The Obligatory Disclaimer:

Love Hina is owned by Ken Akamatsu, Geneon Anime, and Tokyo TV.

I don't own any of it, which is why this is fanfiction.

A Note On Setting:

There are some purists out there who insist that if a fanfic is not written within context of events in either the manga or the anime series, then it is automatically crap. This one isn't going to please them much, either, because it's a combination of the anime and manga, using elements from both but being wholly neither. Just keep in mind that this takes place when Shinobu is almost sixteen, and it comes before anything serious happens with Naru and Keitaro.

Special Thanks:

Kei-kun, for being my patient and understanding beta reader, and also for not being afraid to tell me when I was churning out crap.

Ken Akamatsu, for creating such interesting characters and an engaging story.

My Livejournal readers, who dealt with my frequent "fanfic updates" for about a month.

On with the show.