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Setting: Summer before 6th year but there is no prophecy. (Well not the one from the book I might throw one in just for the fun of it.)

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Chapter 1: Oh Brother!

Harry woke up and looked at the glowing letters of his clock. 10:30 I slept in! The Dursley's are going to kill me! Harry hurriedly got dressed and attempted to comb his hair giving up quickly and rushing to make breakfast. He was surprised to find his aunt reading a letter while his Uncle was nowhere in sight.

"Aunt Petunia where is Uncle Vernon and Dudly? They are usually eating right about now." Harry cautiously asked.

"verno went to work early and Dudly went with his friends early this morning. They said they had to work on some project for school. He's such a smart boy. Your breakfast is on the table."

Harry looked at the eggs and bacon on the table suspiciously. Why is she being nice to me? Why is she not mad I slept in? He sat down and was about to take a bite when an owl swoped in and dropped a letter onto his plate. Harry picked it up and looked at the back. A bit early for school letters isn't it?

Harry looked at the seal on the back. It was from Hogwarts but it wasn't addressed as it usually was in fact written on the front was:

Harry Open Immediately

Harry carefully opened the letter and pulled out a single parchment. In neat curvy writing it read:

Dear Harry,

I am writing to inform you that I will be paying you a visit later today. I will be at your front door at precisely 3pm and I hope to speak with the Dursleys as well. I will talk to you then and I hope you are holding up well. See you soon.

Albus Dumbledore

Harry looked at the parchment shocked before handing it to aunt Petunia. She looked at the parchment in horror.

"but...But why would one of your kind want to talk to us?" Petunia asked terrified.

"Don't know. The Headmaster is kind of weird like that. Guess we'll have to find out." Harry rushed his breakfast before she could get mad.

Just as Harry was heading up the stairs to go do his homework Petunia called to him. "Oh Harry dear!" Did she just call me dear? Harry thought as he came back into the kitchen.

"Vernon wanted you to work in the garden today and I would say you are better off staying on his good side if this Headmaster of yours is coming over today."

Harry was still suspicious of her kind attitude toward him as he went outside and became curious when he spotted the letter she had been reading when he came in. It was written on parchment. Suspicious he thought.

Harry worked doing the planting and the landscaping until about noon when he came in to eat. Aunt Petunia was cleaning the living room so he glanced at the letter she had read that morning. The first thing Harry noticed was the signature, which was from none other than Alastor "mad-eye" Moody. That explains the odd attitude. Harry thought. He was about to read the letter when he heard Aunt Petunia coming. Harry began to make himself a sandwich and ate quickly.

After washing his plate he asked if he could do some homework and take a shower before Dumbledore arrived. When Aunt Petunia agreed Harry was really curious as to what was in the letter.

Harry decided to finish at least one assignment so that it would look like he did his homework. He carefully left his potions book and his unfinished homework on the desk where it looked like he had been working and changed into his least baggy clothes.

The clock said 2:58 when he finished everything and rushed downstairs. The doorbell rang and Harry opened the door to be greeted by Dumbledore and Lupin and to his surprise Tonks (who just happened to be holding Remus' hand).

"Come on in. Uncle Vernon just got home and well I don't know where Dudly is and frankly I don't care but make yourselves at home." Remus smiled at Harry's babbling before following Tonks in. Vernon and Petunia were sitting on the love seat leaving the teachers to sit on the sofa. Harry chose to stand and offered to get something for the teachers to drink.

"Sit down Harry this concerns you." Dumbledore stated simply. Harry immediately sat on the floor.

"Harry as you are about to turn sixteen and you have extensive knowledge of Voldemort and the coming war I figure I should treat you like an adult and tell you the truth. As you know at the end of last year Lucius Malfoy failed to do as Voldemort asked and was arrested by the Ministry. Lucius was given the dementors Kiss and it was later discovered that Narcissia had been murdered leaving Draco without parents.

Now Harry you know about your parents death and your short life with them but they had a secret." Remus sat up straighter at this. He had no idea why he was told to be here and had no clue this was about Lily and James.

"The day you were born your parents got quite a shock when you were followed by a second smaller boy. Voldermort was after anyone in your father's bloodline for a reason I will go over later. To save their sons they separated you. Your mother was going to give the smaller baby to the orphanage to care for and hope no one would find out until he entered Hogwarts but a different option showed itself."

There was another knock at the door. "That would be your brother." Dumbledore said as Harry reached the door and yanked it open.



Professor Snape shoved Draco into the room and told him to sit down with everyone else. Snape dissaperated.

"As I was saying, your mother was going to give the smaller baby to the orphanage to care for and hope no one would find out until he entered Hogwarts but a different option showed itself. Narcissia had given birth a month too early and the baby was very week and sick. The baby died and the choice was made to give your younger brother to them in place of the dead baby. The Malfoy's were not aware when this happened and I put a spell on Draco so he would look like a Malfoy until the day his true heritage was revealed. Draco as your parents are no longer capable of raising you, you are to be raised along with your twin brother."

The Dursley's who had not spoken a word since the beginning of the conversation suddenly became animated.

"I will not have another one of them in the house. I will not let another one stay and I am most certainly not clothing this one." Vernon shouted.

Harry leaned over to Draco and whispered. "Lucky at least he denies you I have to where my cousins elephant clothes. I feel bad though you have to live here with them. I utterly pity you."

Draco looked at him confused noticing for the first time the clothes that were 5 sizes too big.

Vernon was still ranting when Dumbledore finally stated loudly, "Enough. As the only living relative to the two boys you have to take them in or you will be prosecuted under wizarding child abandonment laws. Now do you boys have any questions before we figure out how to transfigure your room?"

"Sir but how were the Malfoys never able to tell that he wasn't completely evil like they were. I assume with being my mothers son there is some kindness in him." Harry asked shyly.

"When it first became apparent that Draco was not ruthless and sneaky Lucius decided to fix that. Any time Draco would be kind Lucius would use the Craticus curse on him. When Draco was enrolled into school Lucius knew he couldn't punish every crime so he enlisted Victor and Gregory to watch him and report any kindness and Draco paid for it when he got home from school. When matters became too much for him to handle that way Lucius decided to take desperate measures and used the Imperious curse on him. Now that they are gone there is nothing stopping Draco's true personality from coming out." Dumbledore answered. Harry looked at Draco sadly. So I'm not the only one who had a bad childhood.

"Now then to your room Harry." Harry led Dumbledore upstairs to his room and showed him the mess.

"Wow looks like Tonk's apartment last I was there." Remus said before getting hit by Tonks.

"You should talk Mr. I live in a trashed out house."

"Hey that's not my fault I'm every time its clean I transform and mess it up again."

"Both of you quit." Dumbledore said as he waved his wand and the room instantly organized. He waved it again and the room turned into a room fit for two.

"Now Remus, Tonks I brought you so you can take the boys shopping. All of Draco's stuff with the exception of his wand was taken from him when his father was arrested so he needs new things. From the looks of it Harry is in need of new Muggle clothes as well so you can take them shopping. Here is a portkey enjoy your shopping. I will be in contact boys." He dissapperated.

"Let's go boys." Tonks said and they all grabbed the portkey.