Title: No Ordinary Day

Summary: Aragorn and Legolas thought that day was just any ordinary day, until they met Jack Sparrow and William Turner in Middle Earth. But What if Sauron and The One Ring came back…to dominate Middle Earth and cast it into darkness?

Disclaimer: I do not own Lotr or Potc. Though I would like to. This is going to be the only disclaimer since I don't want to have another battle with my Lawyers. Sorry about that. I might add some little torture scenes with them here and there, but do not count on it.

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Chapter One:

Winters had passed since Aragorn and Legolas and last saw Jack Sparrow, William Turner and the rest of the crew. In fact, more than five winters had passed since they saw them. Legolas was visiting Gondor, the City of the Kings, for a friendly visit. He was casually walking in the beautiful garden that he had planted years ago when Sauron had fallen. He was also softly singing to himself.

"Silver flow the streams from Celos to Erui,

In the green fields of Lebennin!

Tall grows the grass there. In the wind from the sea

The white lilies sway,"

"Uncle Legolas! Uncle Legoas!" A young girl cried.

"In the name of Valor, can't an elf get some rest around here?" Legolas muttered as he turned away, intending to walk away, as if he didn't hear. He continued to sing, at a faster pace.

"And the golden bells are shaken of of mallos and alfirin

In the green fields of Lebennin,

In the wind from the sea—"

"Uncle Legolas!" the young girl cried again. This time she ran up to him.

With a great sigh of despair Legolas turned around and thought, "By Valor! Aragorn's little girl is a pain the behind!" He forced a smile at the young girl and said, "My dear, what brings to you the garden?"

 "Ada said he was busy, so I decided to come and look for you. I was hoping you could tell me a story." She said hopefully

"A story?" the elf asked in surprise. The young girl looked at him with big pleading eyes. "Yes then. Very well. A story."

"Thank you Uncle Legolas!" the girl cried, wrapping her arms around the elf, giving him a big hug.

"What kind of story do you wish me to tell you?"

"A story about you and Ada! Not sappy though. No more sappy love stories." The girl told him.

Legolas thought for a moment. He could always tell her about the dark days, but being a young girl of only seven, he did not want her to have nightmares. Aragorn would kill him if he did that. The only story he could think that seemed fit for her was the adventure of Aragorn and himself, in the Caribbean.

"Has your father ever told you about the pirates?" Legolas said mysteriously.

"Pirates?" she asked, her big eyes curious. " All pirates are evil people. They steal and do everything you shouldn't do!"

"Not all Pirates are Bad, youngling." He smiled. "Today, I will tell you the story of the fearsome Captain Jack Sparrow, William Turner and their crew."

"Please! Do tell me!" she pleaded.

"Very well. I remember it as if it just happened yesterday. Surely you know the Little Masters, Sam, Merry and Pippin, do you not?" he paused.

"Father speaks highly of them. He sometimes tells me stories about them."

"And you know Gimli, the dwarf?" Legolas grinned.

"Of course I do!"

"Very well. This story takes place a year or two before you were born. The Little Masters invited your father, Gimli and me to go on a trip, and did not tell us the purpose. A surprise they told us. We were not to know. Upon climbing a steep hill, Sam's bag got caught on a rock. He tugged at it to get it free, with no avail. So he left it there. Moments later, Pippin slipped on an abandoned orc sword, sending it down. It cut through the snaps that help the pots and pans on Sam's bag. The pots and pans came tumbling down, when we turned our heads to look at the racket, your father and I got hit by a shower of pots and pans!"

The young girl gasped. "Nothing serious happened, did it?"

Legolas chuckled and continued on with his story. "The both of us were knocked out. When we came to, we were not in Middle Earth."

"Not in Middle Earth? But that's not possible!" the girl cried.

"I assure you, it happened." A rough voice behind them said. The two turned around to find the King of Gondor grinning at them. "Telling another story to Arolas, are you?"

"Not just any story Estel. Tis' the story of Jack and Will and that curse."

"Ahh…that story. Then I shall leave the both of you." He smiled, and walked off. "Mind you Legolas, don't make it so scary that she'll have nightmares."

"I won't." the elf promised.

"Uncle Legolas, can you please continue now?"

The elf nodded, and opened his mouth to continue the story.

Meanwhile, in the Caribbean, Will was high above the sea. Annamaria and Jack were underneath Will. They were in the midst of a huge storm. Huge waves came crashing down on the deck. Suddenly, Will lost his footing. He desperately waved his hands around, to catch a hold. There was none.

"Captain! Watch out!"

Annamaria and Jack looked up, only to see the figure of Will falling on top of them. He fell with a smack to the floor, pinning Jack and Annamaria to the wooden planks. The three fell in to complete darkness.

"And then we awoke to the Caribbean." Legolas continued. Suddenly, he heard some of the grass to the right rustle a bit, and a big oof. His ears twitched as he drew both of his elven swords.

            "Ow! William Turner! You get off of me!" Annamaria growled.

            "Just a minute dear. You stay here." Legolas told Arolas. He proceeded to the right. He parted the grasses, only to find Jack Sparrow, William Turner and Annamaria, in a huge heap on the floor.

            "Well it would help if Jack's legs weren't entangled with mine!" Will told her.

            Jack was at the bottom of the group. "Mate, it'd help if you could get off me." A muffled voice said.

            Legolas rushed over and pulled Will out in seconds. The blacksmith dusted himself and Annamaria picked herself up. Jack got up with some difficulty, gasping for air.

            "Estel!" Legolas cried. "Guess who came to Middle Earth!"

            Aragorn came running back. His eyes widened at the sight of the three pirates.

            "Jack! Anamaria! Will!" he cried. Hugging them all at the same time.

            "Not so hard mate!" Jack gasped. "Will here just took a nasty fall." He said, rubbing his bruised ribs.

            Will grinned sheepishly at the two.

            "Both of you! Welcome to Middle Earth! Come, into the palace. I'll see that you get proper rooms."

            Legolas turned to Arolas, "Young One, I'm afraid I'll have to continue the story later. We have some very important visitors."

            "Ok Uncle Legolas." The young girl said sadly. She skipped off.

            "Will, you really need to lose weight. You nearly suffocated me mate!" Jack said.

            "Hey!" Will cried back.

            A black bird flew in, like a dart. It flew around Aragorn head catching his attention. Then it landed on to the table, unusually stiff.

            "Spy?" Legolas questioned quietly. He had seen too many of these before.

            On the bird's leg was a piece of paper. Aragorn took it, and off the bird went. It was a blank piece of paper. Aragorn set it down on the table. "Weird." He said. He turned around, about to speak to Jack, Will and Annamaria, but then a hiss sounded, he turned around, staring at the piece of paper.

            Then the paper rose, into the air.

            "Arrragorn" it hissed. "I am back. Prepare to wither like a broken flower."

            With that, the paper caught in flames, burning itself it ashes.

            Legolas and Aragorn turned pale at the message. They had heard that voice before.

            I am back…

            The words swarmed around in their heads.

            I am back…

---To be continued---

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