getting through!" yelled sonic beside me, his eyes burned with a crimson glow like mine, I could see the determination and power behind those eyes and I knew we could do this.

"Ready Sonic?" as I prepared to use chaos control at a level I never imagined before.

He nodded and we both prepared to do the impossible, move a space station the size of a city back into earths orbit.

We were surrounded by a red haze as the super heated molecules of earths atmosphere surrounded us, the dead biolizard had already melted and now its bones were little more then ashes.

I prepared to use the chaos control when suddenly a feeling of light headiness over took me, I tried to shake it off but soon I became short of breath and I felt...cold.

'Oh god!'

My super form was fading!

I gave the final attack against the biolizard; I didn't have time to replenish my rings!

I looked up at the ARK; I needed to get inside or ill die out here.

'But sonic'

He couldn't do this alone, at least not survive it.

"Do it for me shadow"

"Maria" I whispered.

I had no choice; this was my purpose, my destiny!

Ill keep my promise to Maria, it was her dying wish and I never broke a promise to her!

The ball of energy grew. The chaos control was forming...just a little more.

My power was nearly gone, my body was freezing and it was becoming harder to breath.

The ARK was almost on top of us... just a few more seconds.

"Its ready!" shouted sonic.

My eyes focused on the approaching ARK...for you Maria.


I watched as a firework show of immense proportions erupted around the ark, the yellow, red and blue were still the same but...there!

Green light surrounded the ARK and with a glaring flash the ARK disappeared.

Only to reappear safely back in earths orbit.

I smiled even as all the air left me and the silver light began to fade, I smiled because the earth was safe...I kept my promise to you Maria.

"Shadow we did it!" said sonic as he turned towards me, the smile dyed on his lips as he saw me already plummeting towards earth.

"Shadow!" he raced after me grabbing my arm and the fire bracelet I wore there as he tried to pull me free of the earths orbit.

"Let me go sonic" I said to him, his eyes found mine; the pain and sadness surprised me...why did he cry for me?

"NO! Your going to live shadow, you just saved the haven't even had the celebrating party yet! You can't die till you see that!"

I smiled, "Ive done all I needed to do faker, im happy now"

'Ill see you soon Maria'

He growled and tried to pull me back to ARK, I noticed the golden light was fading; he would lose his super form too.

The crazy hedgehog would die if he didn't go now!

Giving a sigh I punched upwards watching as sonic was knocked away from me, my bracelet in his hand.

"Go back to them sonic, they need their hero" I said as I watched him fade away as I fell into darkness.

I closed my eyes ready to die, the heat wasn't so bad now, and I welcomed my coming death.



I looked around trying to find who spoke; it wasn't Sonics voice it sounded like.


I gasped as the ghostly form of Maria formed in front of me, how could she be here.

She simmered in the air like she was just a fading ripple on water, two bright white wings came from her back and I was in awe at the sight.

Maria was an angel?

"Shadow you mustn't give up!"


"I wanted you to live shadow, please don't die now when at last you have the chance to live your life without walls to cage you!"

"But I wanted to be with you"

Her blue eyes softened and a smile graced her lips, "I know shadow but now is not your time, you must escape and live shadow. Someone needs your help, and without it they will suffer a fate worse then death"

"But im in space, how can I survive the fall with my super form almost gone?"

I was desperate now, I didn't want to die, Maria said there was something else I had to do and I always believed her.

"Well lets call this a miracle shall we" she said with a coy giggle, and then pulled a chaos emerald from behind her back.

I knew what this was, "The fake emerald!"

She gave it to me and leaning forward gave me a kiss on my head like she used to when I was young and still scared of the world.

"Sayonara shadow the hedgehog," She said before disappearing.

I gripped the fake emerald tightly in my hands, if that faker...sonic could pull this of then the 'ultimate life form' should have no problems!

I cleared my mind and felt for the power within me, I knew I could do this but with the fake emerald I wasn't sure I could control where I would warp.

' As long as im not in space it'll be perfect...maybe Hawaii?'

I prepared myself and said the two words that would change my life.


Sonic gasped as he tried to get his breathing under control, how had Sleet and Dingoe got that nightmarish robot?

"Come out sonic! Give yourself up and Dr Robotnik promises you he will let you live!" yelled Sleet from somewhere in the streets.

'Only as a mindless slave' thought Sonic.

He started to make a run out of the dark alley he was hiding in, hoping he could outrun Sleet and Dingoe and that ferocious robot that they had.

A metal arm ending in a fist with barbed claws cut his run short.

Sonic was thrown back into the alley as the robots clothesline knocked all the air from him, he took a moment to regain his breath and barely jumped aside as the robot slammed a powerful fist into the ground where Sonics head had just been.

Backing out of the alley he started in terror at the red glowing eyes that followed him.

The metal being stepped into the light, sonic couldn't help but feel sick at the dark mockery this robot made of him.

It resembled a hedgehog, or more likely him.

Bright metallic paint and a light frame gave it Sonics look at a distance but up close you saw the wicked claws, metal body and red glowing eyes and you saw that this was not the kind-hearted hedgehog sonic.

Metal sonic was its name, and it was made for one purpose, to kill him.

"Having fun hedgehog?"

Sonic turned to see Dingoe fire a net at him, he reacted quickly and sliced through the net but the metal sonic was right behind him laying him low with a vicious swipe of its claws.

"Aahhh!" sonic screamed as the metal monster slammed its claws into his stomach pinning him in place in indestructible steel.

The wound was not mortal, deep enough to hurt like hell and hold sonic in place but not enough to pierce his organs or arteries.

"METAL! I said capture the hedgehog not skewer him! Release him immediately!" ordered Sleet.

The robot glared at the wolf and with a growl pulled his claw free letting sonic fall to his knees in agony.

Sleet walked up to the downed hedgehog smirking at him.

"After all this time you're at my mercy sonic, all this humiliation you've put me and Dingoe through and at last I can have my revenge"

He kneeled down and whispered in the hedgehog's ears, "Im tempted to forget about Robotniks orders and let Metal have you, he could make it last hours even day if he wanted. The slowest death with the most pain, would you have that rather then robotocised?"

The robots clawed twitched and a look of hunger came into his ruby eyes.

"Do what you want Sleet ill never give you Sonia or Manic!" said sonic, hate blazing in his eyes.

Sleets eyes narrowed before he stood up again, "We will see hedgehog"

He hauled Sonic to his feet and slapped some cuffs on hands and feet then began dragging him towards their vehicle.

Sonic looked round at all the people around him, the mobians were shocked that their hero had been captured, some looked like they might help but a warning glare from metal sonic promised death to any that tried.

He searched the crowd but couldn't find the warm eyes of his siblings hiding in the crowd.

He lowered his head and hoped that Sonia and Manic could save him later.

A blazing light erupting just a few meters above the street stopped them, the bright wormhole blinded all who saw it and even Metal had to cover his sensors.

The light faded and a Black hedgehog fell to the ground, he laid there blinking before shrieking in joy.

"Nothing is impossible for the ultimate life form!"

He jumped up and shook the dust off his fur muttering to himself.

Sleet looked quite annoyed by this.

"Who the hell are you!"

The black hedgehog half turned and studied Sleet for a moment before turning back and cleaning his shoes.

"I asked you a question and you better answer before I have you arrested hedgehog!"

"My name is shadow, and if you don't shut up you will be dead in the next five minutes mongrel" he said coldly.

Sleet was shocked, but his anger swiftly returned, "How dare you threaten a soldier of the great Dr Robotnik, Swat bots kill him!"

Two Swat bots that had been guarding Sleets hover truck turned towards Shadow and fired their lasers.

Shadow remained where he was, effortlessly dodging every shot; he had a bored expression on his face.

The Swat bots stopped firing and closed the distance; one launched its fist at shadow, prepared to pummel him.

The fist was easily grabbed and held by shadow and to Sonics and everyone's amazement crushed by shadows hand.

The black hedgehog grinned before lifting the robot with one hand before smashing it into the other robot destroying them both.

He turned towards Sleet and for the first time noticed Sonic.

Sonic was frozen by those powerful ruby eyes, they had a true predators look and Sonic really felt like prey at the moment, a shiver went down his spine but he was not sure why.

"Sonic? Who are these dogs and why do they have you in chains?" shadow asked crossing his arms.

Sonic wasn't sure what to say, "I-I was metal" he said jerking his thump at said robot that was looking as pissed as a robot could be.

Shadow threw his head back and laughed, "The great sonic the hedgehog was caught by two mongrels and something off of scrap heap challenge! Oh this is too good!"

"I was taken by surprise!" said sonic wondering why he was arguing or even talking to this strange hedgehog.

Shadow smirked, "So you really are a cheap fake compared to me, id never get caught by those losers"

"Im not a fake! And why are you talking like you know me, ive never met you!"

Shadow blinked and looked at sonic more closely.

Now he knew sonic was shorter then him but a full foot? When did that happen?

And his build was different, his muscles were less developed and he had a very youthful look to his face.

"How old are you?" asked Shadow.

Sonic blushed, "What kinda question is that to ask to a stranger!"

"Answer the question hedgehog!"


Shadow blinked and looked around some more.

A sonic that was sixteen and had a completely different personality to his sonic.

Two weird dogs that said they worked for Eggman.

A city covered in pollution, he could smell the fear in the place.

And all the robots suggested that Eggman was in power.

"Well fuck me..." whispered shadow.

"Ok enough of this sitcom! Metal eliminate that annoying hedgehog," ordered Sleet.

"With pleasure" metal hissed.

The robot soared at Shadow who swiftly dodged to the side and then jumped high into the air and performed a homing attack.

The attack hit a surprised metal but the robot was on his feet and slashing at the living hedgehog with fury.

'How can he change direction and defy gravity like that?' wondered sonic.

Shadow countered most but one slashed his arm and a look of fury crossed his face.

Jumping back he pulled a yellow jewel from his quills, he winked at sonic.

"Watch the ultimate in action"

He twirled the jewel before grasping it hard, "Chaos control!"

He moved faster then even Sonics or metals eyesight could track, hundreds of blows rained on Metal in under a second, in just three seconds the robot was reduced to a pile of scrap.

The near invisible blur that was shadow powered towards Sleet and Dingoe, they had a moment to scream before they were laid out unconscious on the street floor.

Sonic blinked before he felt a presence behind him and a voice in his ear.

"So faker are you impressed or still as stubborn as your older counter part is?"

Sonic jumped and on instinct lashed out with a fist that was easily caught by shadow, he stood frozen as the dark hedgehog easily held him and stared into his eyes.

He gulped down the lump in his throat and fought the blush that was coming; he pulled back and glared at the shadow.

"I don't know who you are...well I know your name but not why you're here, but if you're an enemy or try to hurt the resistance then you'll have to get by me first and I wont go down as easily as those bozos!" he shouted pointing at Sleet and Dingoe still unconscious on the floor.

Shadow watched amused as sonic went into a defensive position as best he could with chains and a look of determination crossed his face.

'Looks cute when he's mad'

What the hell? Why did I think that?

He shook his head and advanced on sonic, the young hedgehog shook a bit clearly afraid but unwilling to back down or show obvious fear.

Shadow pulled a laser free from Sleets comatose body and pointed it at sonic.

'Is this the end? Goodbye Sonia, goodbye Manic I love you guys' thought sonic as he closed his eyes.

The bang and crackle of the laser sounded and Sonic flinched...but felt no pain.

'Guess dying isn't so bad'

"Sonic you can open your eyes"

Sonic did and saw shadow stealing a belt pouch from a snoring Dingoe and placing the gun inside.

Sonic looked down and saw his chains had been shot free, he pulled them off and stretched groaning as his still bruised body both hated and loved the feeling.

He opened his eyes and saw those ruby eyes staring at him intently again; he blushed and began to rub his limbs to get the blood flowing again.

He heard sirens and knew that Robotniks forces would be here soon, shadow had also heard it but he was waiting with curiosity, he should be running not staying here that freaky hedgehog!

He ran to shadow and grabbed his hand trying to pull him away from the coming danger.

Shadow lashed out and pulled sonic round with his arm locked painfully behind his back.

Sonic winced but realised it must be an instinct for shadow.

"Shadow we need to leave now before more Swat bots turn up"

"Im not afraid of them"

"Well I am afraid of overwhelming numbers so can you let me go so we can get to safety!"

Shadow released him but made no move to follow sonic.

Sonic watched him begin to walk away into the shadows, he was leaving him?

Good that hedgehogs just a creep anyway!

Sonic wanted to leave but something made him want the dark hedgehog to stay, he didn't know why he said the next words but he did anyway.

"Come with me"

Shadow half turned and eyed the younger hedgehog curiously.

"We have food, um...Chilli dogs and...and warm beds so if you need to rest after your...entrance!" he stuttered.

"And we can tell you about this world and stuff! But Sonia may get you to do the dishes as she's so lazy"

Shadow raised an eyebrow.

"Please. At least for a while" said sonic.

Shadow wondered what he should do.

On a logical hand he needed rest and sustenance so crashing with sonic would be good.

On the other more emotional hand the blue hedgehog was driving him crazy! The cuteness he had and shy strength, this sonic was far more interesting then the arrogant childish sonic from his world although he had grudgingly found him to be somewhat of a friend during the biolizard and the events afterwards.

But this sonic, he wanted to... do...things to him, things he and Maria had read and giggled about, (well she giggled I just blushed) all these strange feelings were growing just at looking at the pleading face of the hedgehog and he couldn't stand it anymore.

'Resistance is futile'

Shadow sighed, "Lead the way sonic"

Sonic grinned and ran off motioning for shadow to follow him, he ran giddily for a reason that was easily explained.

'He's coming with me!'

But as to why he felt this way was a bit more difficult to explain.

So involved in his thoughts he realised he had reached top speed almost breaking the sound barrier in his haste to get home.

'Shadow I must have left him behind!'

He stopped and turned round, he couldn't see shadow and he was just about to run back and find him when that familiar deep sexy voice, (SEXY?) called him.

"Sonic why did you stop?"

Behind him was shadow with a confused look on his face, sonic head looked back and forth between shadow and the empty street.


Shadow smirked, "Your not the only one who can break the sound barrier"

Sonic was too shocked to answer.

Shadow moved aside and motioned sonic to move forward, "Lead on sonic"

Sonic nodded and began to run, first at a slow speed, (for him anyway) and rapidly gaining speed.

Shadow still kept shoulder to shoulder to him.

'Lets see if he can keep up!'

Sonic pushed himself harder and was rewarded when he suddenly went deaf and the land blurred round him signalling he was faster then sound.

He twisted his head round and gaped at what he saw.

Shadow was still shoulder-to-shoulder with him and was smiling.

"How?" mouthed sonic and shadow gave a soft smile and mouthed "Later".

The two continued to run way beyond the outskirts of Robomotropolis and into the countryside towards sonic and his siblings' hidden base.

All the way sonic though had he found his equal at last?

And shadow though something far simpler and less innocent then the younger hedgehogs thoughts.

'He's got a nice butt'

Grinning he followed the blue blur which although being his sonic was so different.

'Thank you Maria, for letting me meet him'

End chapter 1

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