Opening Theme:
Under the Blue Sky
**This is a montage image sequence. Each image described in parentheses accompanies the lyrics before it.**
Furikaereba ima demo soko ni
((The Hinata Inn in springtime, with cherry blossoms floating in the wind. The title appears—"Love Hina: Aishite"))
Oikaketeta mirai ga atta
((The side of a blue Vespa scooter is visible, zooming across the city bridge. The water from the river sparkles in the noonday sun))
Boku no kokoro ni aru taisetsuna mono
((The steps the Hinata Inn, as people fade in and out of the picture: first Keitaro with a wave at the top, then Naru with a big smile below him, then Mutsumi with Tama-chan on her head, and then Kitsune at the bottom, her hand in a V-sign))
Mada mienai ao to
((Continuing: Sarah and Kaolla Su, Motoko standing calmly, Seta and Haruka standing together…))
Nagareru kumo ni negatta
((… and finally Shinobu, smiling happily and waving, as if she is beckoning the viewer up the stairs. The camera quickly flies up the stairs, revealing a girl at the top standing next to the blue Vespa))
((At the guitar before the chorus, the girl taking off a helmet, shaking her blue hair with a smile, and revealing herself as Rieko))
Under the blue sky
((Keitaro and Shinobu on a walk through the city, looking happy))
Ano hi bokura ga egaita yume kara
((Shinobu and Naru are lying on the floor of Shinobu's room, as the picture slowly spins. Naru is holding Liddo-kun, and Shinobu is fingering a gold locket around her neck. The picture changes into one of a stuffed kappa, sitting in Motoko's room))
Samenai you ni
((Haruka takes a contented drag from her cigarette, standing next to the Hinata Tea House))
Tomaranai you ni
((Rieko is in the kitchen, skillfully flipping a dumpling on a frying pan. She's wearing Shinobu's "Cabot" apron, or a similar one. She turns to the camera and smiles))
Under the blue sky
((Fade into a closeup of Shinobu smiling, which fades into one of Keitaro smiling))
Kagayaki nagara aruiteyukou yo
((A montage of chaos—Kitsune splashing beer, Motoko striking a target and blowing it up, Kaolla Su riding her mechanical horse through the house))
Owaranai tabi wa
((Rieko pushes Keitaro toward Shinobu)
((He trips clumsily… and he and Shinobu lock lips as he falls))
((Ending refrain: A slowly panning-out picture of the Hinata Inn again, this time in fall. With the last note, the entire cast fades into the picture, as if posing for a photograph. Most importantly, Keitaro and Shinobu are standing at the front, holding hands.))
Ending Theme:
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing
**This is a montage image sequence. Each image described in parentheses accompanies the lyrics before it.**
((opening refrain—
A slowly spinning picture of Shinobu sleeping in bed, in shades of blue and purple))
Kanjooteki ni 
Naru no wa kitto
((The living room of the Hinata Inn, empty in the afternoon))
Anata ga suki dakara
((The kitchen, around the evening, empty and dark))
Jibun no koto wo
((A rightward pan of Naru's room)) 
Miushinau hodo
((A leftward pan of Keitaro's room))
Muchuu ni nareru hito
((A pan of Shinobu's room, focusing slowly on a journal on her desk with a heart drawn on it))
Love is a many-splendored thing, aitakute
((A picture of Kitsune grinning, making a V-sign and holding a can of beer))
Kokoro ni hane ga haeta you
((The picture morphs into one of Kitsune obviously drunk and stumbling, still smiling))
Anata ga omou ijoo ni
((A picture of Motoko up on the roof, practicing))
Anata no mono na no
((The picture morphs into one of Motoko smiling slightly, a target split in half, as Kaolla and Sarah cheer in the background))
Kanshooteki ni
Naru no wa kitto
((A panning-out picture of a depressed Naru, walking alone in the morning))
Anata ga suki dakara
((A panning-out picture of Naru again, this time in her room, staring at a blank notebook. The depressed expression hasn't changed))
Kinou to chigau
Kaze no kaori ni
((Rieko is sitting on the rooftop, her electric guitar in her lap. She's looking up, and she looks nostalgic.))
Mune wo akaku someru
((The picture pans upward to show the full moon, then fades into white emanating from the moon))
Love is a many-splendored thing, koishikute
((Haruka and Seta are sitting in the tea house, sipping tea and looking at each other))
Doko made mo omoi wa habataku
((The picture changes to show them laughing together))
Yuubae toki wo tometai
((A picture of the kappa up on the mountain of cucumbers, eating happily))
Anata no tonari de
((A closeup of Tama-chan, who is bathing in the kappa's head))
Tatta ima no
Keshiki wo
((A falling cherry blossom against a black background))
Hitotsu zutsu fuuji komete
((It lands on a picture of Shinobu, which ripples into blurry colors like water))
Eien to iu na no rakuen ni
((A sad picture of Naru))
Saratte hoshii no
((The picture falls, and as it does so it shines, showing a picture of Mutsumi for a split second. Then it shatters))
((Middle refrain—
A picture of Shinobu and Keitaro in front of the stove in the kitchen, looking at each other. They're both wearing cooking aprons.
The picture changes to a panning-out picture of a white birthday cake, which slowly loses pieces until it's completely gone, leaving only the heart-shaped plate with a picture of Keitaro and Shinobu together))
Love is a many-splendored thing, aitakute
((A picture of holding hands))
Kokoro ni hane ga haeta you
((Shinobu and Keitaro looking at each other. They're both blushing.))
Anata ga omou ijoo ni
((A picture of a cup of iced coffee on a café table, with two straws))
Anata no mono na no
((The same picture, but now the cup is empty))
Love is a many-splendored thing, setsunakute
((A picture of Keitaro's desk, where there's just a closed golden locket))
Naitarishita no wa hajimete
((Same picture, but now the locket is open, showing Keitaro on the left side and no one on the right))

Anata ni aete hontoo no

((Same picture, but now Shinobu is occupying the right side of the locket))

Watashi ni nareta no

((A prayer scroll that says "Destiny" in kanji flies up into the bright sunlight in the midst of cherry blossoms))

((ending refrain—

A Polaroid picture of the main Love Hina cast at the airport with Rieko, panning over everyone's unique expressions. Shinobu and Keitaro are standing at the front, shyly together. And then beginning with Haruka, everyone slowly fades out of the picture, one person at a time, until it's only Shinobu, Keitaro, and Rieko standing by her scooter.

Keitaro and Shinobu disappear together.

The background in the picture changes to the Hinata Inn in springtime, with cherry blossoms everywhere. Rieko is the only one there.

Then, slowly, as the music dims, Rieko fades out. Finally, Rieko's scooter and the Hinata Inn fade to black.))