Summer of Tragedy


"Umph..",moaned Lily. She reached over to her bedside table and turned off the alarm. Today was the day. It was the day the Marauders (minus Peter) would be coming over to her mansion for the summer along with her friends Taylor, Sarah, Caitlin, Stacy, and Olivia. But Olivia and Caitlin would have to go home after two weeks because Caitlin's uncle had died and Olivia's parents wanted to spend the summer with her. Taylor, Sarah, Caitlin, Stacy, Olivia and herself were a group of best friends and they called themselves "The Untouchables" because they were so fast no one could catch them. But one thing that they all kept secret was that they were Animagus. Taylor became a phoenix by the name of "Lei", Sarah became a white horse named "Whisper", Caitlin became a black panther named "Midnight", Stacy became a fruit monkey named "Mango", Olivia became a black horse named "Misty" and Lily became a raven named "Loony".

"Lily! Hurry up! Your friends are here!" hollered Lily's mother up the stairs.

"Crap", muttered Lily as she jumped out of bed and threw on a purple halter with some violet jeans. She ran out the door in a flash of red hair.

"Lily!" the five girls yelled as Lily rushed over to them. Taylor had tan skin, blonde hair with baby blue highlights, and blue-green eyes with a touch of hazel and had on a baby blue halter with blue jeans. Sarah had shoulder length brown hair, brown- green-blue eyes and a green halter with green jeans. Caitlin had shoulder length black hair with silver streaks, black-brown eyes and was wearing a silver t- shirt with black skirt. Stacy had waist length brown hair with blonde highlights, brown eyes and an orange halter with capris. Olivia had short blonde hair, blue eyes and a red halter with red jeans.

"It's been SOOO long!" exclaimed Stacy giving Lily a hug.

"I know!" Lily said. "Come on lets go up to my room." The six girls ran up to Lily's room and sat on her bed. But as soon as they had started to talk the bedroom door burst open revealing three sixteen- year-old boys. The first one with spiky blonde hair and iceblue eyes(Remus), the second one with spiky black hair and brown eyes(Sirius) and the last one with unruly black hair and glasses (James).

"Hello fair maidens! We have come to make your summer a living heck."sang Sirius flopping onto the bed making Caitlin and Stacy fall off.

"Hey Siri!" flirted Olivia getting closer to Sirius.

"Hey ' Livia" flirted Sirius back.

"Oh please get a room!" joked Taylor.

"Okay" the two then left the room.

"I was joking!" shouted Taylor.

"Your parents are gone and so are mine." Informed James putting his arm around Lily's waist and kissed her on the cheek.

"Potter if you don't get you arm off me right now I will curse you into oblivion. So. Get. Off. NOW!" Shouted Lily "Lei, Mango, Midnight, Whisper. Why don't I show you where you're sleeping?"

"Hey what about us?" asked Remus.

"Well you guys can come along..." they started to get up "After I show my friends to their rooms. Hold on I need to get Misty." Lily walked over to the room next door to find Misty and Sirius playing pool.

"Hey Mist, come on I'm showing everyone to their rooms. You come too, Black" said Lily starting to walk back to the other six. Olivia and Sirius followed her.

"Black, Lupin, Potter. Stay here but DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" She hollered "Come on." She led each girl to her room to get settled. Caitlin's room was black with black everything. Stacy had a room with mood changing walls, every thing changed color to whatever moods the person was in. Olivia had a room of just red. Sarah had a mood changing room and finally Taylor had also a room with mood changing walls. She went back to the three boys accompanied by the other girls who didn't want to settle in until later.

"Your guys' rooms are the ones you usually stay in, all right..." But a horrible sight interrupted her. Her room had been made so everything had James's face ll over them.


"Now Lily flower why would you want to do a thing like that? We all know you love, Jamie here!" Sirius sang running over to Lily with a pillow in hand

"Siri, Please no! No! No!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Authors note:

I know it's short but I will write more if I get 10 reviews in total.