Arachnophobia – Part Twelve (2) – A Betrayal (2)

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Hercules was sitting in a chair by Iolaus' side, dozing lightly. He tilted his seat back a little to try to obtain a slightly more comfortable position.

Iolaus lay on the bed, wrapped in blankets to keep him warm, despite his fever.

A violent fit of coughing suddenly seized the hunter, startling the demigod and he fell backwards, landing hard on the floor with a crash.

"Iolaus!" Hercules scrambled back up to the bedside.

When the hunter calmed a bit, he was still gasping for air underneath the blankets. His face, chest and arms are abnormally flushed, even for fever.

Hercules grabbed the bowl of water that sat on the bedside table, along with the cloth inside it. He started wiping the sweat away, then noticed something terribly, terribly wrong.

"Tartarus…" he thought aloud, bringing Lauriela out of her light sleep.

What's wrong?" she mumbled.

Hercules turned to her in a daze, showing her the cloth. It was stained a deep red.

The demigod took a deep breath in a vain attempt to steady himself. It didn't work. His voice still shook when he spoke.

"H-he's sweating… blood."


And it IS possible to sweat blood. I asked my biology teacher. If you wanna know more, email me at my name on my profile page, as it won't let me post it here...

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