Disclaimer: Don't own LOTR, Tolkien does, don't sue. DO own Lady Sunrider, don't copy. Rating: G Genre: Humor A/N: This is an AU story- Cassie is a half-elf, half-Falanassi warrior; she's the oldest (adopted) daughter of Elrond, older sister of Aragorn, and engaged to Legolas. Her eyes change color according to her mood. A/N #2: Kudos to Helen for the idea, although it scared me badly the first time I heard it. Thanks though. (This fic is a dwarf-basher!)

The Secret

Laughing softly, the three taller beings lounged in a niche, recounting past adventures.

Aragorn was just about to retort to the teasing, when Cassie clamed a hand over his mouth. "Hush... listen!" From the common area, Gimli son of Gloin's voice rang out.

"My kinsfolk, as a token of my joy to be back amongst you, I will..." A few words in Dwarven followed; the friends looked at each other in confusion. "What did he say?" Legolas asked. Aragorn shrugged; Cassie lifted an eyebrow, folding her arms across her chest.

"Whatever it is, I'm going to watch." The part-Falanassi warrior commented, scooting out of the booth and sitting down on the lip of the niche, leaving the two males staring at each other. "Is it just me, or is her Falanassi blood rising in her veins again?" Legolas muttered.

Aragorn smirked lazily. "It must be your influence, mellon nîn, because I'm joining her." Without another word, he joined her outside; Legolas, too, came out.

Cassie's deep purple eyes gazed at a small door. When it opened, her irises went through the fastest color changes anyone had ever seen; first neon orange, then silver, then blue, finally setting on an azure blue with orange flecks. When the men looked over, both draws dropped simultaneously. "By the Valar..." a strangled whisper came from Legolas' throat.

Gimli was dressed in a *pink ballet tutu*, pink ribbons braided into his beard. Legolas' lips quivered, Aragorn stifled a grin; Cassie; she was edging towards a door. Nudging Legolas, Aragorn followed her with the elf right behind him, casting one last look at the *ahem* prancing dwarf.

Outside, Cassie leaning against a wall, breaking down into fits of hysterical laughter. "Hahahahaha! Oh, did you see his face? Hahaha!"

At the sight of Cassie submitting to her mirth, Aragorn, too, gave in to his laughter; the two voices mingled. Watching the two, Legolas shook his head in exasperation. "I'll never understand you two." Tears streaming down his face, Aragorn found support against another wall, laughing helplessly.

After a few moments, Legolas could no longer resist. He burst out into fits of giggles. For those who don't know Legolas Greenleaf personally, he has the most infectious giggles in all Middle-Earth. Within a few minutes, Cassie and Aragorn- previously just about to calm down- dissolved into laughter once more.

When Gimli came out to find them, all three took one look at his ridiculous attire and began laughing once more. Throwing up his hands, the Dwarf remarked, "Alas, the Elves has passed their madness to the Man."


Just a silly little fic written in a random moment of insanity, so don't hurt me for it. It was all her! *points at Helen*