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Trish sat in her locker room, alone, but what's new. She got sick of keeping herself company, so she decided to head over to catering, maybe she'd find someone to talk to there.

He was sitting at a table, all alone, so she decide to sit and talk with him

"Hey Chris, how's it goin?" she sat and he looked up from his plate of food.

"Oh, hey Trish. I'm doin ok, how have you been?" He asked plainly.

"I've been alright, a little lonley, but I guess that comes with the territory."

"I know how your feeling. I hate traveling alone. Hey, what'd ya say we go out and grab a bite to eat after the show, seeing as we're both alone and all?"

"That sounds really great Chris, I'll see you after the show.

"Later, Trish." he said as she got up to leave.

"Oh, excuse me." She said as she almost ran into Christian who was headed in the same door she planned on exiting through.

"No, excuse me... lady's first." He smiled cheesily and held open the door for her.

She smiled to herself as she walked back to her locker room.


"Trish, are you ready to go?" Jericho hollered from out side her locker room.

"Yeah." She opened the door.

"Here, let me get that for you." He took her bag.

"Thanks." She blushed a little when he made a face, expressing its heaviness.

"So where do you want to eat?"

"I don't know, someplace where I can get a good burger and fries." She smiled and patted her stomach.

"Oooh, sounds good." He laughed and patted his own stomach.

"Hehe." She giggled.

Once they decided to on Outback Steakhouse he opened the door for her to the restaurant.

After talking and laugh for a few hours and a few beers, Jericho dropped Trish off at her hotel.

"Thanks for the meal Jericho, I'll cya later."

"No problem Trish, thanks for keeping me company...life on the road has been hard since Steph lost her job."

"Oh. Yeah, you and Stephanie right?" Trish asked, half confused, half kicking herself. " I forgot about that lil' somethin'-somethin' there." She laughed and smiled. "Well, goodnight Chris."

"Night Trish."

She slammed the door and ran straight to her room, not wanting to feel the way she felt.

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