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Takato jumped down, letting War Growlmon get up. They both stared at the descending form of Tundramon. Ice Devimon had been hiding this powerful form all throughout the fight. They had to stop him before he got anymore powerful.

War Growlmon stood like an iron sentinel. He focused his weapons and sights on Tundramon. This was one of the toughest enemies he ever fought since Zhuqiaomon or Beezlemon. He felt his cannon charge up, but knew he shouldn't attack right away. He unsheathed his claws and lunged at Tundramon, swiping with lightning speed.

Tundramon blocked each attack with his huge arms. "HA HA! My ice armor may look weak but believe me, it is STRONG!" He blocked all claw swipes then suddenly grabbed War Growlmon. "Now too cool your jets!! ICE WAVE!!" He fired an ice blast right into War Growlmon's chest cannon, freezing it up instantly. War Growlmon felt an intense cold inside himself, and felt his fire power dying...


He felt a huge slab of ice hit him, and he flew half a mile. Tundramon jumped right on him and started punching him over, and over. War Growlmon howled in pain, as he felt his face being bruised and smashed, and as his insides we're being frozen.

Takato looked in horror as his Digimon was saying at the hands of some frozen fiend. He quickly searched through his cards, to find any that might help War Growlmon before he ended up a frozen dinner, or worse. He turned up dry. Not even a biomerge digivolution was possible. He was too far away from his digimon and he was still in ultimate form. "I... I blew it... Rika... I couldn't save her..."


"Let go! If you keep holding on, we'll both..."

"Are you in love with me loverboy?"

"You didn't put hearts on it did you?"

"Thanks Goggle head."


"Rika... She's always strong and independent... Can't believe she's actually sensitive and helpless for the first time... No... I won't give up without a fight! WAR GROWLMON!! YOU CAN'T LOSE!! THINK OF RENAMON!!"

"Renamon... I'm fighting for her... War Growlmon muttered. I can't lose now. I've come so far."

Tundramon raised his fist for a striking blow, but War Growlmon summoned up the last of his strength to grab Tundramon's hand.

"What's this?! You're still active?!"

"I'm not done yet!!" War Growlmon used up his strength and threw Tundramon into a wall, making a huge hole as it collapsed up him. He immediately devolved back to Guilmon. "Uuuuuhhh..."

Takato ran over to Guilmon. "Buddy! Are you alright?"

"I'm exhausted Takatomon... I can barely stand up..."

Takato fumbled around his collection and suddenly came across a Seraphimon card, with the Mega Heal ability. This should do it. DIGIMONDIFY!! MEGA HEAL ACTIVATE!!"

Guilmon felt his wounds heal rapidly. He felt his strength soaring, and suddenly bolted up. "GUILMON!! Wow, I feel great!!"


Out from the rubble, Tundramon stood once more. "It's time to put you on ice!!"

Takato found a Red Card in his deck. "Better use this quickly." He slashed the card. "DIGIMODIFY!! BIOMERGE ACTIVATE!!" He glowed in a brilliant light, as did Guilmon, as they fused.


Gallantmon began to stalk towards Tundramon, who just stood laughing.

"Well, well, a Mega Digimon... If he thinks he'll win this time... He's gravely mistaken. It's time to pull out that trump card." He smiled at his opponent. "So you think you'll destroy me now?"

Gallantmon glared. "I KNOW I can destroy you now. You'll never have Rika as long as I exist!!"

"Tsk, tsk. If you think this is my most powerful form, you're in for a nasty surprise..." Tundramon began to glow and his body began to crack and break. He shook violently and suddenly yelled. "TUNDRAMON DIGIVOVLE TO... GLACIERMON!!" Tundramon's body shattered into a thousand pieces. They were sent at Gallantmnon ans stung him like a swarm of bullets. He managed to put his shield up and dodge most of the shards. When he lowered his shield, he saw another Mega Digimon before him. It Looked like an icy, winged, armored knight, with glistening white hair, and a handsome face.

"I am Glaciermon now. This my Mega form. Handsome aren't I?" He said with a laugh, and a smooth voice. He drew an icicle lance and pointed it at Gallantmon. "Now brave knight, Gallantmon. We fight for ownership of Rika. ICE BOLT!!" He fired an ice ball from his lance.

Gallantmon put up his shield and watched as his sheiled was frozen by the attack. "DAMN! I can't use my Final Elysian attack with my Shield in this state..." He tossed his shield of to the side. He lunged at Glaciermon, who charged back.


Weapons clanged, but sounded like clanging crystal... Gallantmon threw a spinning slash at Glaciermon, who ducked and parried. He trust his lance at Gallantmon, but the later dodged to the side and brought the lance down, trying to throw it out of Glaciermon's hands. He body slammed Glaciermon, who fell to the ground but did a back wards summersault and landed back on his feet.

"LIGHTING JOUST!!" Gallantmon launched a lighting both form his lance and fired it a Glaciermon. Glaciermon flew out of the way, and swooped down on Gallantmon. Gallantmon saw this attack coming and ducked watching as his frozen foe flew above him. He flew into the sky himself and flew like a bullet at Glaciermon, slamming into him, sending him spinning through the sky, until he stopped half way.

"Impressive Red Knight." Glaciermon cackled. "You're quite the fighter in this form."

"Oh there's a lot about me that you don't know." Gallantmon said smugly.

"Really?" Glaciermon said sarcastically. "AIRIAL FREEZE!!" He fired another ice bolt. Gallantmon dodged it, but ducked under another.

Gallanton found himself dodging Ice Balls left in right. Each time he turned around, one would fly right by him. "I can't keep doing this. I gottAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!" An Ice Blast froze him right in the left arm. His arm holding the lance still worked. He had to rely on that only. He ducked another ice ball as he charged towards Glaciermon. He waited until he was close enough as Glaciermon kept firing. He finally got close and stopped right in front of Glaciermon. "LIGHTINING JOUST!!" The Lighting blast hit Ice Devimon right in the chest, sending him down like a shot down plane. He crashed into the ground with a loud CHOOM!! Glaciermon's chest plate was shattered and his chest was exposed. However, his eyes shot open, and he jumped to his feet.

"Impressive... You managed to injure me a little. But I can't be defeated that easily." He suddenly disappeared. He reappeared behind Gallantmon and smacked him in the back.

Gallantmon fell like a stone, and hit the ground face first. BRAM!! Gallantmon struggled to get up but felt Glaciermon drop kick him in the back.

"All though I've been enjoying this battle, it must end soon..."

"You're right... But I'm not loosing just yet." Gallantmon flopped up, sending Glaciermon fell off. Gallantmon stood back up and pointed his lance at Glaciermon. "Now, give Rika back, and I'll let you live..."

Glaciermon stared the lance down. "So, you'll let me go if I release your girlfriends... I think I'll keep them... And then, I freeze you like a pops- icicle!!"

Gallantmon thrust his Lance into Ice Devimon, but instead, his lance froze! He struck a freezing clone. He looked up to see the real Glaciermon.

"What do you think of my Ice Clone technique? I've got all different ice powers. You can't possibly keep up with my powers. I'm the perfect Digimon for Cold Hearted Rika..."

"NO!! Rika is not cold hearted as you think!! Sure she may act like that on the outside, but on the inside, she has warm feelings. Everyone thinks she's cold but I know the truth... I'm the only one who can unlock the true her... I'm the only who can reach her, and I won't let you take her or Renamon away!!" Gallantmon threw his frozen lance in a flash. It knocked Glaciermon's weapon far to the side.

"Fine then..." Glaciermon snapped his fingers. Gallantmon's frozen arm was unfrozen. "From now on, we'll fight with just our fists..." He lunged forward aiming for Gallantmon's face. Gallantmon ducked and punched Glaciermon in the stomach. Glaciermon tried a sweep kick, but Gallantmon jumped and kicked Glaciermon in the stomach. He jumped tried to jump kick his frozen foe in the face, but Glaciermon grabbed his foot and threw him 1 mile.

Glaciermon started running toward his enemy and started doing a high speed slide. He rushed by, throwing Gallantmon in the air, then flying and smacking Gallantmon to the ground. He grabbed the Red Knight by the throat and spoke dangerously. "I'm going to enjoy killing you Gallantmon. Don't worry about Rika. I'll take good care of her for you... ICE CLAW!!" He purged his claw into Gallantmon.

Gallantmon screamed in pain as he felt his insides freezing up. Inside, Takato felt everything growin g clod and unbearable around him as he huddled. He could hear Guilmon grunting and groaning as he felt himself going numb. Takato began to feel numb as well. Gallantmon felt numb. He could no longer feel his feet or his legs. He slowly began to loose feeling in his lower torso and it slowly inched toward his chest.

Back at the frozen chamber, Rika did not know what was going on outside, but in her mind she heard a voice.



"Rika, I missed you... I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you..."

"It's alright... I shouldn't have been so aggressive and foolish... Where are Takato and Guilmon?"

"They came, to save you, and so did I... I feel Ice Devimon has grown in power. Now he's Glaciermon. I feel it... He's killing Gallantmon... Gallantmon, Takato, and Guilmon were fighting. They were fighting, not for any score to settle, but just cause they want to save us..."

"Takato... When I first met him, I treated him like dirt. I can't believe he would still think of me as his friend... But he did this, all for me..." Rika suddenly felt like her determined, battle ready self. "It's time I did something for him!!"


Ice shattered... Rika and Renamon were free from their icy prisons. Rika shivered a bit. "Ice Dvimon want me to go numb quicker, that's why he stripped me to my underwear... That pervert! Ooooooohhh..." She spotted her D-Arc and cards over near where her former prison was. She smiled as she saw the red card on top. "Just what we need..."

Gallantmon felt himself dying... His heart was beginning to stop beating... "Rika... Renamon... I'm sorry..."

Glaciermon chuckled. "Not long now... Guess I'm the one laughing last this time..."


Glaciermon was thrown back and skidded about the ground from the sudden attack.

Gallantmon fell to the ground.

Sakuyamon landed and walked over to Gallantmon. "No... He's going to die! I better act fast..." She held her staff over Gallantmon and muttered a chanting to her self. Gallantmon slowly began to recharge and unfreeze. His eyes shot open and he leapt back to his feet. His shield and lance reappeared in his hands. He looked over at Sakuyamon.

"Sakuyamon... You're free! But how?"

"In my heart and mind, I saw you struggling, trying to beat Glaciermon, only to save me... Am I really that worth it?"

"Yes, you're worth everything to me."

"Rika, I've had feelings for you ever since I saw you in my dream. Jeri was just a silly crush, but you've been a true love interest for me..." Takato spoke.

Rika felt her cold exterior melt away. Her eyes misted over. "Takato..."

"Renamon... We were rivals the first time we met, but we became friends and comrades as time went on. With Takato and everyone else, I realize what true love is, and that I've always loved you Renamon." Guilmon's voice echoed.

"Guilmon..." Renamon's voice cracked.

Gallantmon held Sakuyamon close to him, and he kissed her, softly.

Sakuyamon kissed back as she felt love and pleasure within her.

Suddenly, the love and energy began to transform them. When they pulled away, Gallantmon was in Crimson Mode, and Sakuyamon was in Kabuki Mode.

"What happened?" Sakuyamon asked.

"It seems our love fro each other just unlocked our most powerful forms... We can use them to defeat Glaciermon."

Glaciermon was rose up and saw what happened. He was not happy. "No! I was so close... If I can't have Rika, no one can!!" He charged at a lightning fast speed, with his claws extended. "DOUBLE ICE BARREL!!" He shot 2 ice streams at the 2 Mega Digimon.

Gallantmon CM and Sakuyamon KM both dodged and struck back.



Both attack hits Glaciermon at once. Gallantmon CM quickly got behind Glaciermon and struck once more. "Invincible Sword!!" He slashed Glaciermon's back so hard that blood gushed out of it.

Sakuyamon KM smacked Glaciermon across the face with her staff and kicked him to the ground.

Glaciermon struggled to get up. "How can I be loosing...? I won't loose... I'LL KILL BOTH OF YOU!!" He shone brightly and entered yet another phase of transformation. He ressembled a thicker armored warrior, had a helmet this time, and had 2 sets of icy wings. "I AM GLACIERMON BLIZZARD MODE!! COLD FRONT!!" He let out an icy wind that blew against Gallantmon CM and Sakuyamon KM.

The wind lashed and stung the two Megas like a 1000 knives of ice. They stayed close together, though, neither one wanting to leave each others side.

"I said I'd save and protect you, and that's what I'm going to do..." Gallantmon spoke.

"I'll do the same for you..." Sakuymon replied.

They felt a new power within them. It was telling them to unite, with the power of their love...




Archmon looked like a huge orange knight with magician robes across his armor. He wore a fox head shaped helmet and had a lethal pair of wings across his back.

Glaciermon BM looked at the new digimon before him. He scoffed. "Sorry kids, but your love is going to be put on ice!!" He intensified his Cold Front attack... But to his horror, Archmon stayed put.

Archmon lifted his hands into the air. "CANCELATION!!" The Cold Front Vanished.

"I-Impossible!! A Digimon can't just cancel another's attack just like that!! That's never happened before..." Glaciermon BM stepped back. He felt very scared of Archmon.

Archmon suddenly raised his sword into the air. It began to glow a brilliant white light... He suddenly vanished, then reappeared in front of Glaciermon BM. "OMISLASH!!" Archmon started slashing multiple times at Glaciermon BM. After a 15th slash Archmon stopped in mid-air as his blade glowed brilliantly, and then came down on Glaciermon BM's head.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" Glaciermon flashed wildly and cracked... This time he was not transforming. He suddenly became dull, and then he shattered into one million pieces... The shards vanished as they flew about...

Archmon devolved back to Takato, Guilmon, Rika, and Renamon. Takato looked over at the building he fell from and watched as former frozen Digimon were now free as they walked out of the building and into a portal back to the Digital World. He turned back to Rika. "I kept my promise to you... I saved you just like I promised. Let's face it, I'd go through hell and back for you, Rika..."

"Takato, thank you... Normally I'd be embarrassed to need help, but when it's from you... I guess it's all right..." Rika hugged Takato. She allowed her self to shed a few tears. Nearby, Gulmon and Renamon were embracing, but from a distance so that Rika and Takato could have their privacy.

"Renamon, are you ok? I never gave up on you. Just like Takato wouldn't give up on Rika." Guilmon hugged Renamon tightly and kissed her.

"Guilmon... Thank you. You're the best mate a Digimon could ever have..." Renmon let Guilmon kiss her, as her toughness melted away.

Rika briefly pulled away from Takato. "I feel cold."

Takato snickered and pointed to Rika's attire.

Rika gasped and blushed. "I forgot... I'm still in my underclothes..."

Takato reached up and took off his long jacket. He handed it to Rika. "This'll keep you warm.

Rika blushed and kissed Takato on the cheek in gratitude. She wrapped the jacket around herself. Night had fallen long during the battle, and the only lights were the lamp post.

Takato looked at the strawberry haired beauty. "I guess we should head back sometime huh?" He smacked himself for saying that. "Sorry. I Finally can say I love you, and I just run out of things to say..." He laughed.

Rika faced him and wrapped her arms around, him bringing their faces close. "Takato... Just don't say anything... Words aren't the only thing that can tell a person what you're feeling...." Rika kissed Takato full on the lips, in a full display of Love. Takato kissed back with just as much love. Two teenagers stood there (and two Digimon a little further away), under the dark starlit sky, not caring about anything but each other, basking in each others undying love, in the cool, protecting blanket of the night.

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