Title: Not in Love: Last Shinigami

Author: Squall Morpheus Leonhart

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto but I am on hold for episodes 1-73 to arrive! Plus two Plushies (Kakashi and Iruka). I do own all characters, ideas, and OC personalities that have nothing to do with the Canon Naruto.

Summary: A year after Sandaime Hokage died, a new evil threatens the entire Shinobi legacy. The leader is a Shinigami and it is well known that to kill a Shinigami, one must have a Shinigami or be a Shinigami. There are only three left. This is the story of the Last Shinigami and the only one to be bound to another and others... As Kakashi and Iruka become inevitably entwined as well as Sasuke and Naruto, bonds will be made and destroyed or it is already to late for them to get together before everything is gone!!!

Rating: R - NC/17(maybe)

Warnings: Death, Yaoi, Lime, Angst, and all that other good stuff. Oh and lots of gore and blood in later chapters.

Pairings: Kakairu, SasuNaru, ???Saku(I dunno, you decide!)

AN: This story came to be as a need for myself to see more Iruka-based action/adventure Romance. Since my old obsession for Naruto has been renewed, I started to be seeing the Sensei in a new light, but that might be due to the fact that I hardly saw the teacher in Anime club last year, we only seen episodes 2-3 whereas this year is 1-4. So...^^;;;;

I noticed that a lot of stories for the Dolphin are pretty much with him as a submittive, naïve, or background character that does not appear much or apparently do much. Though in the Canon, I think this is correct but I wanted to see more of him in the action role and thus he became my Shinigami.

This story is greatly inspired by other stories that I have read but I have changed them to make them mine and mine alone. Some cameos, events or other miscellaneous things that do not appear in Naruto is fueled by my other obsessions I had in the past. Here are some of the following: Yami no Matsuei, Nightrunners by Lynn Flewelling, Final Fantasy VIII and others.

I hope you do enjoy this and please not that I will not post the second chapter unless I have at least ten for this chapter. I'm really desperate on feedback but I do not like flames and my other works are pretty much deprived of that causing me to discontinue them. I do not want the same for this story.