Story: Eternal Flame

Author: Lady of Enchantment

Disclaimer: About the most originality that any writer can hope to achieve honestly is to steal with good judgment.

- Josh Billings

Warnings: Story contains use of mild language/lemon

Taking place during the Renaissance period, Lady Serenity was born and raised with only herself as influence. Now 20, she's a headstrong woman who's more like a man than a lady. When forced to marry, she decided that the marital life was too boring for her.

So she took on a separate identity of her twin sister, Rena. While she herself was the perfect image of an ideal wife to her husband, Rena was quite the opposite, lounging in bars, being the image of a scandalous man in a beautiful woman's body.

Her plan was perfect, or so she thought.

Duke Darien Westford, husband to Serenity, was as much an oddball as his wife. Cold, dangerous and completely immune to society, he lives to please himself. It was only natural that his 'perfect' society wife was ignored. But once he had taken an interest in his sister-in-law, things were beginning to get out of hand.

After all, the only thing that separated Serenity and Rena were mounds of makeup and an act that could be blown at any second.

The stress of keeping up a whole new identity and resisting a man who grows more determined day after day requires the utmost concentration.

Should that concentration break, she'll lose everything.

Society will not tolerate such a scandal and the duke will not tolerate such a betrayal.