It would be one of the greatest scandals to rock the wizarding world during the Great War. Twenty young witches disappeared. They were taken in the middle of the night, stolen from their homes. How the wards had been bypassed, the Ministry would wonder for quite some time. They were all young single women, barely out of school, working hard for the side of light. All of them pureblooded.

By the time the women awoke the next night they had been missing for twenty four hours, their families frantic, and the Ministry scrambling to explain how such a thing could happen, or why. The major papers, The Daily Prophet and the "rag" The Quibbler, were plastered with the faces of the young women who had disappeared and theories as to why they had gone.

The only defining sign that something truly sinister had happened were the Dark Marks that had been spotted floating above the women's places of residence before they disappeared.


Ginny Weasley shifted in her sleep and moved to pull up her blankets, it had somehow become drafty in her room. But there were no sheets, and she wasn't in her bed. She was on a stone floor, in what looked to be a dark cellar. There was a tiny, barred window above her, and pale light barely filtered in.

She moved to sit up, in hopes of getting a better look around and instantly her head began to ache. "Ooh." She lifted her hand to her head to try and dispel some of the ache. "Where the--"

"Ginny?" another voice asked, cutting her off mid-sentence.

She turned her head towards the sound of the voice recognizing it. "Susan?"

A shadowy figure came out of the dark to crouch down beside her. "Are you alright?"

"My head is killing me." A gust of cold air swept through the room, causing Ginny to shiver and pull her small nightshift tighter around her small frame. "Where are we?"

Susan had taken a place beside her, and had her arms wrapped tightly around herself as well. "Wherever we are," she said softly, in a tone that made Ginny think she had been up thinking of it for awhile, "it's not good."

Her eyes finally having adjusted, Ginny took a moment to look around the room. Other women were laying on the floor, several of which the two recognized from school. One of the Patil twins was huddled in the corner, there were more girls that had been older than she had, and were no more than barely recognizable faces.

Ginny turned back to regard the one person in the room she knew relatively well. She and Susan had been minor acquaintances in school, getting to know each other better through D.A. Now, after they had left school, both of them were working towards becoming full-time healers, and working part time under a full-healer to take care of Order members.

Suddenly the door opened and a being in a long black robe and a white mask filled up the doorway, the torch in his hand lighting him to be as eerie as her brother's often looked when telling horror stories with a lighted wand.

The head turned, surveying the girls in there. "Those two," his voice echoed, so loud in such a quiet space. It took Ginny a full thirty seconds to realize that he had pointed in her direction.

Two men came out from behind the first, or at least Ginny assumed that they were men, the white masks made it hard to tell. A pair of cold, gloved hands dug into her arms as the man forced her to stand, dragging her to her feet. She looked at Susan, who had been treated just as roughly. Susan sent her a sympathetic smile, or what Ginny assumed was supposed to be one.

They were in one of the mysterious Death Eater lairs. If only she could get out and find her way back home. If she could, Ginny would give the Order some much needed information. If only she could think of a way to get out. Hopefully she wasn't being lead to her death.

They continued through a twisting mess of corridors, passing locked doors and odd statues. There were no portraits here, no paintings, nothing but dark and gray stone. Finally they were lead through an archway into a huge stone room. The men stopped in the middle, keeping their hands tight on the girls. Ginny had the urge to struggle free but then she looked up and noticed that the room was filled with others all in black robes with white masks.

The man who had picked them out took out a piece of parchment from his robe, and stepped forward. "Two healer trainees," his voice echoed throughout the hall. "First, Virgina Weasley, youngest child of Molly and Arthur Weasley, nearly 19 years of age, pureblood pedigree, two years left for completion of training. Second, Susan Bones, middle child, eldest daughter of Emiline and Jack Bones, nearly 20 years of age, pureblood pedigree, one year left until completion of training."

Out of the see of sameness, a hand raised, and a vaguely familiar voice echoed through the room, "I'll take Bones."

She noticed that Susan had gone dreadfully pale as she was dragged across the floor to the man who had claimed her, but Ginny really couldn't blame her. She had just been sold to a Death Eater for who knew what purpose. And now she was going to be next.

"And the Weasley?" the Death Eater asked once more, nearly snarling as he said her name. She had a great urge to kick him. "Anyone?"

Silence prevailed through the hall. Ginny didn't know whether to be ashamed, glad or frightened. She was pretty, and she was talented, and they should want her for whatever it was they wanted, Weasley or not. Ginny knew that she didn't want to have anything to do with whatever it was, she just hoped not getting picked would save her.

A small man in the front spoke up, "Someone has to take her," he said, in a whiny voice.

One of the masked creatures stepped forward, with a bearing of royalty. "I will," his voice echoed, half sneer, half amusement. And Ginny knew whose voice it was.

She had just been given away to Draco Malfoy, the only Death Eater willing to take her.


She had known that voice, known it all too well. The familiar sound of it in her ears had come back to her. He hadn't looked at her since she had been dragged to him, but his hand was like a vice on hers. Susan was dying to drag him into a corner and question him about why this was going on. What they were about to do and when she could go home. Although she doubted that any of the answers would satisfy her.

He finally came to a stop at a door with another Death Eater standing guard in front of it. Blaise leaned in to whisper a few words to the Death Eater, and then he turned to her for the first time in what seemed like ages.

"Go in there and get dressed," he instructed, his voice short and terse, as if he had never known her. As if they had never been more than acquaintances that had passed through the hallways of school. "I'll be back for you in a few minutes."

"But what--"

His hand tightened on her arm. "We'll talk about this later." He pushed her into the room, and she spun to look at him, the white mask still covered his face. "Twenty minutes Susan, don't keep me waiting."

There was a beautiful dress robe hanging in the corner, and Susan got a sinking feeling in her stomach. The dress seemed to be familiar, like one she had bookmarked in a catalogue, and it was a sapphire color, that nearly matched her eyes exactly. It reminded her of a dress robe that she had seen in a shop in Hogsmeade, back when...

But that had been ages ago.

"Are you decent?"

She opened the door and saw Blaise in a pair of dress robes, different from the ones she remembered him having at school but a similar color. His mask was gone, leaving his face exposed. Susan wondered why his handsomeness took her off guard. Why would she have thought that he would have aged faster or become suddenly ugly because he chose the side he did.

There was a ghost of a smile as his gaze flitted over her body. She wanted to blush and smile back, but she wasn't seventeen any longer, and she wasn't still in love with him, she wasn't. And it wasn't like he loved her back.

He offered her a hand but she ignored it. She wasn't going anywhere until she got answers. "What is going on?"

"We're getting married."

Susan took a few steps away from him. "I am not getting married to you or anyone else."

"Then they'll assign you to someone else or kill you. You have no other options."


The walked down the hallway in silence. Susan watched out of the corner of her eye as Blaise's hand hovered, as if he wanted to touch her but wasn't sure how. She wondered if she would be able to hit him without anyone noticing if they did.

He finally did touch her as he guided her into a room with a Death Eater at the front of it. A few others lined the sides, she supposed as witnesses. All of them had the same uniform of black robes and white masks, and Susan worked to suppress the shudder. They walked up to the front of the room and stopped in front of the man at the front. He waved his hand for them to turn to one another so that the ritual could begin.

Susan lifted her right hand and Blaise clasped it with his. The words began to seep out of the head Death Eater's mouth, all in Latin. Her father had told her of this more ancient of wedding rituals, often used by the upper class and older wizarding families. Modern times had lead to translating the words and decreasing the magic involved in the ceremony.

It should not have been a shock to her that Death Eaters would follow it the way the marriage ritual had originally been outlined as. She looked up and caught Blaise looking down at her with compassionate brown eyes. Susan couldn't bring herself to look away.

One of the Death Eater's from the side stepped forward, a large piece of silver silk in his hands. He wrapped it twice around their joined hands. The head Death Eater in charge of the ceremony waived his wand over the covered hands, murmuring in Latin. With one last flick of his wrist, Susan felt a jolt go through her.

The cloth was taken away from their hands and it was folded on the alter a few feet away from them. She could just see it out of the corner of her eye and watched as two gold bands were placed on the cloth and the silver cloth was folded around it. More words were murmured and the helper Death Eater picked up the folded over cloth and carried it over to the side of where Susan and Blaise were standing, hands joined.

Another stepped forward and unfolded the cloth revealing the two rings, they glowed on the cloth, and Susan wondered if it was the contrast between the gold and silver, or if it was the magic infused into the rings.

Blaise reached out and picked up one of the simple gold bands with his left hand. In accordance, she lifted her left hand and allowed him to slip the ring over her fourth finger. He lifted her hand to his lips and murmured amor as he kissed the band.

Susan lifted the larger ring with her left hand, her ring finger now humming and warm. With shaking fingers she managed to thread the ring onto Blaise's finger. She lifted his heavy hand up higher and kissed the band on his hand. With her trembling lips she managed to spit out the word amor unable to let him do it and to have her fail.

They repositioned their left hands


She hoped that she had been imagining things, that this was all a dream. She wasn't really married to Draco Malfoy of the ever infamous Malfoy family. She was going to wake up in her warm bed, with Ron standing over her asking why she hadn't reported to headquarters that morning. Yes, he'd look rightly furious, apologize for not shielding her from Harry's relationship with Luna, even if she was over Harry. He would then tell her about how Hermione was worried about her, and how much it would help him if she would try and smile more.

But Ginny suspected that the large silver band that now weighed heavily on her finger couldn't be imagined. If she had made up a wedding ring from a Malfoy she would have expected something creepy like serpents twisted together, some sinister insignia, or something like that. Instead it was a simple silver band, although Draco had told her it was platinum, with one emerald in the middle and two diamonds on either side. It was such a simple ring, almost understated from a man she had always seen as showy. There was no arrogance in this ring, just elegance.

It was still warm against her finger, and it hummed slightly. She was permanently bound to the man standing beside her, dragging her through the catacombs of the dark and dreary building they were in.

The equally unhappy look on Malfoy's face had her believing that it wasn't a dream either. If it had been a nightmare, he would be torturing her or acting like he loved her. Instead Draco looked completely and totally somber.

He took out an old, ornate key out of his robes and slipped it into a lock in one of the doors that lined the wall. He silently opened the door and surprisingly gently lead her inside. The front room had a couch and table, a desk. It was all incredibly dreary to Ginny and she felt just as trapped as she had in the dungeon a couple hours ago.

"These are our chambers," he said softly as he close the door behind him.

She spun around to look at the man who she had almost forgotten about. "Our?"

The familiar smirk that she knew all too well returned to his face. "We were just married Virginia, keep up."

"I know, I just... Go away," she instructed as she stalked off towards the back room, the bedroom.

"Of course," he murmured, following behind her and picking up a white mask off of a table. "Things are not always as they appear."

She spun around furious. "I am a Death Eater's wife."

"And there must be nothing worse for you. I have sent a letter to your family informing them of our nuptials. You may return a letter, if you wish, but please keep the contact as infrequent as possible, preferably cutting it off after your letter. I do not want to have to come looking for you."

Ginny had known she was to have little contact with her family, but the knowledge that she had one last time to speak to her family wrenched her heart out. She would be stuck in these dreary rooms for however long it was until she would be free of this man.

She walked to a small window. "I am to have nothing then?" she asked, as she looked out over the bleak landscape. She couldn't identify where she was.

"You have this room, your studies, me, and your little friend there, Susan was it?"

"I am a prisoner."

He closed the distance between them and grasped her chin with his thin, graceful fingers. "You are my wife. Remember that."

"It's the same thing."

"No," he said softly, "it's not. You'll understand eventually."

"Get out! Just go!"

He walked to the doorway between the two rooms. "You're lucky that I have a meeting, but I will return. The point of this union, Virginia, is to bear a child, and they will be checking to see that we are working on it. For both of our sakes, I hope you grow accustomed to the idea before I return."

She waited until she heard the door slam shut before she threw herself on the bed and began to sob. Her life was over. Ginny Weasley was technically dead. She was now Mrs. Malfoy, Virginia. She would bear the Malfoy heir, who would in turn be raised to be a Death Eater like it's father. For the second time in her life, Ginny prayed for death.


Susan had been wandering around the chambers that her husband, if you could call him that, had shoved her in before disappearing once again. There were improvements she could make, but she could not see them being more than a prison. The door sounded and she turned towards the noise.. "Blaise?"

He placed the white mask on the table, and turned around to grin at her. "Hey there Suzie Q."

She raised her hand to slap him once across the face, but he caught her hand before it got there in a graceful move. "Look Suze," he ground out, and she could tell he was working on holding on to his temper, "you could have been married to any one of those losers that would do anything to you. Be glad I spoke up for you."

"Glad. Glad?" she asked, wrenching herself out of his grasp, and "I'm married to a Death Eater." The pain that had come with his admission that he was going to join Voldemort came back to her and made her want to sob. "You know how many of my family members have been killed by members of this order. How could I possibly be glad?"

His brown eyes were stormy when his gaze clicked with hers. "Not all of us get a choice in where we end up. Someone had to hold a wand to your head to marry me, maybe something similar happened to get this mark on my arm. It wasn't my choice but it had to be done."

"Who threatened you?" she demanded, wondering why she hadn't really thought of it before. Two years ago she had been too furious with Blaise to ask any questions of him. She had just let it go with his betrayal. And he had counted on it. "Damn it Blaise, you should have told me that they were threatening you. I would have--"

"They threatened you." He looked upset with himself, and Susan realized he had never intended to tell her that. His face closed up within an instant. "I did what I had to Susan. Can you just be thankful that you married someone you loved once?"

Susan laid a hand on Blaise's arm, a large part of her wanted to wrap her arms around him, and she really wasn't sure if he would accept it from her now. "You could have told me."

He still wasn't looking at her as he shook his head. "No, I couldn't have."

"It will be alright. You should have told me."

"I couldn't." He pulled himself up to full height once again and appeared to regain his composure. "You will be allowed to finish your training as a healer. You're close to your certification I have heard. Top of your class?"

She smiled at the realization that he had known what she was up to. "Yes. I am grateful for the chance to finish my training. And glad that its you. I would not have been so rude earlier unless I was comfortable."

"I know. For what its worth Susan, I see this as a blessing. No harm will come to you, I promise you that."

"And my family?" she asked, knowing it was a foolish question, but she couldn't seem to stop it.

His brown eyes were troubled when he looked at her again. "It won't be my wand or a team with me in it."

"You're not coming to bed?"

"I have one last meeting. I will be back shortly. We're going to have to...consummate the relationship..." He winced at the look of horror on Susan's face. "They'll check in the morning."

Her mouth was a small perfectly round circle when she collapsed onto the bed as if it were a chair. "Oh."

Blaise wasn't really looking at her as he picked up his mask and wand off of the desk. "I'll be back. Don't worry."

He gave her a quick kiss and left her sitting alone on the edge of the bed.

Susan stared after him for awhile, before collapsing backwards onto the bed. "I'm only going to lose my virginity to my new husband, who is my ex boyfriend, who I'm still in love with, who forgot a to mention that he was forced into what caused our break up. What is there to be nervous about?"