No Ordinary Day Chapter 9!!

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They stayed up late in the night until the cracks of dawn started to appear. Everyone was weary, as they rushed to get all able-bodied men into a suit of armor. They expected Eomer and their army to come at anytime time. In the meantime, Aragorn stretched and announced, "I would like to take a little nap. Someone wake me up once they have sight of Eomer."

Legolas and Will gave him a curt nod and then returned to their work. Jack however, was already dozing on the side of the table, not being much of help at all. He had fallen asleep somewhere around midnight.

A while later, Jack woke up from his "nap" and yawned. He stretched his arms out, nearly knocking over a glass of water.

"Morning Mateys!" Jack said cheerfully.

"Mmm..hmMmm…" Will and Legolas said at the same time, not even paying attention to the pirate. They were just too busy to pay attention.

Jack walked toward in the direction of the kitchen, hoping to grab a bite to eat. As he started to reach for the doorknob the door was pushed open, slamming into the pirates face.

"What in the bloody hell was that for mate?" He yelled, rubbing his nose.

The man who pushed in the door was a messenger. "I'm sorry my lord. I did not mean to do it."

Jack grumbled, "You'd better be sorry."

The messenger moved his way forward to Will and Legolas. "My lord, where is King Aragorn? I bring important news."

"King Aragorn is asleep. What is the important news?" Legolas asked.

"Lord Eomer and his troops have arrived. They wish to see King Aragorn."

"Thank you for telling us. Send him up."

"Yes My Lord." The messenger went out of the room, with Jack still glaring at him.

Will went off to wake up Aragorn, who came back five minutes later, yawning. When he arrived into the room, Eomer was already there waiting.

"Aragorn!" Eomer cried. "You look tired!"

"Well I did stay up all night you know…" Aragorn said. "it's not easy to get everyone ready for a battle."

"They are coming Aragorn. They will arrive tonight at night. The army is at least twenty thousand strong."

"Twenty thousand strong!?"

"I bring five thousand men." Eomer said. "I know that that is not enough, but we did suffer a great loss. I have brought with me all that I can."

"We only have seven thousand men able to fight. It will be a long night."

"That will make a total of twelve thousand men. Do you think we will be able to survive the night?"

"We must. But Luck is on our side. Mordor's Allies have fled and have not been seen since their defeat. It will be easier to defeat them."

And so the night came. They stood their waiting. And then they came…for a moment they were only a speck off in the distance. But as time passed, they became larger and larger in size. And when their faces could been seen and distinguished by the human eye, they saw Anamaria. Anamaria being the leader of such foul animals.

As with all wars, their captains ride to the front of their armies and call on the other to surrender.

Aragorn was about to speak to one of the Orcs, but was interrupted by jack.

"I don't understand. Anamaria…why?!"

"Because there is more power within my grasp than I could ever have had with you."

"Power corrupts those of men easily," Legolas and Will said at the same time.

"But—" Will grabbed Jack's shoulder and shook his head.

Aragorn began to speak. "We, the army of men call upon you to surrender and go back to your harsh lands."

But all they did was laugh. And then they replied, "Foolish man. Orcs do not bow to men. You shall fear our wrath. You shall come begging at our knees for mercy."

"We shall see." Aragorn's eyes narrowed as he and his horse trotted back to his army.

The war…had begun