Yu-Gi-Oh and the Secrets Within

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//Yami's to Hikari's// … /Hikari's to Yami's/ … 'thinking' … "talking" … ( author notes )...

Chapter 1

//Aibou?// the yami called out into the dark, //Are you awake?//

The yami only got a grunt in return for his efforts as the teen rolled over in bed. The tri-color haired teen continued to snuggle into his pillow while gripping his Dark Magician plushie (JK: awe how kawaii…). The yami phased out of the gold trinket on the desk better known as the Millennium Puzzle. He watched the teen as he slept for a moment before leaving the room in search of something to do. It was currently six in the morning and the household was still asleep in their rooms. As the yami sat down on the couch he contemplated whether or not to turn on the T.V., but decided on not. Only because the noise might wake the inhabitants of the household. The yami decided on lying on the couch contemplating his existence in this world. Before he knew it he had fallen asleep. The young teen woke up to his alarm going off and then a stream of curses followed aimed at the black box beeping. When the boy realized that beeping was not going away he rolled out of bed.

/Yami?/ he called out.

He only received a quiet snore from the yami. The boy went ahead and began dressing. His grandfather went downstairs to start breakfast. He stopped suddenly when he noticed a lump lying on the couch. He chuckled to himself when he saw the yami sleeping.

"Yami?" the oldman called out.

The youth looked up at the older man, "Grandpa? Did I wake you? If I did Gomen…"

"It seems you fell asleep. It's time to begin the day. I believe Yugi is looking for you," Grandpa Motou said.

"Oh," Yami responded.

"Well I'm going to prepare breakfast now," Grandpa said walking to the kitchen.

Yami got up from the couch and found his hikari on the computer. The Egyptian spirit sat on the bed watching the teen fiddle with the modern machine. Soon he heard the prompt 'you got mail' come over the speakers. Yugi quickly scanned through the mail before closing down the machine. The boy turned to face the Egyptian spirit sitting on the bed.

"Morning Yami," Yugi said cheerfully.

"Good morning Aibou," Yami responded.

"So are you ready to head out. I promise Jou that I would meet him and Honda at the arcade," Yugi told the spirit.

"Anytime you are," Yami told him.

"Okay, let's get breakfast and then leave," Yugi bounded energetically down the stairs as Yami followed.

"Morning Grandpa. I'm going to go to the arcade after breakfast okay," Yugi said as he grabbed a stack of pancakes from the plate.

"Very well, just be back by sunset," Grandpa said and then winced at how much syrup his grandson was putting on his pancakes.

"I think you have officially drowned them, aibou," Yami commented before going back into the puzzle.

Yugi could only grin sheepishly at his grandfather considering the pancakes in his mouth. Soon the young teen placed his plate in the sink before running to the door to put his shoes on. Soon he was walking along the street enjoying the warm sun baking his bare skin. The boy was too preoccupied to notice the cloaked figure following him in the shadows. The figure watched the boy memorizing his every look and routine. This is how it has been the past couple of weeks, just following this boy. Soon he disappeared without a trace to report to his master. Yugi entered into the arcade and tried to find Jou amongst all the kids.

"Oy Yug' over here," Jou's Brooklyn accented voice called out.

Yugi saw the blond instantly and ran to his side, "Jou! Where's Honda?"

"He called me to say meet in the park," Jou said.

"Okay then let's go," Yugi said dragging Jou from the arcade.

Yugi ran almost the whole way to the park excited to be able to do something other than watch the shop. Soon the two teens ran into Honda waiting at the entrance.

"Hey Honda," Yugi said.

"Hi Yug', Jou," Honda responded.

"So why did you pull us away from the arcade?" Jou asked his friend.

"Because I wanted to introduce you to my cousin," the brown haired boy said.

"Ya have a cousin?!" Jou exclaimed, "Yeah I do. You wanna make something of it…"

"Naw, Dude just calm down," Jou said backing away from the enraged teen.

Yugi watched in silence as the two tried to beat each other to a pulp. Yami came out of the puzzle to try and stop the teens from killing each other. Yugi saw a girl just a little taller than him sitting on the bench. She had her bushy brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. She wore dark colored jean shorts and a tan tank top. She just watched Honda with a bemused expression on her face as if their antics reminded her of something. Yugi approached the girl to introduce himself.

"Konnichiwa," Yugi said.

"Huh?!" the girl uttered in English.

"Gomen, I should of tried English first huh. At least I didn't try ancient Egyptian or Arabic," Yugi told her.

The girl chuckled, "I'm sorry, you just caught me off guard was all. I'm Hermione Granger."

"Yugi Motou. So you're Honda's cousin," Yugi commented.

"Yeah I am," she said.

"But you're British, he's Japanese how is that possible," the teen inquired.

"Well my mum married a British dentist and lived in London also becoming a dentist. We really don't deep in contact with family here, but I wanted to visit Japan so my parents contacted my cousin and his family," Hermione explained, "So now here I am for the next week."

"So you decided to explore and Honda volunteered as a guide," Yugi inquired.

"Not exactly. He was kind of forced by his mum. He wanted to go to the arcade instead," Hermione stated.

"Oh," Yugi said kind of disappointed in Honda, "But hey why don't I be your guide. I know the area very well and could possibly introduce you to a few more of my friends."

"That would be wonderful. I've been wanting to visit the Domino Museum since I arrived," Hermione told Yugi.

Yugi smiled lopsidedly, "Okay then come on. Then I'll introduce you to my Grandfather."

"Sure," Hermione said as she was yanked to her feet by Yugi.

/Yami,/ Yugi called out to the darker spirit through their link.

//Yes Aibou?// Yami responded.

/When Honda and Jou are through killing each other tell them to meet me and Hermione at the game shop for lunch/ Yugi told the spirit.

//Okay Aibou// Yami said before turning back to the teens fighting.

Yugi just shook his head mentally before leading the British girl from the park. The two teens took the train up to the downtown exit. Before long Yugi was pointing out some of the more historic areas. The teens approached the museum entrance and Yugi pulled out his money to pay for entrance. The guard saw the puzzle around his neck and motioned him into the museum. Hermione looked curiously at the strange haired teen walking next to her.

"Hey Yugi, um… where to first?" Hermione asked.

"How about the ancient Egyptian exhibit," Yugi suggested, "Plus I want to see if Ishizu Ishtar is still here."

"Did you say Ishizu?" Hermione asked shocked.

"Yeah. You've heard of her?" Yugi asked the girl.

"Who hasn't. she's the leading researcher on ancient Egyptian history. Especially the legend surrounding the Lost Pharaoh, Panseru (JK: I think that is his name, if it isn't please tell me) and the Millennium items," Hermione explained excited, "That and she is supposed to be teaching at the school I attend."

"Really, what school?" Yugi asked turning down another hallway passing the prehistoric exhibit.

Hermione blanched at the seemingly innocent question, "Um… a boarding school in England. It's pretty selective though."

"Okay," Yugi said nonchalantly, "Hold on one minute."

/Yami?/ Yugi began through the mind link.

//Hikari?// Yami responded.

/The ancient Egyptian exhibit is not here. It's an empty hall/ Yugi said.

//What?!// Yami exclaimed, //Is Ishizu still there?//

/I'm not sure. I'll look now/ Yugi told him.

//Keep the link open// Yami said.

/Are Jou and Honda done fighting?/ Yugi inquired.

//Yes they have. Now I'm stuck with them at the arcade// Yami said.

Yugi was trying to control his mirth as Yami sent him an image of being surrounded by kids wanting autographs. Yugi returned to the waking world to see Hermione staring at him strangely.

"Yugi are you okay? You spaced out for a moment there," Hermione inquired her voice laced with concern.

"I'm fine. The exhibit is gone though," Yugi bluntly said, "Come on I have to find Ishizu."

"Okay," Hermione said now thoroughly confused.

Yugi headed down a stairwell at the back of the exhibit. Soon he reached an office without any name plate on the door. He knocked on the door hoping for an anwer. The two teens waited for five minutes before Yugi tried the knob. The door was locked which was unusual for the Egyptian curator.

"Yugi?" Hermione began.

"Yes," Yugi said looking at the teen.

"Is something wrong? I mean you seem worried that Ms. Ishtar is not here," Hermione said.

"That's because I am," Yugi began, but stopped as Yami got his attention.

//Aibou careful. Only certain people are aware of the Millennium items and even less know who have one.// Yami said.

/I know, but something isn't adding up here. Why would she leave and the exhibit disappear like it did. Most of it is on you as well/ Yugi told Yami.

//I'm not sure. Perhaps we need to find Malik. Maybe he knows something.// Yami suggested.

/Okay Yami. I'll meet you at the game shop. Plus I'm starving./ Yugi said.

Yami just rolled his eyes before closing the link enough for his hikari to think alone. Yugi led Hermione out of the museum and onto the street.

"Okay now where to?" Hermione asked.

"Have you ever been to Kaiba Land or met Seto Kaiba?" Yugi asked.

"You even know Seto Kaiba, the teen Billionaire!" she exclaimed.

"Sure. We're old rival in Duel Monsters. He's the World Champion and I'm the King of Games," Yugi said nonchalantly, "We used to hate each other, but came to an agreement that I would not take his title and he won't attempt to dethrone me."

"Wow," Hermione said amazed, "I can't wait until I tell Ron and Harry that I met the Seto Kaiba."

Yugi just chuckled at the girl, "Well come on then. We maybe able to grab him for lunch."

Yugi led the starstruck British girl towards the towering Kaiba Corp building. He went in and straight to the receptionist.

"Good afternoon Mae," Yugi said, "Is Seto in?"

"No Mr. Motou, he went to Kaiba Land for the day to check on things there," Mae said.

"Thanks," Yugi said before grabbing Hermione's hand.

He dragged the girl from the lobby and back onto the side walk. He began the ten minute walk to Kaiba Land hoping that Kaiba won't leave yet. Soon the teens approached the entrance and Hermione could only gape at the enormity of the building. Yugi paid their way in and fought through the sea of kids until he was at the dueling arenas. All the arenas were currently being used and the short teen recognized the monsters at one particular machine. He saw the silver-white haired teen Ryou Bakura dueling someone twice his age. Hermione was suddenly silent while watching the life like holograms battle each other. Ryou looked like he was about to be beat when he pulled out his Destiny Board and spelled F-I-N-A-L to end the duel. The albino got down from the platform and saw Yugi waiting.

"Hello Yugi," Ryou said then turned to Hermione, "Good afternoon, I'm Ryou Bakura."

"Hermione Granger, pleasure to meet you," Hermione said.

"So what's up Yugi?" Ryou asked.

"Have you seen Malik recently?" Yugi asked.

"Sure. He's staying at my home for the summer why?" Ryou inquired.

"Because I need to find out where Ishizu is and why the Egyptian exhibit is gone," Yugi said.

"I'll ask and call you later," Ryou said.

"Ja ne," Yugi said before leaving the albino to meet with another challenger.

"So that was a duel monsters duel," Hermione asked amazed.

"Yeah, but it was even more amazing during my Battle City Tournament. The duelists all used duel disks to duel in the city. Basically, portable dueling arenas," a voice said behind Hermione.

The British girl spun around and saw the tall form of Seto Kaiba behind her. She nearly fainted at the sight, but instead stumbled a little. Seto reached out to steady her before she pitched forward. The younger black haired boy chuckled at the reaction to his older brother.

"Hello Seto-chan," Yugi said, "Why aren't you at the office?"

"I decided to take a breather. So far everything is going normally and not requiring my constant watch," Seto replied, "And who are you my dear?"

"He-Hermione Granger…" she managed to stammer out.

"Seto Kaiba," Seto responded, "Oh by the way Yugi, your Duel Disk III just arrived."

"Cool," Yugi exclaimed, "Oh Seto, Mokuba you wanna come over for lunch?"

"Sure Yugi," Mokuba said, "Seto?"

"Yes actually. I miss your grandfather's cooking," Seto said, "Come on we'll take the limo."

"Li-limo?! You mean you get to travel in a limo?" Hermione asked her mind not running back to normal yet.

"Yes I do," Seto said leading the way outside.

They piled into the limo and soon Mokuba dragged Hermione to the far side so he could show her the video games. Once they were plugged in Seto turned his attention to the younger duelist.

"So Yugi where did you meet her?" Seto asked as he watched the British girl with interest.

"Apparently she's Hondas cousin," Yugi said, "I think someone's after the Millennium Items again."

"What make you say that?" Kaiba questioned.

"Ishizu's gone as well as the whole exhibit involving Panseru. Plus I have had this feeling I'm being followed over the last couple of weeks," Yugi explained, "Anything strange occur with you?"

"Nothing except my annoying other half going on and on about new and old evils colliding," Seto said, "And now that you mentionit, I too have felt like I'm being followed every once in a while as well."

"So then the High Priest has been 'seeing'," Yami said appearing in spirit form next to Yugi.

Seto started and looked about ready to kill the spirit, "Would you not do that Pharaoh."

"No I don't, but as I said, so the High…" Yami stopped.

"I got that and no. It's just the normal prattle about evil that comes about this time of year," Seto said rather sarcastically.

Yami just rolled his eyes before glancing over to the other two occupants of the vehicle. He noticed the girl looking right at him almost as if she could see him.

//Aibou,// Yami said to Yugi.

/Yes Yami,/ Yugi responded.

//That girl, she's odd, ne// Yami commented never taking his eyes off her.

Yugi turned to see Hermione watching them, /I guess so./

//It seems that she can see me, but only those who I allow can see me unless they have some connection to shadow magic.// Yami said.

/Perhaps you should go back into the puzzle for now/ Yugi said.

//Okay,// Yami told the young duelist.

"Yugi what's wrong?" Seto asked when Yami disappeared into the puzzle.

"I'll tell you later," Yugi said.

The limo stopped in front of the Kame Game Shop letting out it's passengers. Kaiba dismissed the driver advising he will call when he was ready. Yugi went into the game shop and saw Anzu Mazaki and Mai Valentine sitting at the counter. Grandpa Motou came out and saw the four teens standing in the doorway.

"Hey Grandpa," Yugi said, "I brought the Kaiba brothers for lunch and Honda's cousin."

"Come back into the kitchen. I just finished making lunch," Grandpa Motou said.

"You didn't leave Jou and Honda alone in there did you?" Anzu asked following the old man into the kitchen.

"Yes I did, why?" Grandpa Motou said.

"Oh nothing except for the fact that the food is probably gone by now," Anzu said.

"Not likely," Grandpa said.

The group came in and saw Jou and Honda tied down to their chairs. The group of teenagers laughed at the looks the two boys sent Yugi's grandfather. Soon they settled down to a pleasant meal of sushi, rice balls, and other items. For dessert Sugoroku Motou gave the teens some pocky. After the table was cleared, Mokuba led the British girl into the actual game shop.

"So have you ever dueled before?" Mokuba asked Hermione.

"Dueled?" she asked confused.

'Is he from the magical world, is he referring to duels involving wands,' Hermione thought to herself.

"Yeah, you know, play Duel Monsters," Mokuba said.

"No I haven't. Where I live it really isn't that popular yet. Only because there aren't enough stores selling them," Hermione explained, "But I know that my friends want to begin."

"Well then I just may be able to help you out," Yugi said coming into the game shop, "Mokuba choose three starter decks and nine booster packs for Hermione."

"Sure," Mokuba said hurrying to find the proper booster packs and starter decks.

"Three?" Hermione inquired.

"Yeah, you can't just let your friends learn how to duel and you not join in as well," Yugi said, "Plus myself and I'm sure Kaiba will teach you so you can teach you're friends when you return home."

Hermione blushed at the mention of Kaiba's name before responding, "I don't want to intrude…"

"Nonsense," Kaiba said, "Yugi is right. We will help you out. I can teach the strategies and Yugi can teach you about the 'Heart of the Cards'."

"Okay…" Hermione said, "So what kind of deck should I build?"

"We will have to see… Mokuba are you ready?" Yugi asked the boy.

"Yeah. Here these are for your friends," Mokuba said putting down 2 starter decks and six booster packs.

"Thank you… um how much…" Hermione was cut off by Yugi though.

"These are gifts from me," Yugi said, "Now grab the other starter deck and boosters and come into the living room."

Hermione did as she was told and followed the shorter teen into the apartment. Yugi cleared off the coffee table and set up two deck mats. Hermione sat down on the floor and Seto Kaiba sat next to her. The British girl began blushing at the close proximity of the teen CEO. Jou and Yugi sat across from them. Hermione just stared at the cards unsure of what to do with them.

"okay what you need to figure out is what kind of theme or style you want you deck to take. For instance Kaiba has a dragon theme, myself I have a spell caster theme, and Jou has a basic style," Yugi explained, "Do you see any particular card that seems to call to you?"

The brown haired girl looked though the cards until she felt drawn to a fairy card called Wingweaver. She smiled thoughtfully at the female fairy and then showed Kaiba and Yugi it.

"This card," Hermione said.

"Good, so what about a fairy deck, Yugi," Kaiba commented.

"Sounds perfect," Yugi said and the two teens set to work on building the deck.

Soon Hermione was shown how to play, what the cards mean, and so forth. After a while Grandpa Motou announced that it was time for everyone to go home. The week passed by pretty much the same. Soon Hermione left to head back to England now laden down by more Duel Monsters cards, three Duel Disk III's (courtesy of Seto Kaiba), and everyone's phone numbers and address' with the promise of calling or writing. Yugi found out that Ishizu was teaching in England and required the use of the exhibit for her Ancient Egyptian History class. Soon the summer had nearly passed by without incident, but the feeling of dread did not leave the young tri-color haired teen. Instead it increased.

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