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Last Time on YuGiOh and the Secrets Within:

The same thing began happening to the other items as well. Soon Seto, Malik, Ryou, Sai, Ishizu, and Shadi all began floating as they seemed to fall unconscious. The four items that Bakura carried floated away from his hands and into the center of the battle field where the other six reincarnations were. The items settled into the grasp of their proper owners; Seto the rod, Sai the scales, Ryou the ring, and Malik now the eye. Their clothing began morphing and changing into Egyptian robes of the ancient High Priests and Priestesses. Bakura stood slack jawed at the sight that he hadn't beheld in over five millennia. The only thing missing was the Pharaoh…

Chapter 18

In the hospital wing the puzzle was also glowing as it returned the lost soul to the young body. Yugi opened his amethyst eyes to revel that they were now tinted crimson. His normally round eyes were now slanted slightly. His face still contained its innocent look, but his eyes now showed intelligence, maturity, and authority. The young teen stood from the bed, now taller than when he woke in the morning. He now stood the same height as his spirit counterpart. At a glance he now looked like the nameless pharaoh, the only thing missing were the blond bangs weaved into his spikes.

The puzzle flashed once again and Mahaado the Dark Magician stood by the teen's side. Yugi was now dressed in a pleated silk kilt embroidered in gold and silver threads. He wore no shirt, but instead a gold chest plate. Gold bands adorned his arms, wrists, and ankles. He wore gold sandals upon his small feet and large gold hoop earings hung from his delicate ears. A crown adorned his forehead, with the Eye of Horus glinting in the light.

Yugi walked out of the hospital wing with the Dark Magician following closely behind. The deep violet cape upon his shoulders flapped as he walked down the hall. As he entered into the entrance hall, everyone stared in awe at the sight of the young Gryffindor teen walking out the door regally. As Yugi stepped outside the very ground seemed to humble as he walked upon it. The teen continued straight on through the teachers until he reached the newly discovered High Priests/Priestess still floating.

At his command the items released their hold on the six item holders, lowering them to the ground. Yugi stood in front of the teachers waiting on his opponent to appear. Soon the shadows began forming into the shape of a woman. She had blazing sapphire eyes that seemed to bore into ones very soul, long black hair, and crimson priestess/sorceress robes. She carried a staff with the Eye of Horus surrounded by an Egyptian asp on top. Nikki stood behind her also now in Egyptian robes on an apprentice sorceress. There standing next to Nikki were Harry, Draco, Propheus, Ginny, and Hermione. All carrying their wands, prepared to fight in the name of the unnamed one.

"Ah I see that you decided to cower behind your spirit companion," the woman said.

"I do not cower behind anyone," Yugi told the woman.

"You lie… You cannot be the child I demanded. He is in the Shadow Realm with his pathetic monster," she spat out.

The Dark Magician stood next to Yugi challenging the woman further, "I have returned to take my rightful place. And to defeat you, Ahmanepthera."

"Impossible," she cried out, but then smirked evilly, "It won't matter because I shall be victorious."

Suddenly there was a loud crash of thunder as lightening rained down upon the teachers. Yugi turned, his wand becoming the Pharaoh's staff. He held out his arms uttering an ancient Egyptian incantation creating a dome above the teachers.

"All of you return to the safety of the school," Yugi commanded.

Dumbledore ushered the teachers into the school to watch the battle from within. Bakura, Luna, Marik, and Seth ran over to Yugi determined to help their friend. Yami appeared next to Yugi solid once again. He turned and saw his hikari briefly before getting pushed towards the school by an unseen force.

"Yugi stop this. We want to help," Seth said.

"You cannot help in this battle. I need you to protect the school and find a place to escape to for if I fail then all is lost," Yugi said.

Bakura was about to protest, but thought better of it, "Fight well little one and don't fail us now."

"I shall Tomb Robber Bakura. And don't worry," Yugi said, "Go now. I shall not be able to hold the spell much longer."

All the spirits ran towards the school never once looking back. Yugi allowed the dome to collapse and then turned to face the woman. She glared at the young boy before launching a spell at the group. Yugi put up another shield, nearly dropping it from the force of the blast.

"Very good young one. Once I am queen I shall make you my slave and feed off your power slowly," Ahmanepthera said.

"Not if we have any say in this," Sai said.

"Oh yes the small one's long, lost sister. Too bad you won't survive to see the torment I have planned for your precious Yugi," spat out Ahmanepthera, "But I guess that is the way with the Khalil clan now isn't it. Your so called friends are under my leadership now."

"Why you filthy, scum, pyramid rat," Sai hissed, "I shall make you pay for what you have done."

Malik set his hand on Sai's shoulder preventing her from going after Ahmanepthera, "Sai we mustn't do anything rash."

"Fine," Said said defeated.

"Are we going to sit here and chat all night or are we going to free our friends," Seto said coolly.

Yugi stepped towards the sorceress, "Ahmanepthera I challenge you to a duel of powers."

"He…he…little Yugi if you think you are a match for me and my loyal servants then you are sadly mistaken," the sorceress said, "But defeating you will be all that much sweeter."

"Begin…" Yugi said pointing his staff at the creature and firing off a spell.

Ahmanepthera jumped out of the path of the spell and glared at the teen. Soon the air was thick with various spells being fired off from both sides. Yugi and the Sorceress were in the middle of the grounds too absorbed into their duel to notice anyone else around them. The woman summoned the Sorceress' Guardian Demon to help her defeat the teen. Yugi's Dark Magician tried to stop the attack, but was destroyed by the powerful monster. Yugi dodged out of the way as the monster's large sword came down at him. The blade struck the ground and became stuck for the moment. Yugi took advantage of the monster's momentary hesitance and fired off two shadow blasts towards Ahmanepthera causing her to once again throw up a shield.

Yugi grabbed his deck and drew one card and summoned it without looking. The area lit up with a blinding light as the monster took form. A tall man stepped from the light in front of Yugi. He wore golden robes embroidered in violet and crimson threads. He carried a thin, but strong sword and a staff. His long bronzed colored hair hung loosely around his shoulders. His amber eyes stared in hatred at the woman, while a golden fire bird flew above his head. The bird landed on Yugi's shoulder and waited for the battle to ensue.

Ra's Mage waited patiently for the Sorceress' Guardian Demon to attack once again. Soon the two shadow monsters were locked in a fight, their swords letting off sparks as they collided. Yugi barely had the time to react as Ahmanepthera's staff came at his head. He brought his up in defense and pushed her away. Soon the teen and woman were fighting physically with their staffs hoping to best the other.

Yugi was beginning to tire and didn't know how much longer he could fight against the sorceress. He swung his staff at the woman and found that she was waiting for just that kind of a move. She knocked his staff from his hands. Ahmanepthera tried to hit him, but he just jumped away. She then laughed evilly as she pointed her staff at him, a ball of dark shadow magic already forming at it's top.

"Poor little Yugi, try a you may, you'll never be more powerful than I am," Ahmanepthera said, "Now say your prayers."

Yugi's puzzled began glowing as well as the eye on his crown. He held the puzzle in his hands as the other six High Priests/Priestess came up behind him, their own items glowing. Soon the air was full of voices chanting.

"Almighty Ra hear our cries and seal this evil once again so it can do no more harm," Yugi began as the others repeated the chant.

They continued the chant, the glow from the items becoming more intense each pass of the phrase. Soon the combined glow shot from the items hitting Ahmanepthera in the chest. She let off a scream as her body began to vanish into the Shadow Realm. As the shadow magic cloud began disappearing. Sai began celebrating with Malik and the others joining in. No one noticed that Yugi was not any where in the vicinity. Sai stopped jumping around noticing that her brother was missing. Just as she was about to say something a man with bronze hair, tanned skin, amber eyes, and robes approached the group carrying Yugi's unconscious form.

Just as everyone else was, he still wore the ancient Egyptian garments. Sai ran to her brother's side noticing his shallow breaths and pale color. She became worried by how still he was. Harry approached the group helping Draco to walk. Ryou quickly went to assist his lover. Harry relinquished his hold over to the white-haired teen. The other four were already at the castle being treated for their injuries. Harry joined the group around Yugi and the man.

"Is he okay?" Harry asked.

"I'm not sure. I mean he just fought a pharaoh's battle right after coming out of the Shadow Realm as well," Malik said.

"We need to get him some medical care. He took too many of the shadow orb blasts onto himself while protecting the rest of you," the man said in a smooth baritone.

"Follow me," Shadi said leading everyone to the school.

As they walked, they surveyed the damaged done by the battle. Sai and Ishizu became ill at the sight of the deceased Aurors and Deatheaters that were controlled by the woman. They grounds were a mess from spell damage. The group entered the school now seeing the extent of the injured as well. Some of the students that had stayed to help at the front were sporting burns, cuts, bruises, and in some cases broken bones.

The worst of the injured were in the hospital wing until some mediwitches and mediwizards could come to take them to St. Mungo's. yami ran from Luna's side to the man when he saw him come in with Yugi. Seth, Marik, and Luna also followed each with concerned looks upon their faces. The man continued to follow Shadi through the crowded hallways. Soon they reached the hospital ward finding it only partially filled by seriously injured patients. Madame Pomfrey ushered the group to one of the more private beds towards the back. Yugi was laid upon the mattress carefully. Madame Pomfrey began examining the teen, trying to figure out the best care to give. Soon the mediwitch shook her head sadly as she faced the surrounding group.

"I am sorry. I cannot do anything to truly help him. He seems to have retreated into his mind to protect himself from something," Madame Pomfrey said, "I can treat his wounds, but not his mind. I am sorry."

"Will he ever come back to us?" Sai asked tears in her eyes.

"Perhaps… perhaps not. Depends upon him really. For now I'll treat his wounds and then you can take him to his dorm room," Madame Pomfrey said gathering up various potions, "I will also heal you ten as well."

Madame Pomfrey set to work gathering up different potions and handing them out. Soon she walked away to treat some of her other patients. The man gathered Yugi back into his arms and followed the students to their dorm room. Yami led the man into his room and motioned for him to lay the teen onto his own bed next to Yami's. Once Yugi was settled in the man stood in the corner of the room watching over the young Pharaoh and his spirit comanion. Sai came in and sat on the bed, watching over her brother. She removed the crown, puzzle, and the gold jewelry making a pile on the bedside table. She brushed his bangs back from his closed eyes before kissing his forehead.

"Yugi, my baby brother, come back to us please," Sai said softly tears running down her face.

Yami set his hand on her shoulder, "It will be fine. He is strong and will survive this."

Sai threw her arms around the former pharaoh, "Oh Yami, but he's so frail. I'm afraid that this was too much. Even for him. What if he never wakes up…"

"He will… have faith in your brother," Yami said hugging the sobbing Egyptian girl tighter.

"But what if… I just couldn't stand it. I just found him, only to lose him again…" Sai cried out, "No I won't stand for this. How can the Gods be cruel to him this way. He's too innocent to have to deal with this… why him?"

Yami sighed as Sai continued to cry, "I know it is cruel, but it is the path he chose to walk. Destiny offered it to him and he accepted it arms wide open."

"I know, but it doesn't seem fair," Sai said finally.

"It isn't, but it was his choice. Now we need to be strong for him and offer our prayers," Yami said, "Now maybe you should rest."

"I don't want to leave him. What if he wakes up," Sai said.

"Stay here. You can use my bed if you want to," Yami said.

Sai nodded her okay and allowed Yami to lead her to his bed next to Yugi's. As soon as she was settled in he turned his attention on the man in the room. He was about to say something, but stopped when he heard someone enter the room. Yami saw Dumbledore in the doorway, his robes bloody and torn. His face was weary from the strain his body was placed through during the battle. The headmaster entered in and went to Yugi's bed, a new found respect glimmering in his eyes.

"How is he?" the headmaster asked quietly so as not to wake Sai.

"The same. He has retreated to the deepest part of his mind that even I cannot reach," Yami said, "The only thing we can do now is wait."

Dumbledore nodded and turned to leave, "Please inform me when he wakes."

"I will headmaster," Yami told him.

The crimson eyed teen took one final look at Yugi before leaving the room once again to speak with the others. The man approached the bed and set his hand upon Yugi's forehead. His hand glowed gold for a moment before he disappeared. The man found himself in a corridor between his young master's soul room and the former pharaoh's soul room. The man entered into Yugi's soul room finding the décor to be changed from it's former décor. It was still filled with some toys and puzzles, but those only took up one wall. The rest of the room was done in an Egyptian décor. The bed was a wide low one with a canopy and sheer curtains surrounding it. There were book shelves containing books, tome, and scrolls. There was now another corridor stemming from the room.

He walked down the corridor finding it to be more complex then the oldest tombs. He stepped carefully into one room, finding his charges memories of his childhood. The man left the room silently and continued down the corridor. He found a hidden room buried deep within the child's subconscious mind. As he reached for the door knob, a keening wail was heard from within. The man quickly entered in and saw the young teen standing inside watching a seen play out. A young woman was standing over a body of a young child crying. As the woman moved to the side, the child looked to be no older than five or six. The child was deathly pale and it's clothes were covered in blood.

As he came closer he realized the woman had no face. The man then realized that the child was not the only one there. There were men, women, and other children in the same state as the original child. What truly caught his attention was the group Yugi stood over. The boy's friends all laid upon the ground pale, no breath passing their lips. Yugi's tears fell silently from his eyes as he looked at them. He turned and walked from them towards a darker part of his mind. Yugi stopped briefly to turn and face the man.

"I failed them," he said quietly before walking away.

The man ran after the depressed child hoping to return him back to his right mind and friends. As he came closer a sudden wind surrounded him and drove him from the soul room. The man stood in the soul room corridor shocked to see that Yugi's soul room door was now securely shut and locked. He removed himself from yugi's mind and returned to the waking world. Yami, Seth, Seto, and Luna came into the room noticing the man staring down at Yugi.

"Who are you?" Yami asked coming up next to the man.

"I am called Karim," Karim said.

"Where did you come from? And why are you here?" Luna asked Karim.

"I have been charged with caring for Master Yugi by his shadow monsters," Karim said.

"Explain," Seth said simply.

"My story is long if you care to hear it. Perhaps it will explain why I am here," Karim said sitting down on Yugi's bed.

"Very well," Yami said.

"My story begins 5 millennia ago. I was a high priest to the pharaoh. I was also a protector of a Sennen item. I protected the scales," Karim began, "I cared for the pharaoh's son, you Yami, with all my heart. I was only a few years older than you are now when I came into the priesthood. I was taken under High Priest Mahaado and taught my duties and destiny… but what brought me here as I am is where my story begins…"

Flash Back

Karim entered his chambers exhausted from his training with the young pharaoh. The High Priest shed his robes in exchange for a simple linen kilt and soft slippers. His gold jewelry lay upon the dressing table next to his Sennen Scales. Karim stood on his balcony watching Ra sink below the horizon, his waning light reflecting off the pure blue Nile river. The man heard someone knocking at the door and moved to open it. There was a servant waiting outside. Karim motioned for the servant girl to enter the room. She bowed quickly before waiting.

"Child you have a message for me," Kari asked the girl.

"Yes High Priest Karim, High Priestess Isis wishes to speak to you about an important matter that has come up," the girl said quietly, her eyes cast downward.

"Very well. Tell the High Priestess I shall meet with her in her quarters," Kari said to the girl.

"Yes High Priest. I shall give her the message," the servant girl quietly left the room.

Karim decided against putting on the confining robes again and just left the room in his kilt. He made his way towards his lover's chambers to speak with her on important matters. As he entered into the chamber he was greeted by sandalwood and lavender incense that Isis seemed so fond of. He saw her pacing in front of the balcony doors, obviously distraught over something. He went to her side, bringing her into his embrace and placing his hand over her growing stomach. Isis looked up at him, tears threatening to fall from her crystal blue eyes. Karim was taken back by her look.

"My love what worries you so? Is it the child?" Karim asked her.

"Karim, my husband, I just had a vision," Isis said.

"Please explain. Is this what has you upset? Is it about our child? Is something going to happen to him?" Karim questioned leading the woman to a chair.

He kneeled in front of his love, resting his head in her lap as she spoke, "It is not the child that upsets me so, but instead you."

"Me?! Explain," Karim said gently.

"I saw you death…" Isis began, but stopped.

"My death. That is what concerns you so. It is okay, I know I must die eventually," Karim said lightly.

"It is the manner in which you die," Isis said taking a deep breath, "You shall be murdered the night of our child's birth by a creature after him."

"I die on our son's birth night?" Karim asked shocked.

"Yes, but all is not lost. I also foresaw you offering you soul and Kaa to become a guardian to the pharaoh's reincarnation. Your soul will combine with an unknown shadow monster until the day you are needed," Isis told him, "You will also meet our child's family."

"Why tell me this knowing that it cannot be changed," Karim inquired.

"Because the shadow monster is one you create to become part of," she explained.

Karim sat in thought for a moment, "You say it is unknown…Then perhaps…"

"My love go. Visit the temple tonight. See if the Gods grant you a vision," Isis said.

"I shall," Karim said, "My love all will work out in the end."

"I know. Now go," Isis said watching her husband leave the room knowing she will never see him alive again.

End Flash back

"It was that night in the temple that I found my death. As I lay dying I sent out my Kaa and Baa to search for the shadow monster that would allow me to combine with it. The Gods sent me the Ra's Mage monster and I became that," Karim said, "When I was summoned tonight I knew my destiny was being called upon. Mahaado told me to stay with Master Yugi and try to help him. But I cannot. He is lost in his mind, wandering down hallways filled with his fears of failing his family and friends."

"How do you know this of Yugi?" Yami asked after a moment of silence.

"I entered his soul room and ever since he came into his powers it has changed. There is now an extra corridor that opens to his subconscious mind," Karim explained, "I went in search of Master Yugi and found him reliving his worst fear of failing you, his friends, and his family."

"Did you try to rescue him from his fears?" Seth inquired.

"I tried, but was pushed from his mind and the door has sealed behind me," Karim explained.

"So how do we save Yugi?" Seto inquired of the shadow monster.

"I am not certain…" Karim told them.

"Perhaps for the night we should rest, allowing Yugi to as well. There are too many familiar aura's for him to deal with right now," Shadi said from the door way, "My Pharaoh stay, as well as you Karim. The other may want to check on their friends."

"Shadi may I stay as well?" Luna asked hopeful.

"I do not see why not. It could help soothe the young one's mind," Shadi said, "Now rest. In the morning we shall figure things out."

The two spirits climbed into the two remaining beds and soon fell asleep. Shadi left the room knowing that Karim will watch over the children with his life. Yugi sat in his soul room contemplating on what he should do. His door wasn't sealed any longer, but he still sat unsure of what will happen now. He was no longer the innocent boy everyone knows. With his decision to allow Yami to send his mind to the Shadow Realm, he witnessed much that he was ashamed over. He also saw the many wandering souls that were sent there by his need for protection from his other half. Even his soul room mirrored the strife he was experiencing. The puzzle knew what was needed of him and changed him to fit that need.

The powers he now held within himself were strong and will be hunted down by Voldemort and Ahmanepthera. The teen stood from the bed and went to the corridor between his and Yami's soul rooms. The crimson-amethyst eyed teen walked to Yami's soul room, entering it without knocking. The room was still chaotic as Yugi remembered. Yugi began walking knowing exactly where to find the former pharaoh. Yugi entered a door with a lotus blossom on it and walked in. He saw the former pharaoh asleep on a bed in the center of the room. The teen approached the bed cautiously and sat down. Yugi watched his darker half for a moment, before gently waking him from his sleep.

Yami opened his crimson orbs and saw his hikari sitting on the bed. As sson as he sat up, Yami brought the boy into a hug. Yugi half heartedly returned the gesture, confusing Yami with the reaction.

"Yugi what's wrong?" Yami asked.

"I…when I return to my body I ask of you to give me my space. I need to figure some things out by myself," Yugi began, "If I suddenly disappear do not worry. I will return, just leave me be."

"But why aibou. I am not understanding…" Yami said.

"There are too many things happening to me and I have to figure out what they mean…by myself," Yugi said standing up.

"Hikari please tell me what is worrying you. Perhaps I can help or even our friends," Yami pleaded, "Don't leave…"

"Yami…" Yugi began with a sigh, "Just understand that what I am doing is for the best… that is all I am asking of you."

With that Yugi vanished from the room. Yami moved to follow, but found himself becoming drowsy. Soon the spirit fell back upon his bed asleep once again. Yugi woke once more in his body aware that Yami, Luna, Sai, and the Shadow Monster were in the room. Yugi stood from the bed and changed into a pair of dark colored pants, his leather tank top with buckles, and a dark blue button up shirt left open. Yugi packed his back pack with his deck, a few clothing changes, and his money.

He set those on his bed with his wand. The puzzle he set on the bedside table next to Yami's bed with a note addressed to his friends and family. Yugi touched Luna's forehead, his hand gently glowing placing her into a deep sleep till the sun rose. Yugi woke Sai up to tell her in person that he was leaving. Sai opened her eyes and saw her brother awake and well. She brought him into a tearful hug wishing to never let go.

"Sai…sister…" Yugi said.

"Baby brother, what is wrong?" Sai asked then spied the packed bag on the bed, "Are you leaving?"

"I have to. There are too many things happening and this increase in power is what I truly fear. I'm afraid of losing control of it and harming my friends," Yugi said, "I'll be back before the next school term begins…I promise."

"Does Yami know?" Sai asked her voice wavering.

"Yes. I told him in his soul room. Both he and Luna are in a deep slumber until the sun rises," Yugi told her.

"Brother please reconsider," Sai said.

Yugi shook his head and then handed her the crown from the table, "Sai please keep this until I return. This crown is now my legacy."

"Are you taking the puzzle?" Sai asked him as she gripped the crown tightly.

"No. I cannot have my other half interfering with what I have chosen to do. But it for some reason he returns to his spirit state I entrust you to carry and protect it until I return," Yugi said grabbing the puzzle.

Sai accepted it as Yugi placed the chain over her head, "I promise I will."

"Sai if for some reason you must contact me, concentrate on entering my soul room to find me there or leave me a note on the bed if I am not there," Yugi said, "Do not let Yami know you can do that. I am sealing my room to him for the moment. Only you can enter it now. Try it now. I'll meet you there."

Sai concentrated and found herself in a room decorated in an ancient Egyptian theme. Yugi sat at the desk waiting patiently for her arrival.

"This is beautiful," Sai said breathlessly.

"Thank you," Yugi said as Sai laid down on the bed.

"Can I stay here tonight? I want to feel close to you," Sai said cuddling into the blankets.

Yugi smiled at his sister's antics, "You may. If at anytime you need a place to think you may come here. But don't stay for too long because it may tire us both out."

"Thank you brother," Sai said.

"I love you my sister," Yugi said hugging Sai and then tucking her into the soft bed.

"I love you my brother. Be safe and return swiftly," Sai said closing her eyes.

Yugi smiled sadly before leaving the soul room. He nodded to his guardian and grabbed his stuff. The teen quietly left the dorms and went out into the hall. Yugi made his way to Dumbledore's office to inform him that he was leaving. As he came up to the statue it began rising up. Yugi stepped upon the exposed stairway and rode it to the top. He was about to knock on the door, when Shadi appeared leading the teen into the office. Ishizu, Dumbledore, Remus, Sirius Black, McGonagall, and Snape all stood waiting for him. Dumbledore conjured up a cushioned arm chair for him to sit in. Yugi sat down, his guardian standing at his side.

"Mr. Mutou, Professor Ishtar has informed us of your plans on leaving," Dumbledore said.

"Yugi are you sure about this?" Ishizu asked concern overflowing her words.

"Yes I am," Yugi responded.

"Then allow me to send someone to protect you," Dumbledore said.

"I do not want to be slowed down by another person," Yugi said coldly.

"Then what about a dog?" Sirius Black asked.

Yugi thought for a moment, "I cannot guarantee when I'll be back or your safety."

"That is fine. And I'm used to being hunted anyways. Remember I am a wanted man," Sirius said with a chuckle.

"Very well, only because I can see that I won't make it out of here otherwise," Yugi said.

"Mr. Mutou please take care of yourself," McGonagall said.

Yugi nodded grimly before walking from the office and out of the school. Soon the pharaoh reincarnate, the large dog, and shadow monster were on their way to better understand the teen's new gifts.

As the school year began wrapping up the whole school began to gather for the end of the school feast. As Yami, Bakura, Malik, Marik, and Sai entered into the Great Hall there was a great flash of light from a special mirror that appeared. As the light vanished in the place of the five students stood five duel monsters. Yami bounced around as a Kuribo, while Malik and Marik nearly passed out when they found their duel monster forms were that of females. Malik was the Dark Magician Girl and was self consciously pulling down the extremely short skirt while glaring at the gawking male students. Marik found that he was not any better off as the Thunder Nyan Nyan, he stalked to his table glaring daggers at anyone who looked at him wrong. Sai was shell shocked to find that she was now the Celtic Guardian. Bakura though was livid to find that he was turned into the Ra-forsaken Change of Heart card. The Great Hall erupted into laughter and whispers of who had prank the leading pranksters. Soon a stream of writing flew across the Great Hall:

-If you though we forgot then guess again, the jokes on you!!!

-The Hikaris and the Chibi Youkai

veryone settled down as Dumbledore stood up at the front to give the parting speech before the feast began.

"Another year has come to a close. Yet not without some hardships and fought battles. Many lives were lost this year and many more have changed as well. Now let us not forget what we are fighting for as the times become more perilous.

Let us band together as one to protect one another in times of need and lend a shoulder to cry upon, or a voice to laugh together with in times of joy, but not forget that we still have our lives before us," Dumbledore said raising his glass, "Now let us toast our victory and send our prayers to those who lost their live this year."

The whole Great Hall erupted in a toast for the lives lost and victory won. Soon the feast appeared in front of the group. Everyone dug in and then headed off to bed. In the morning,the Sennen Item holders dorm sounded like a tornado was about to hit. Harry, Draco, Ron, and Hermione were just waking as Lunari came racing in and hiding under Hermione's bed. Bakura came storming in, back to normal, and began searching for the Egyptian Leonia.

"Bakura what's wrong?" Hermione asked stifling a yawn.

"That Ra accursed Leonia is what's wrong. I was pulled from a great dream by that creature yowling loudly in my ear," Bakura screamed out.

"Oi Baka, there are people trying to sleep," Marik screamed from his room.

Sai began yelling as well, "Well the same goes for you, jerk."

"Oi Morons," Ron yelled out.

"What!" came Sai, Bakura, and Marik's responses.

"I can't believe they actually responded to that," Harry said to Draco.

"Tell me about it. Ever since Yugi left the tensions have risen," Draco said.

"Now that I have your undivided attentions, the train leaves in one hour," Ron said.

Everyone then proceeded to rush about gathering up their loose clothing, school books, paper, and anything else. As they were finished some house elves appeared and took their trunks to the train. Seth and Ginny were already gone as well as Seto, who was probably with Katie Bell. Bkura left with Hermione hand-in-hand, Harry and Ryou followed closely behind. Marik pulled Draco to him as they too headed to the train. Malik and Sai were the only one left considering Yami and Luna left earlier. Sai looked around the common room once more before walking out towards the train.

She boarded the train and searched for where her friends were sitting. Soon she found them in the back train compartment doing various activities. Ryou and Harry were dueling, Draco and Marik were making out, and everyone else was chatting. Sai sighed as she sat down next to Malik. The blond hugged the girl closer. She laid her head on his shoulder looking out the window.

"Sai are you okay?" Malik asked concerned.

"I'm not right now, but I will be," Sai said.

"How do you know?" Malik asked.

[Sai don't worry. I'll be back before you know it] Yugi told her through their special link.

[I'll try not to, but please hurry home. Everyone misses you] Sai responded.

Yugi smiled sadly [I know, but I'm trying to figure things out, but I'll see you soon.]

"…Sai? Are you okay?" Sai heard Malik say when she focused in to her surroundings again.

"Huh? You were saying something, koi," Sai said innocently.

"I was asking you if you were alright. You kind of zoned out there for a minute," Malik said.

"I was thinking was all. I'm okay now," Sai said.

"Okay," Malik said.

Sai closed her eyes and fell into a light slumber as the train continued on to King's Cross Station. Soon she was gently shook awake by Malik. When she opened her eyes she realized they had stopped. The others had already left the train and were waiting on them on the platform. As the two teens got off the train Sai was hugged by Hermione and Ginny before they left. Hermione was pulled into a passionate kiss by Bakura before leaving. Ron and Harry said their good-byes as well leaving Draco with the group from Japan.

"Draco where are you going to stay?" Sai asked.

"I'm not sure. I am no longer welcomed at my home," he said eyes downcast.

Sai placed an arm around his shoulder, "Then come home with me. I'm sure Grandpa would love to have you over. Plus you'll be closer to those who care about you."

"Okay… if it's alright anyways," Draco responded.

The friends all passed through the barrier and into the muggle world where family and friends waited for them. Grandpa Mutou hugged Sai, already aware of his Grandson's flight from school.

"Um…Grandpa can Draco stay with us?" Sai asked giving him Yugi's infamous puppy dog eyes.

"Yes he may, now let's head home," Grandpa said, "Does that sound good to you Draco."

"Home…" Draco said as if testing the word, "Yes it does Mr. Mutou."

"Please call me Grandpa, just as Sai and Yami do," he said.

"Okay grandpa," Draco responded.

They left to go back to Japan until the next school year begins…

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A boy of seventeen years of age walked along the dusty Egyptian village streets along with a large black dog with a shining coat, a gold bird, and a man. The boy wore a dark hooded cloak to conceal his strange hair. His crimson-amethyst eyes watched the people passing by with a keen eye. The man also wore a cloak only his was a gold sand color and he kept his hood down exposing his bronze skin and hair to the harsh rays of Ra. The boy stopped suddenly as he felt an odd presence push at his senses. He recognized a familiar aura approaching him. The boy continued to walk until he reached an alley between two shops. He stepped into the shadows after telling the man to continue on. Soon an old man in purple robes walked into the alleyway. The man focused his eyes onto the darkness of the alley trying to locate the child he sought out. The boy smirked to himself before stepping quietly behind the old man.

"You are determined aren't you," he said.

The old man jumped and turned around, "No more like stubborn and eccentric, at least that is what my colleagues tell me."

The boy chuckled, "How did you find me anyways? I made sure to conceal my aura."

"I have my ways," the man responded.

"Ishmael-sensei contacted you didn't he," the boy responded albeit solemnly.

"Yes he did Mr. Mutou," Dumbledore said, "I have come to inform you that if you choose to return to school to be in Diagon Alley on the last day of August."

"Thank you Headmaster, but I'm not sure if I am ready to return yet," Yugi told him.

"Your teacher thinks so. He is worried about you and what you are hiding," Dumbledore said to the young man.

"I know he means well, but I am still unable to control all of my new abilities. Plus I have mastered all of my subjects in school. The only one that I still need help with is potions," Yugi said, "So what do I have t return for?"

"That is the other reason I am here. I am in desperate need of a Defense Against Dark Arts teacher and you would do very well in teaching that subject," Dumbledore said, "Plus perhaps Professor Snape would consider giving you private lessons in potions if you wish."

"Let me think about your offer. I shall give you my answer on August 1st," Yugi said.

"Very well, Mr. Mutou," Dumbledore said, "I shall wait for your reply."

"Good-bye headmaster," Yugi said as the old man disapperated from the alley way with a loud pop…

End Sneak Peak

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