Daddy's Girls

This is the sequel to "War Fields", and also a three-way fanfiction between myself, Lisa L., and our current cowriter, Freespirit127. This is what happens when you have three writers with three fanfic characters who happen to be three daughters of three MASK agents. We thought it would make for some major Mayhem, pun intended, to put them together in a story, since one of them is friends with both of the other two who can't stand each other. :) This is also the beginnings of an extensive MASK Saga that Lisa and I are writing, with input from Freespirit127, so look for more stories hopefully soon.

Standard Disclaimers: We don't own any of the MASK characters, except for Annie Turner (Darster), Roxanne Trakker (Lisa), and Jessenia Hayes (Freespirit127), nor do we own any of the High Mountain Rangers. For anyone familiar enough with the HMR continuity, the series Jesse Hawkes has not, and will not take place in this storyline continuity.

With that said, on with the story! Rating is PG-13 for language and violence and somewhat dark themes. Please read and review, but be warned that flames will be shot down with Gator's Ice Cannon and the appropriate person hunted down and shot by the Ranger Team. :)


Half the year had gone by since the incident in Venice. Everything that had happened would have changed anyone, but to Roxanne it was a forgotten unwanted memory. As long as she'd never have to face Annie Turner again, it will forever stay that way.

Roxanne slammed her school locker shut, "Finally, about time the final bell rang."

Scott approached her swinging a set of keys in his hand, "You want a ride home?"

"Eh…just because you got your driver license doesn't mean I'm willing to send myself to an early grave."

"Hey dad said…I just need to practice some more," He smiled encouragingly.

"Yeah…tell that to the garage door. Poor thing probably screaming after you backed into it or was that T-bob." She remarked sarcastically. "Besides Scott, I have something I have to work on after school."

Scott laugh, "Your joking right…you staying after school?"

"What's wrong with that?" she raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"Umm…nothing," He knew better then to unleash the fury of her temper.

"Just tell dad I'll be home by dinner time 'k?" She took off down the hall still leaving her brother in a daze.

School was never her thing; Scott more or less inherited her father's brain producing straight A's. Roxanne preferred anything below a C, in other words 'Don't Care Effort is Futile' was her motto. Yet there was one class that always caught her interest, mechanics. The teacher had seen her as a promising student before his eyes and offered her a chance to enter in the Junior Auto-Motive Challenge. She had spent the first portion of the school year gathering parts and reconstructing a 1960s hot rod. The competition was four months away that meant she have to devote more of her time to completing her project, but there was a huge downside to this extra curricular activity sharing the shop with the Auto Club. It consisted of 6 overly sexist guys who would constantly refer to her as a tomboy and criticize her for even taking an interest in mechanics. Roxanne ignored their poor attempt to defend their egos, but knew that the Auto Club's entry into the contest would just fuel their level of tormenting.

Roxanne entered the auto shop and lifted the hood of her hot rod. The hardest part was reconstructing the engine, yet in doing so she had made a mistake. Oddly enough the engine ran, but only for a short period of time. "If I can just figure out what's causing it. I'm sure Buddy would tell me how to fix it." While she began to investigate the engine, the 6 boys from the Auto Club entered. Roxanne snickered under the hood eyeing them surrounding their deadbeat convertible, "They're not even a threat…they can't even get the car started."

One of the boys shouted, "Hey Roxy shouldn't you be at home baking a cake or something?" The boys laugh at the remark and hoped to see her crying in tears.

As much as she wanted to, she could never ignore the insults, "Hey Mark shouldn't you be out buying the latest copy of How to Start a Car for Dummies!"

"Hey you guys you've just insulted the lady! Mark you should learn to keep your mouth shut." Seth the club president insisted, as he walked up to Roxanne leaning up against her car, "I'm sorry sometimes the guy's very slow in the head."

Roxanne eyed him curiously, "Uhuh…What do you want?"

"Just to be friends," He smiled friendly, yet behind that smile Roxanne saw something more devious, "To settle old differences and form a partnership. I know we can help each other out."

She looked at him disgust, "Yeah well I don't exactly need your help. Do you mind your invading my personal space."

Roxanne put her head back under the hood ignoring the bickering. Seth reached out, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her out to face him, "Apparently you didn't understand when I said we're going to have a wonderful partnership Roxy."

She stared menacingly at Seth's smile, "Get your hand off me NOW!"

"Or you'll what?" He laughed in a mocking tone as he pulled her closer as if she was a prize possession.

Roxanne only reply was a head bunt to Seth's face. While he was knocked back by the unexpectedly blow and blood dripped down his nose, she hurled him under the hood of the car and slammed it with no mercy over him. The other boys shouted several replies of 'let's get her' and 'that bitch will pay.' Two boys charged her at the same time. Roxanne then did a quick leg sweep on the floor sending both boys flat on their backs. She grabbed both their heads and knocked them together, causing them both to knock out.

Mark came up behind her and threw a hard punch into her face. Her head jerked and she winced at the pain. This gave him the opportunity to hold her in a lock, "I got the psycho bitch."

"You really think so?" She slammed her foot on his big toe. He howled in pain. This gave Roxanne the perfect chance to turn the tides. She reversed his grip then threw him over her shoulder, as if he were nothing but a heavy sack, sending him straight thru the windshield of the convertible. "Dang you're a lot lighter then I thought," She spoke surprise at the force she had thrown him. She looked up at the other two observing the 4 unconscious Auto Club members, "You want a piece of me too?" The boys just shook their heads and ran off. Roxanne put her hand over her right eye, "Ouch…that hurt. I got to start training again that was pathetic." She walked over to the driver side mirror and glanced at the fresh black eye, "Shit now dad's gonna know I was in a fight."

She jerked her head as she heard the noise of several people rushing down the hallway. A boy shouted, "I swear Principle Krane. She started using some weird kun-fu on my friends. All we did was ask for some help and she flipped out on us." Roxanne chose to exit out the back door, then to face punishment first hand.

Several hours later she appeared at Boulderhill gas station being dropped off by a trucker.

Buddy crossed his arms in disapproval, "Are you nuts hitching rides like that?"

She shrugged, "I can take care of myself. Buddy can I stay at your place?"

"What? What the heck for?" He asked shocked at the request. "Hey who gave you that?" He starred at her purplish swollen right eye.

"A couple guys cornered me and it sort of erupted into a fight," She sat down on bench sighing, "It's no use dad going to kill me."

Buddy grabs an ice pack from the fridge and throws it at her, "Well if you were defending yourself I'm sure you'll understand."

"Oh sure…I knocked 4 guys out…one in which I threw right thru a car windshield," She remarked resting the ice pack on her eye.

"Running away just going to make it worst. I'm sorry Roxy, but I can't help ya even if those jerks probably deserved what they got." He patted a hand on her shoulder, then took off to close up the gas station for the evening.

After an hour of icing her eye, she chose to face her father. Once she arrived home he sat in his favorite armchair, with his face burning red with anger. "You beat up a few boys, who are currently getting medical treatment, and you get EXPELLED!"

Roxanne drooped her head, "I was only defending myself." She looked up and confessed her heart out, " I was out numbered 6 to 1 and they were coming on to me. If I hadn't they were going to make me…"

"Roxanne, I don't care. All I care about is that it happened." Matt sighed deeply.

She pleaded believe she could talk some sense into him, "I swear dad it won't happen again!"

"How can you prove that to me? Roxanne you knew that 6 to 1 odds was in your favor the moment the fight started." He replied as he watch her eyes drift the opposite direction denying the truth. "I've come to the conclusion that public school is not the right place for you."

"You're sending me to a boarding school??" Roxanne jumped from her chair.

"No. That way, I wouldn't have any control. No, I'm sending to a private school here in town. St. Catherine's, to be exact."

"WHAT??? You're sending me to the nun bunker???"

"St. Catherine's is a very renowned, good school. Dusty wouldn't send his daughter there if it wasn't."

"Yes, but look at Jess, Dad. That girl's a nut!"

"Jess is a very nice girl, Roxanne. Okay, she's a bit… unusual, but still … "

He looked at his daughter closely. "St. Catherine's is your last chance, Roxanne. There, you won't have to worry about being harassed by any guys."

"Only by bitches."

Matt sighed again. "You're going there. Starting next week. You also need to be fitted for your school uniform."

"Uniform? Are you serious? That means I can't wear black anymore and I…I have to wear a dress! This is no fair I really am in HELL!" The primal scream escaping from Roxanne could be heard in a two-mile distance.