(I don't own Digimon. You know that of course. This is my first attempt at a Rukato, only fic. I've done it with Taiora, so why not Rukato? There'll also be some Guil/Rena as well. Please pardon me for any OOC.)

It has been 2 years since the defeat of the D-Reaper, and 6 years since the Tamers were able to reclaim their digimon. Life carried on for both tamers and Digimon, in a peaceful manner, for quite some time... But, within the ruins of the Hypno's old headquarters, there was the seeping in of a familiar mist. It could only be the data emergence, of a digimon. The data reconfigured itself to a digimon that was well known to certain tamers...

"At last... I have returned... I shall claim my revenge and claim the one Tamer and human that I desire so much..." The Digimon spoke. "She will be the Tamer that I desire so..." He spread his icy wings. "Rika Nonanka... I will have you... Or my name isn't Ice Devimon!"

Takato walked to Shinjuku Park with bread in hand. "I can't forget this." He walked up to the "House" of his digimon, where the Digital monster would be waiting for breakfast.

Guilmon was sleeping soundly, but once he smelled the bread. His eyes flew open. And he raced to the bars. "TAKATOMON!!"

Takato sweat dropped. 'Right on time...' "Hey boy, I've got your Guilmon bread right here." He handed the bread to Guilmon who wolfed it down in the blink of an eye. Takato opened the gate and Guilmon bound up to see him. "Takatomon, I missed you!"

Takato patted his digimon on the head. "Come on boy. Let's go for a walk." Takato and Guilmon walked side by side as they went down the street. Takato had something on his mind, or rather someone. As he got older, he seemed to be thinking of different things, like girls. He THOUGHT he loved Jeri, the puppet girl. But as he got older, he realized it was just a childish crush. Besides, now she was with Henry. The one girl that seemed to be invading Takato's thoughts was that of the Digimon Queen herself, Rika Nonanka. Ever since he had first seen her in his dream, he had a fascination with the girl. She was cold and uncaring at first, but later, as they fought together, Rika began to open up more. Ever since the D-Reaper incedent, and when they got their Digimon back, Rika seemed to have greater respect for Takato, admiration, and hopefully love. "Love? I wish..." Takato said aloud.

Guilmon overheard. "Love? Takatomon? Are you thinking of Rika?


"Is that a yes?"

"It's nothing!!"

"Takatomon, I've seen how you look at Rika. I may be childish, but I'm not completely naïve."

"How would you know about love, boy? Do YOU love someone? If so, then who?"

Guilmon turned redder than he usually was and meekly spoke. "Renamon..."

The answer bowled Takato over. "You're in love with Renamon?!"

Rika had managed to weasel her way out of another Fashion shoot and escaped her mother. "Mom still can't get it through her head that I don't want to be a model... Ugh... I feel like Grandma and I are the only normal ones underneath the roof..." She snickered a bit at the last thought. She just continued her way down the street, and signaled for her partner. 'Renamon...'

Renamon appeared at her side in a moment. As the 2 walked, possibly looking for any digimon to fight since Rika could never break the habit, when Rika spoke.

"Renamon... Did you ever have feelings for someone, you first liked as a friend?"

None that I can think of... 'Except Maybe Guilmon...' Renamon thought.

Rika, knew that Renamon was hiding the truth. "Except Guilmon, right?"

Renamon blushed heavily, but countered. "Oh? What about your feelings for Takato?"

Rika blushed and turned away. "No ones supposed to know about that. My mom thinks I should be with Ryo, but he's a jerk and not my type. Henry, is nice, but too brainy and peaceful for me, Takato though... There's something about him that makes forget about being the Digimon Queen now. He's the only one that makes me feel like this."

Renamon understood. "I feel the same way about Guilmon, to be honest..."

Little did the 2 women know that a Snow Agumon was spying on them...?

Henry heard a knock at his door and went to answer it... "Takato? Guilmon? What brings you two here?"

"Momentai, Guys!" Terriermon appeared from nowhere. "What's up? Girl Problems?"

"TERRIERMON!!" Henry yelled.

"Actually, we do." Takato and Guilmon said together.

Terriermon snickered, but Henry bopped him on the head. "So, who exactly are you 2 in loves with? Rika and Renamon?" He joked. But, he face vaulted when the 2 nodded. "Oh, I see... Come on in..."

Takato and Guilmon explained their problems to Henry about Rika and Renamon. Henry just smiled.

"It figures... I knew that Jeri was only a small crush, but Rika, was something deeper..."

"I don't know if she feels the same way though... You know how Rika is..."

"WOAH, Takato. You're thinking of the OLD Rika. She's changed you know. Besides, I think you're worried that she might be in love with Ryo. Relax, deep down inside, she probably has a special place in her heart, not for Ryo, but for you. Same thing with Renamon for Guilmon."

Takato and Guilmon were both doing some serious thinking from Henry's words as they left the apartment.

"Well boy, what do you think?"

"Henry might be right Takatomon. Rika and Renamon would never stoop so low as to crush our feelings. We've been through so much with them I think they see us in a new light now."

"You know what, Guilmon? You're right! We can't hide forever and they're not the same as they were before. I think we have a chance." Both boys nodded in agreement to each other before walking off.

A Snow Agumon was witnessing this activity and thought to him self. 'I better report to Ice Devimon...'

Inside his icy haven, Ice Devimon watched as his Snow Agumon spy returned and relayed the information. "So... The goggled one cares for my Digimon Queen... My, that won't do at all... Then again, it might make thins more interesting if all plays out well..." Ice Devimon snapped his fingers. A Group of Champion Digimon who resembled icy Gotsumon, appeared. "My Icemon... Go forth and find this Takato Matsuki and test his strength... If my desired Queen comes forth, then bring her to me..."

The Icemon saluted and marched out.

Ice Devimon stood up. "The boy's Guilmon will pay for deleting me when we last met, as will that Renamon... Rika shall see that I am the better Digimon for her..."

Takato looked at the gift in his hand. "I sure hope Rika will like these cards. They're one of a kind. Man it took me forever to find THESE card."

Guilmon looked at the Yellow roses he had gathered. "Renamon's favorite. Thank Goddramon I found that little patch of them in Shinjuku Park. That area was so secluded that nobody knew these flowers grew there... She'll love them."

Both Tamer and Digimon looked at each other.

"Let's go net the ones who've netted our hearts!"

"Yes, let's!"

The 2 set off to find their soon to be soul mates, not knowing that the group of Icemon were tracking them. Takato called up Rika's house and asked her to meet him and Guilmon at Shinjuku park, and bring Renamon...

Rika was wondering why Takato had called her over and Renamon too. 'Is he actullay challenging US, to a battle? He's gained some guts... Or does he have something else in mind?' Both girls were heading towards Shinjuku Park.

Takato and Guilmon were both waiting.

"They should be here any minute now..." Takato breathed.

"Takatomon... I'm getting nervous..." Guilmon said.

Suddenly they heard a rustling in the bushes, as if someone had arrived. Takato stared and went over. "They're here I guess..." He opened the bushes... "YAGH!!" He ran back.

"Takatomon?! What's...? HUH?!" Guilmon saw 3 Icemon jump out.

Takato turned his D-Arc to them and read the data. "Icemon, Champion Level... Who the heck sent theses guys? Uh-oh, they're gonna attack again..."

"PYRO SPHERE!!" Guilmon's attack knocked one of them down. He was hit with Ice rocks from the other two until he smacked them away with his tail. He rammed into another and sent him flying. "PYRO SHPERE!!" He fired at another 3 that were coming his way.


Guilmon grew stronger and faster. He charged into one Icemon, hard causing him to crack. He fire blasted another coming from the side.

"ICEBALL BOMB!!" Guilmon was suddenly bombarded with ice ball attacks. He wasn't able to move as the Icemon surrounded him.

"DIAMOND STORM!!" Ice shards flew out and deleted 2 of the Icemon surrounding Guilmon.

Guilmon swung out his tail and tripped up an Icemon, before stampeding over him. He looked to the direction of where the attack was shot from and knew one digimon who could do that move. "Thanks Renamon! I owe you one!"

Renamon smiled and nodded in agreement from the sky. 'Anything for those I love...' She thought.

Rika sighed with relief. "Good thing I brought that hyper wing card and power boost card... Or else Guilmon would've been a frozen dinner."

"Rika! Thanks!" Takato called. "That's what I like about you! Taking charge, and striking them when they least expect it!"

Rika blushed. Takato was complementing her? "No... He couldn't feel the same way... Or could he?"



Guilmon and Renamon's attack sent Icemon flying everywhere.

"ARGH! HOW CAN WE BE LOSING?!" One Icemon shouted. "We're champion levels, and they're just rookie levels!!" Then he was deleted by the 2 attacks, and dissolved into data, which was absorbed by Guilmon. "RETREAT!!" The lead Icemon shrieked. They ran off and suddenly disappeared.

Takato narrowed his eyes in suspicion. 'What was that all about? What did those Icemon want? They seemed to be after Guilmon and I, like they wanted us out of the picture...' He shook off the thought and turned to Rika. "Thanks for saving our butts back there Rika..."

"No prob... Now, what was it you wanted to ask me?"

Takato hesitated for a while, but then he decided to come clean. "Rika..." He pulled out a small package.

Rika's eyes widened. 'He wanted to give me something? What could it be?' She opened up the package and looked at the parcel. She gasped. Inside the pack was a rare collection of Renamon and all her forms. There were the different levels of Regular Renamon, Red Renamon, Black Renamon, and Silver Renamon, and also of Renamon's dark forms, all in mint condition, and to top it all off... there was a limited edition, holographic card of Sakuyamon Kabuki Mode.

Guilmon thought he should do the same as Takato. Luckily he had hid them in a special place where they would be safe. He ran over to the spot where he found them and repacked them once more. He was back at Reanmon's side in an instant. "Renamon, I found these in a secluded place in the park...

Renamon was awed at the beautiful Yellow roses. She didn't think any grew in this park, but obviously, Guilmon had found a patch of them...

In both Girls minds, time seemed to stop... Both were thinking about possible relationships with the boys they secretly liked, and here those boys were, giving them gifts from the heart. They were both speechless and were not sure how to react.

"So..." Guilmon began.

"You like?" Takato finshed.

Rika and Renamon snapped out of their trance and faced the boys, both with tears in their eyes, but also smiles on their faces.

"I Love." They said in unison.

Before the boys knew what happened, Rika was hugging and kissing Takato, while Renamon did the same for Guilmon. All seemed to be well. Until...

"How touching..."

The 4 whipped around, to see the frightening visage, of Ice Devimon.

"Ice Devimon?! Takato shouted.

"But you're?!" Rika said.

"Dead?! Oh not by a long shot. I've been reformatted, and now I'm stronger than ever! I'm her for you Rika. I will show you that I am a better digimon for you than Renamon..."

Takato and Rika both took out Digivolution cards and slashed them through their D-Arcs.




Ice Devimon smirked. "Ha ha, it won't be as easy as you think... TUNDRA CLAW!!" He shot out a stream of ice from his claws.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!!" Kyubimon shot out her fireballs in front of the Ice stream, negating it. Steam blew out everywhere... When it cleared, Ice Devimon was nowhere to be found.


Growlmon was hit in the face with an icy claw and fell to the ground. Getting back up, he countered. "EXHAUST FLAME!!" The flame shot out but Ice Devimon dodged. He seemed quicker than before.

"ZERO FREEZE!!" Ice Devimon shout out a wave of ice that froze Growlmon's feet to the ground. He swooped down, ready to strike. "FROZEN CLAW!!"

"PLASMA BLADE!!" Growlmon throw up his blade in time and the 2 attacks clashed. Each Digimon was straining and pushing against the other, neither one willing to go down, despite that one was frozen to the ground and the other could fly. Then... "HUWAH!!" Growlmon charged up his blade and threw Ice Devimon to the ground.

Ice Devimon got up, to find a deep car on his chest. "Ugh... Impressive... You've gotten better too. You've managed to wound me a little. But, I will claim what I came for!"

"FOX FLAME DRAGON!!" Kyubimon had come, spinning about and knocked Ice Devimon in the back, sending him face first into the ground. But, suddenly, his wings flapped up and smacked Kyubimon from both sides. Ice Devimon then Mule Kicked Kyubimon into a tree, knocking her out.

"Kyubimon!!" Rika shrieked, and ran to her fallen friend. That proved to be a grave mistake. Ice Devinmon grabbed rika in his icy Grip.

"AGH! Help! Takato!!" Rika cried.

"RIKA!!" Takato was about to unleash a card that would help Growlmon break free and save Rika.

But Ice Devimon would not allow it. "TUNDRA FREEZE!!" He shot out an ice stream that froze both Takato and Growlmon solid.

"Takato..." Rika shed a tear. "Just when I found happiness, this happens...uuuuhhh..." She fainted.

Ice Devimon had paralyzed her with his ice claw. "Now, Rika... You shall see that we are truly meant for one another..." He spread his wings and flew off into the sky...

Takato, Growlmon and Kyubimon were left unconscious or frozen, unable to do anything. They couldn't even call for help...

(Woah... A Cliffhanger! It's not over yet... It's just beginning my friends... Keep in mind, this is my first Rukato. R+R)