Warning: it's all sweet and gushy in the like first 5 to 10 chapters. Yeah I'm gonna have the progression of the kids growing up together.

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Standing on the shore of Besaid, Vindina enjoyed the nice sea breeze blow against his face. It was the day that all his friends were going to come and hang out. Though they were all of different ages, they'd all been friends since they were born. Being the oldest of the group, Vindina seemed to feel that he needed to watch over everyone. He'd just turned 17 a few months ago and all his friends were fifteen or fourteen. It was odd, but they were all such good friends.
Turning at a loud nose, Vindina saw a large machina ship pull up to the docks where he saw the gang waving and laughing. They all jumped out of the boat and ran over to him.
"Hey what's up man?" Yuuhi asked as Vindina and him did their special handshake. Those two were by far best friends.
"Nothing man, what about you?"
"Same old same old." Yuuhi said with a fake yawn, which made everyone laugh.
"Stop being such an idiot Yuuhi." Aya said with an eye roll as she walked up with Himeno.
"Yeah you guys are so full of yourself." Himeno said before walking off to some shade with Aya.
"Don't listen to those two. I think they're having a PMS day." Hayate said as he shook Vindina's hand.
"SHUT UP!" Kotoko and Tara said at the same time before kicking their brother.
"Shit that hurt!" he said as he hopped on one leg.
"Sorry to say it, but that's what you get when you mess with girls." Aki said with a shake of his head.
"Yeah I mean when you have to grow up with a twin little sister, you learn not to mess with them." Ohjiro said with a pitying smirk at Hayate.
"Well I guess you guys have learned your lesson, so lets play some blitz!" Sydney said with her dazzling smile.
"Great, I'm game." Yuuhi said as he nudged his little sister.
"Me too." The rest of them said.
"Okay Yuuhi and I will be captains and choose teams." Vindina said.
"I choose Aya." Yuuhi said as Aya walked over, her blond hair flowing down her back and her blue eyes already dull from boredom.
"Okay then I choose Sydney." Vindina said as the petite blond jumped in surprise. That girl could never cease to surprise him. I mean she was so beautiful, with her silvery eyes, and tan skin. Her hair was long and went down midway down her back, but it was already twisted into a messy bun that her mother wore some days. She wore navy boy shorts and a sky blue tank. She looked so wonderful, but he had no chance with her. Being the baby sister of his best friend, well let's just say a relationship with Sydney would totally fuck things over with him and Yuuhi. Snapping out of his thoughts of Sydney, Vindina heard Yuuhi choose his next member.
"Okay Hayate you get your ass on my side." Yuuhi said.
"Ohjiro over here." Vindina said with tilt of his red head.
"Himeno over here by Aya." Yuuhi said.
"Aki over here."
"Tara you're a fast swimmer, come join my side." Yuuhi said as the youngest of the group ran over there.
"Okay just as I hoped, Kotoko, you're over here. We need you." Vindina said with a wink. He knew that she'd been practicing so their team was great.

After two hours of playing blitz, the two teams emerged from the calm seawater. They had a great time, and were happy to say they both tied in the game. Who knows, they could someday make a blitz team of their own.
Taking a rest, the girls walked up on the docks to dangle their legs over the edge, while the guys ran around punching one another.
On the docks, Sydney listened to her friend's talk about their schooling and how Mrs.Q was a pain most of the time, but how they were enjoying their assignments. Well she zoned out, unable to get the look of Vindina's face out of her mind. When he'd called her to be on his team, she saw him make eye contact with her. She saw his violet eyes brighten up as she had walked over to him. He was a beautiful man, but she wasn't anything close to a woman. He was so tall, and tan, his red hair short and shaggy that it fell into his face sometimes. He was muscular and strong. She did like him, but she didn't want to admit it to anyone. He was three years older than she was, though she was about to turn fifteen in a month. Sighing, Sydney just sat and tried to listen to her friends gossip, but images of Vindina kept invading her mind.

In the village, Himeno and Hayate stood in the shadows watching the firelight flicker in the night. They liked each other, but they didn't want to tell anyone. There had been some instances where Hayate had surprised Himeno and had stolen a kiss from her. But that was there little secret. I mean they both really liked one another, but they didn't want to make it public, for they didn't want to make a commitment.
Turning, Himeno took in Hayate's form. He was beautiful with his burgundy eyes and tan skin that he'd inherited from his father. He was tall, not as tall as Vindina who was six feet, but close to it. She smiled as the wind blew a strand of his silvery hair out of his face. He was cold sometimes, distant from other when it came to emotions, but he sometimes slipped up. That was what he'd gotten from his mother, the cold impenetrable personality. Kotoko was very much like that too. Smiling again, Himeno sighed as she turned back to the firelight.
Out of the corner of his eye, Hayate could see Himeno eyeing him. She was beautiful, very beautiful. She looked so much like her father though, with cerulean blue eyes, and golden blond hair that was shoulder length. She had golden honey skin, and a dazzling smile that made his heart jump. It was something that he wasn't used. Yeah they had, had some moments together, ones that made him feel like he were on fire. She was something he couldn't very well understand yet, but was something he sure wanted to figure out.

Tripping on a stone, Aya stumbled forwards, falling towards the ground when a strong arm caught her around the waist.
"Be careful." Yuuhi said as she saw the young woman turn and give him a shocked look.
"I will next time Yuuhi." She said before stalking off to the inn. She was tired, but also she felt unsettled. Yuuhi had been looking at her all night and it made her feel strange. Yeah sure he was attractive and very good at fighting fiends and stuff. But he was so much. He was overbearing at times, or at least what she had heard from her friend, who had gone out with him. She had told her that he was really sweet and all, but very protective. And that didn't sound like someone she wanted to commit to. Though she had to admit that Yuuhi wasn't at all bad. He had beautiful dark green eyes, and a very muscular build, and blond hair that was so shiny that your fingers would itch to touch it to feel its softness. Shaking her head, Aya sighed before lying down to sleep.

That girl was something else. A pure goddess of Spira for sure. Her hair was long, so long that it went to her tiny waist. Her hair was blond like her mothers, and she had eyes the color of cobalt. The thing that annoyed him about her was her attitude. Though she had a very tall, sexy and slim form didn't mean anything to him. Well that was a lie, but you know he tried to sound as if it didn't bother him. She was stuck up and didn't really take in how others felt. She was snobby, yet he had seen her good side. Guess that's the penalty of having LeBlanc as a mother. Shrugging he sauntered over to where Vindina was tossing a ball with his sister.

Ohjiro and Kotoko stood hidden in the shadows on the bridge by the Besaid Falls. Smiling at one another they stood there, holding hands and gazing into one another eyes.
Kotoko being at average height came up to Ohjiro's shoulder. He was six-foot. He was to her, a tall, dark and handsome guy. With his darker shade of blond hair that was closer to light brown, he had been given eyes the color of aqua, a mixture of his mother's eyes put together. He was strong yet sensitive like his father. He was someone that she'd long to be with for ages. Tilting her head, she smiled at him, letting go of her stubbornness and freeing her softer side.

Looking down at this brunette beauty, Ohjiro could only smile back at her. She was something special and something that he didn't want to let go of. She had long ago had silver hair like her mother and fathers, but over the years it had darkened to the color of Sir. Auron's hair color. She had red eye like her mothers that could make anyone stop in their tracks if she gave them a simple glare. The others knew her as a stubborn, emotionless girl, but when she was around him she opened up. They used to always fight when they were little, but now being older they had more in common. She was something spectacular. She was tall, or at least taller than a lot of the girls she had a muscular build to her, like her mother. Actually she was a hell of a lot like her mom, and very little like her father who was a gentleman of Spira. But then again when she was around him she was soft and gentle.
Taking a step forward, Ohjiro cupped her face in his large callused hands and kissed her gently on the lips. He could feel her arms slide up his bare chest and encircle his neck. She kissed him back with all the tenderness that was hidden inside of her.

Standing around the fire, Aki looked around and saw that a lot of his friends had wandered off somewhere. He watched as Yuuhi, Vindina, and Sydney played ball, and he saw against a hut Himeno and Hayate talking, and he already knew that Aya had gone to bed. Ohjiro and Kotoko weren't around but maybe they had gone to bed already. The only person he saw was Tara, who was drawing in the ground. He decided to walk over to the younger girl.

"Hey whatcha doing?" he asked.
"Drawing, its a little boring watching the others play ball or have boring talks together." She said with an exasperated sigh.
Chuckling he nodded in agreement to her statement.
"Well I guess you and I can bitch about how this sucks watching everyone doing their own thing." He said with a smile at the brown-headed child with gray eyes.
"Sure why not." Tara said with a blush. I mean Aki, a very attractive male was actually talking the little sister of Hayate and Kotoko. Usually she just hung out with Sydney or Aya, but she never had much time or guts to really talk with the older guys.
"What do you plan on doing later in life?" she asked softly, watching the orange light flicker over his handsome contours of his face.
"I don't know, maybe be a writer. I like to write about adventures. I'm not at all like the others who want to do something active or athletic, ya know." He said before turning to look at her.
"Yeah I know what you mean. I think I might open a flower shop or something where I can do artistic stuff. I want to do something that's easy and helps people feel good. Like my father he's the Praetor of Spira and gives guidance to people. He helps, and I want to do something like that too." She said her gaze locked on to his.
"Yeah." He said softly before a blitzball came flying over in their direction.
"God sorry guys, bad aim in this light." Sydney said with an uneasy chuckle, unsure if everything were okay.
"No problem. I'm tired and going to go to bed." He said to them before walking towards the upstairs of the inn where the guys were to sleep.
"I think I'll turn in too." Tara said with a yawn and a secretive smile on her face.

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