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            All the homes on Privet Drive were similar. Well manicured lawns, flowerbeds and children playing were evident in all of them. On a hot summer day, one would expect to see the children out playing, hanging out and having a good time.

            But not everyone was outside. In fact, there was one person at Number Four that hadn't left the house since school had let out. In the smallest bedroom there was a skinny boy asleep on the bed, even though it was nearly noon.

            Harry jerked awake. His dream had woken him up again. It was the same dream he had been having since Sirius had fallen through the veil in the Department of Mysteries. Over and over, Harry would watch helplessly as Sirius, stunned by his own cousin, Bellatrix LeStrange, toppled and fell into the veil.

            His mood had been so sullen since he came back that the Dursleys had left him alone. Unsure as to what had actually happened (and nervous about the warnings they had been given at the train station), they hardly spoke to Harry; the only exception was to verify that he kept in contact with someone so that they wouldn't get any unwelcome visitors.

            Harry started taking his meals at different times than the others. His depression deepened because he had no one to talk to. It wasn't as if his friends had abandoned him; on the contrary, he had a collection of unanswered letters on his desk. The only letters he replied to were ones from the order verifying his well-being.

            About three weeks after he came home, he awoke to Aunt Petunia knocking at his door. "Harry?"


            "Erm…I know that I am the last person that you would confide in…but if you want…"

            Harry stared at the door in disbelief. He walked over and opened it to see an odd expression on her face…almost like she was worried. "Thanks, but I'm okay."

            "I hardly think you're okay," she replied. "You haven't been like this since before you went to that school."

            Harry's anger flared. "That school? That school has a name…Hogwarts. And no I am not bloody okay…I watched someone kill my Godfather…and I couldn't stop it." Harry didn't realize he was shouting until he looked at his aunt, who was shaking. "I'm sorry; it's not your fault."

            Petunia hesitantly put her hand on Harry's. "Look, Harry. Vernon and Dudley are out at the mall…would you like to have some tea with me?"

            Harry almost fainted in shock.