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Wakka and Lulu: Vindina 17

Rikku and Gippal: Yuuhi 16 Sydney 15

Yuna and Tidus: Ohjiro and Himeno 16 (twins)

Paine and Baralai: Tara 14, Kotoko 15, Hayate 16

Nooj and LeBlanc: Aya and Aki 15 (twins)

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"TARA!" Aki screamed, scared for her life. He heard the loud thump of the snow hit the bottom. He was terrified that she was injured. Without thinking about himself he jumped down after her.

"IDIOT YOU'LL GET YOURSELF KILLED!" Ohjiro shouted as he and Kotoko watched as Aki fell into the white abyss.

As Tara fell, she could only feel how much she wanted to be with the ones she loved. A sheet of sheer fear engulfed her. She took a deep breath and all that came was a loud shriek. She didn't know what to do, all she saw was the white snow below her. Then it went black.

Aki jumped in after the object of his affections. He hit the snow hard, and got all the wind knocked out of him. When he could gasp a bit, he attempted to prop himself up, but wasn't successful in the least. It was a while later that he was able to sit up. He saw that she was passed out about 10 feet away. He managed to scoot closer to her. He felt for her pulse and put his finger under her nose to check for her breathing. She was breathing fine and her pulse was strong and steady. He exhaled a sigh of relief.

Looking up he saw that it was impossible for him to get out of here. "What to do." he said. He waited for hours until he heard Tara stir. He was right by her side when her eyes fluttered open.

"Whaaa?" she said on a moan. She could feel warmth surrounding her, shooing away the chills of the Gagazet mountain. She wasn't able to tell who was holding her. It was so blurry to see that she immediately shut her eyes and groaned again.

"You fell." Aki said as he gently brushed away the wayward strands of hair in her eyes. "Are you hurt anywhere?" he asked, clutching her small hand in his large one.

"Uhm.." She said, still dizzy and disoriented. "I think. My head hurts." She said. "Oh and everything is all blurry!" She closed her eyes again and fell back unconscious.

Aki, being injured already, was really worried about her. Suddenly a noise roused him out of his thoughts. He shot up, adrenalin dulling the pain in his body. He had his guard up when he saw some sort of creature peering out from behind an icy rock. He couldn't quite tell if it was a moogle or a chocobo. It looked harmless so he relaxed a bit. The critter made a noise that was like a Kupo and a kweh. It was like Kupeh. "Are you scared?" he asked as he reached out his hand signaling to the creature that it was okay to come closer. It waddled over with feet that looked like a Chocobo's and a face like a Moogle. It even had the pompom on it's head. "Kupeh." it said as it came closer. It started to flap it's wings in excitement and ran off.

"I wonder what that was about." Aki said outloud. Within the hour the creature returned but this time with a bigger version that walked like a real Chocobo but had the coloring and of a Moogle along with the Pompom. "Are you going to help me get out of here?" he asked. The creature made nodding motions. Apparently it understood him, just didn't know how to speak English. Aki carefully stood up, wincing at the pain. He lifted Tara up carefully into his arms and then put her on the larger creature which he decided to call both creatures Mocobo's. When he hopped on, the little Mocobo decided to get on to.

"KUPEH KUP KUUUUPEHH" It went to the larger Mocobo. The larger one bobbed it's large head and began to move. Within a short while they were finally out and in the calm land gorge. Who'd have thought that they would end up there.

Grateful for what the Mocobo had done, he jumped up and searched around the area. Luckily there were some wild Kupo Nuts and some Chocobo Greens growing too. He picked them and handed a mix to each creature. They squawked with happiness and ate them up enthusiastically.

Aki was still very worried about Tara's condition. She hadn't woken up in a long while and it wasn't something he particularly liked. He turned to the Mocobo's and asked, " Can you take me to Bevelle?" he asked. The Mocobo nodded yes and told his larger friend to move it.

It took no time to make it to Bevelle. The warrior monks were no longer in their frazzled state. On the bridge of Bevelle, Aki yelled for help. Everyone rushed over to him, wondering what was wrong. "I need help! Tara won't wake up." he said, his voice raspy.

Both Paine and Baralai came to him, seeing that their daughter was injured. "Call the doctor." Baralai barked out. He scooped up his daughter into his arms and ran her to a spare room. He called out for some of the monks to help take Aki to the room next door seeing as the boy didn't look all that well either.

Hours went by and Aki was told he was going to be okay. He was just bruised very bad.

When he opened his eyes, from a deep sleep that the doctor put him in, he felt heavy and dense. Everything was fuzzy, and he couldn't recollect anything. He tried sitting up but felt a hand push him back down.

"You need your rest." Yuna said softly.

"B-but, Tara." Aki croaked out.

"The specialty doctor is still with her." she said.

"Will she be okay?" he asked weakly.

"I don't know." Yuna admitted. "I don't know."

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