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Void Cards Chapter 4 Void's Prankster

" Ivy why are you giving up?" asked Laran. Ivy was glaring at Vosran and Meilin, actually more Meilin. The Sun mage was laying her head on his shoulder, while he had an arm around her waist. The four of them were in class with a teacher who was on every student's prank list. That teacher was sleeping soundly in his chair, the result of a prank. They had slipped a large amount of grounded sleeping pills into his coffee, more then enough to knock him out for the whole class, probably the rest of the day.

" Evil little Wrench, stealing my Wolfbane." Ivy muttered.

" Ivy are you listening to me?" asked Laran.

" I'm going to get her for this." Ivy continued muttering. Laran sweatdropped.

" I guess not." There was a shout that attracted everyone's attention, they went to the door and saw all the animals from the science lab were released and running amuck.

" Another prank." Said Laran sighing. As the day continued, so did the pranks. When Meilin and Vosran meet up with the others, SS were covered in egg yoke.

" A prank?" asked Meilin. They nodded.

With ET

When Tomoyo and Eriol got home Nakaru immediately greeted them.

" Welcome Master Eriol-sama and Mistress Tomoyo-sama." She said happily. Then Spinel flew up to them. Now Eriol is generally not given to fits of hysterical laughter, but this is just one of those times, for Spinel Sun had been

Turned pink.

All of his fur had been dyed pink.

Tomoyo and Eriol howled with laughter.

" Master, it isn't that funny." He said. But they didn't stop, so Spinel just hovered in mid air with an anime vein poking out in his forehead. Eventually they stopped.

" Was it Nakaru?" Eriol asked.

" Oh no master, I found him like this after you left." Said Nakaru.

" I woke up to loud laughter and saw a little kid with Pink dye laughing at me, then he disappeared." Said Spinel. " Do you think it was a void card?"

" I don't think so, I 've never heard of it." Said Eriol.


" So someone's been playing a bunch of pranks at school huh?" Asked Kero as he helped himself to some cupcakes.

" Those aren't yours!" Said Sakura, snatching the plate away from him. " But yes, someone is playing a bunch of pranks."

" Think it's a void card?" asked Kero. Syaoran shook his head.

" Use your head and not your stomach for once, a card that's always playing pranks doesn't seem violent enough to be a void card." He said.

At another house

" Are you ready?" asked Laran. He was wearing a red robe with silver crescent moons on the sleeves and chest. He also wore a red hat with a crescent moon on it.

" Yes." Said Ivy, her outfit was similar to Laran's except hers was green, had no hat and instead of pants she wore a skirt.

" Good luck, not that you'll need it against a card like Prankster." Said Hotaru.

" Don't underestimate him, Pranks can be deadly." Said Akemi.

" Got it." Said Laran, then he took out a necklace. " Key of Fire, that flares a powerful red, become my sword, to make my foes dead! Release!" A sword with a red blade and brown hilt with a crescent moon hand guard appeared.

" Key that hides the power of Gaia, Reveal your true form before me! I command you under our contract, Release!" Ivy's ax appeared. " Akemi, can you tell us where it is now?" The white guardian nodded.

" It's at the Tomeda Mall." She said. The captors set off.

Tomeda Mall

" If I was a card that liked playing pranks were would I be?" Laran thought aloud. A bench was being pushed off the second floor, he heard the sound of screeching against the floor and jumped away just as it crashed to the floor. " Up there." He said. " Ivy! It's on the second floor!" Ivy nodded, and pointed her ax at the area where the bench lay in pieces.

" Reform and grow!" She commanded. The wood resembled itself into a ladder and grew so that it connected the two floors. Laran quickly climbed up followed by Ivy. While she was climbing up, Prankster left loose several oxygen tanks from the deep sea diving shop and were headed straight toward the two captors.

" Force know my desire! Burn my enemy with your fire!" Laran called. His sword began glowing and he shot a big fire ball at the tanks, the force of the blow pushed the tanks a fair distance before they blew up.

" Thanks." Ivy said as soon as she finished climbing. Laran nodded and sent more fire in direction the shop the oxygen tanks came from. The fire forced a kid who saw them and ran away. Laran fired about the Void spirit several more times, all the while running toward it. But the prankster continued to slip away from him.

" Wood and Earth, hear my call! Around the spirit now as prankster, form a wall!" Chanted Ivy. Prankster ran into a wall made of wood and earth. Laran caught up and made a jump slash.

" Return your power confined! Prankster!" He called out as he attacked prankster. The spirit dissolved into mist and became a black card with Prankster on it. Laran wrote his name on it.

" Now for part two. " He said. He threw the card into the air and pointed his sword at it. " Card originally created by Tsuki, Abandon your current form and reincarnate! Under the name of your new master Laran!" The crescent moon handguard grew longer and the card changed from black to red with a new magic circle on the back. It was a crescent moon with a wolf through it.

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