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The Void Cards Chapter 1 The Third Captor

It had been five years since Sakura Kimonto, soon to be Sakura Li, Tomoyo constantly teased, had beaten The evil Void Mage Nightshade. She had moved out of her old home to get some privacy with Syaoran. Now she lived with him in his Mansion the Li clan elders had bought Syaoran as a going away present when he said he would stay in Japan. Sakura was in college getting a degree in Education, she said she wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. Syaoran opened a dojo and it had become quite popular. Tomoyo took over the family toy company after her mom retired. Vosran worked with veterans and was especially good with Wolfs. Meilin opened her own dojo and was always competing with Syaoran's. Eriol was becoming a scholar. Sakura thought everything was prefect but something kept nagging at her mind, she always pushed it away though.

Sakura was sleeping in bed when felt pressure being put on her lips. She eagerly kissed back and looped her arms around her lover's neck.

" That's how I want to be woken up every morning." said Sakura.

"As you wish Ying Fa." said Syaoran. They got out of bed and got changed. When they got to the University they saw Vosran had pinned Meilin to the wall and was kissing her passionately.

" Get a room." some students said. The kissing couple didn't even hear them. Sakura got the nagging feeling again in class but it was stronger this time. Sakura again pushed it aside on focused on the professor's lecture. When classes ended, Sakura met Syaoran at the entrance and the two shared a quick kiss. Then Tomoyo pulled Sakura aside.

" We have to get you ready for your date tonight." She said. Sakura and Syaoran had gone on too many dates to count over the years but this time was different. Syaoran said he had something important to ask Sakura.

" Want to help Meilin?" asked Tomoyo.

" No, I got plans with Vosran." said Meilin.

Later that Night at Tomoyo's house

Sakura was standing on a stool while Tomoyo put the finishing touches to her dress. It was a pure white garment with gold trimming on the collar and hem. The dress went down to her ankles.

Sakura-chan, you look so beautiful, Syaoran's mouth is going to drop to the ground!" said Tomoyo with Star eyes. Syaoran was waiting for her downstairs. When his Cherry Blossom walked down the stairs he was dazzled by her beauty, just as Tomoyo predicted Syaoran's mouth fell wide open. Sakura slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him, letting her tongue explore his still open mouth. Syaoran got over his dazzlement and kissed her back.

" Kawaii!" Said Tomoyo. SS sweatdropped.

" Tomoyo are you ever going to stop recording us?" asked Syaoran.

" No. I'm waiting for you two to get married so I can record your wedding." said Tomoyo. SS blushed. Syaoran walked over to Tomoyo and whispered in her ear.

" You wouldn't have to wait too much longer." Tomoyo squealed with delight. Sakura took Syaoran's arm and they left for their date.

SS date

SS were eating at a fancy restaurant. All of a sudden Syaoran took Sakura's hands in his and locked their eyes.

"Sakura The time we've spent together has been the happiest time of my life. I love you so much, Death itself couldn't keep me from you." He said

" What are you getting at my little wolf?" asked Sakura. Syaoran began to reach into his pocket.

" Sakura my princess, will you...." He didn't get to finish.

"SAKURA!" yelled Kero. SS fell down anime style.

" KERO! Syao-chan was about to ask me something important!" she shouted, Anime angry eyed and a vein popping of her forehead. Kero did that Blue streak thing Anime Character's do sometimes.

' Mistress Sakura's scary when she's angry.' The guardian thought. " We have a big problem." he said.

" It can wait." said Sakura, wanting to get on with her date.

" No It can't!" insisted Kero. The three of them noticed what a scene they were making. Sakura grabbed Kero and laughed nervously.

" The latest in toy technology." she said. She picked up the hem of her dress and quickly walked out of the restaurant with Syaoran close behind.

" What's the problem?" asked Sakura.

" The Void Cards are back and running wild." said Kero.

" But Nightshade's gone." said Syaoran.

"Exactly, Without a master the cards will run wild until someone catches them." said Kero.

" You mean us right?" said Syaoran. Kero nodded. Just then they felt a presence and reached for their weapons. Too late, they were already tied up by dark chains. The chains ensnared their wrists, ankles, arms, and legs. A spirit formed in the shape of a mischievous looking boy swinging a chain around.

" Do you know how annoying you are?" asked Sakura, while struggling against her bonds.

"Yes." said Bind, smirking. " Now I'm going to squeeze the life right of you." said Bind. The chains around Sakura, Syaoran and Kero tightened until they had trouble breathing.

" Leave my friends alone!" said a voice, it was Meilin.

" What are you going to do about it, Mortal?" asked Bind.

" This!" said Meilin. She pulled out a necklace with a golden brown sun on it.

" Key that hides the powers of the Sun. Reveal your True Form before me! I command you under our contract! Release!" chanted Meilin. The necklace changed to a spear. The blade was a golden brown color, with a razor sharp tip, the handle was a royal blue color. SS were in shock! They were sure Meilin didn't have any magic.

" So what!" said Bind nervously. He launched Chains at Meilin but she slashed at them causing a golden beam to vaporize the chains. Meilin pointed her spear at Bind.

"Solar Rush." she chanted. She became a beam of golden brown light that slammed into Bind knocking him to the ground.

" Return your powers confined! Bind Card!" declared Meilin. She impaled Bind changing him to mist which became a dark colored card with the Name Bind on it. Meilin took out a pen and wrote her name on the card. The chains around SS and Kero vanished.

" Meilin since when can you use magic?" Syaoran demanded.

" I've been working in it for the last five years with Vosran. He gave me the Sun Spear."said Meilin.

" How'd you know we needed help?" asked Sakura.

" Tomoyo told me. She was hiding in the restaurant." said Meilin. SS sweatdropped.

" We have to find the rest of those cards." Said Kero.

" But why are they attacking now?" asked Meilin.

" They must of found a new power source or they would've faded away." Answered Kero.

" Syao-chan what were you going to ask me before Kero came?" asked Sakura.

" It's nothing." said Syaoran, being unable to protect Sakura from Bind had shaken his confidence. ' But I love her with all my heart and I know She feels the same.' He thought. He knelt before Sakura and the Star Mistress felt her heart swell with knowing what he was doing. Syaoran took out a ring that had a Cherry Blossom and a Phoeine wrapped around each other.

" Sakura will you marry me?" he asked. Sakura got teary eyed, and kissed him Passionately.

" Yes, yes, YES! I thought you'd never ask." said Sakura in a state of bliss.

" I'm SO glad I got that on tape!" said Tomoyo.

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