A/N) If you look carefully you can see where I might have incorporated this into the original story... However, it just didn't fit with where the story ended up going. I still like this piece quite a bit, and so I figured that I'd submit it since I'm all in a frenzy with updating this account with some of the ficlets I've written but never posted here.... Sooooo, here it is:

Alternate Ending:

His eyes burned, "Is what I would give you really so little? I offer you your dreams-- myself-- and still you refuse me?!"

"And so we waltz on." Those elegant fingers gripped her cheeks with a bruising force as he spat venom-laced words into her face: "Never forget that we dance to YOUR tune… Not mine!!!"

She flinched as his face loomed closer, but the kiss, when it came, was so soft and tender that Sarah found herself leaning into it…. Submitting to his growing passion.

Her mouth was tipped towards him; her eyes closed- but a single tear coursed down her face. Jareth's gleaming eyes zoomed in on that glistening drop resting against the precarious slope of her cheek… Hovering at the edge of falling away from her smooth skin and being swallowed by shadow.

It was a fate he was ironically familiar with. The tear quivered as she opened her eyes and then fell.

In a flash, one gloved finger caught the precious droplet. He turned away from those confused green eyes and his face shattered. Gone was the intimidating strength and power of the Goblin King, and in its place a sorrowful man, who looked as though he had lost the very thing that meant the most to him…. In a way, he had.

"Sarah," he began, "You truly intend to carry on with this don't you? I can feel how torn you are, and I know that your devotion to Toby far outweighs any feelings you may harbor for me… So I will offer you a bargain. One kiss- freely given, and then you can carry on, with me as the villain and you the savior. Is that so much to ask? Could you refuse me such a small thing?"

He turned then, with his aggressor's mask firmly in place and smiled a wicked grin at the girl before him, "I assure you that it will be enjoyable."

Sarah's brow furrowed, there was something different about his gaze upon hers…. Something heartbreakingly sad… A wistful glow to those alien eyes. And she found that it was impossible to deny him.

It was a deep, soul-catching kiss, and he seemed to drink in the moment hungrily. All too soon it was over and he was pulling away with a maddened look in his eyes.

"Enough. I can not stand anymore, or I will take of what you offer regardless of our deal."

The tear he had caught shimmered into a perfect crystal, and it was done.