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Chapter One: Beginning

"What the hell," I shouted at Lady Une's unflinching face, "You can't be serious!"

            She gave me a level glare and stated calmly, "You know I am, Maxwell. The war is over. You and the other Gundam Pilots did your duty and helped end a war and bring peace to the Earth and Colonies. Although we may have been fighting for different sides, our goals were ultimately the same. A lot of people owe you and the others much gratitude."

            "Yeah, I already fucking know that," I growled at her, dragging a hand through my golden chestnut hair, "You don't need to give me a freakin' history lesson."

            "I agree," she stated calmly not rising to the bait I had thrown. Of course it wasn't really that great of a bait, but still, I was pissed. "That is why Preventers has come to this decision."

            I leaned forward, my purple eyes narrowed in frustration and anger, "And can you please re-explain that decision to me?" I asked her, hoping against hope I had heard her wrong the first time.

            She sighed then continued on in an exasperated voice, "Listen Duo, your making this harder then it needs to be. You may have fought a war, but you're still a minor, only 15 years old approximately. I'm not about to send a 15 year old boy back into the world by himself, even if he is one of the five best terrorist there are. It was all I could do to keep the Gundam Pilot's identities a secret from various governments. In doing that I was required to promise that you five would be monitored by competent officials. Heero went with Relena to protect her and is under Zechs and Noin's supervision. Wufei went with Sally to China. Quatre is with his family and Iria promises to keep an eye on him. And Trowa is under Catharine's custody, need I say more. The only one who doesn't have a stable environment to go to or an adult to take custody of him, is you. Now I would do it myself, except that I think I may end up strangling you with that obnoxious braid of yours. Anyway, living with me is not really what you need. You need a family, people who will love and adore you. I got the perfect offer from General Kasamaka. He holds no malicious feelings towards any of the Gundam Pilots, and in fact took it as a personal insult that five young children were force to fight in a war. He has a loving wife and four children. They would be more than happy to take you in and make you apart of their family."

            I stared at my hands for a moment. Family, a real live family…it was tempting… too tempting. "I'm a killer Une, a soldier and a street brat. I'll never be a normal teenager."

            Lady Une caught my eyes with hers and stared at me hard, "I'm not asking you to be a normal teenager. I'm well aware that you never can, not after what you've been through. I am asking that you give yourself a chance at living the rest of your teenage years in a more or less normal environment. You deserve that much Duo."

            I stared back at her, my eyes blank, face blank. I didn't bother putting on my smiling mask for her, she wouldn't buy it, and basically, I was too stressed at the moment to smile for her. If she was Heero…no that thought was better left undone. "Everyone I have ever loved has died on me, Lady."

            "And it was never your fault, Duo. You're not cursed. Get over it." Her words were harsh, but I saw the sympathy in her eyes. I understood what she wasn't saying. The past couldn't be changed but the future was up to me. Move on and find happiness.

            I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, then looked back at her, square in the eye, "If I don't like it, I'm disappearing and not even Heero Yuy will be able to find me if I don't want him to."

            She nodded her head to show she understood and agreed, "Very well, all I ask is that you try. Now General Kasamaka lives in the upper part of New York City. He has asked that you call him Jerry and his wife Kara. He has a son your age, Jeremy who is a sophomore; a thirteen year old daughter Marie—eighth grade; a six year old daughter Amy—first grade; and a four year old Miky—preschool. You will be going to high school with Jeremy and will be a sophomore also. And before you complain, yes I know that you are quite possibly smarter then the teachers, but just deal with it. Go with the flow as they say."

            I flopped down in my seat and listened with only half an ear as to what Une was saying, storing it away for me to dissect later on. Right now I was a little stun that I was getting a family, that people actually wanted me besides the guys. It was a strange feeling, but I also wasn't sure if this Jerry dude was just doing this for some kind of personal gain either. I would have to do a personal search on him and his family and then make further judgments as I went on. I wouldn't trust him yet, but I wasn't about to label him enemy either.


            Jerry was forty eight year old man, his wife was forty four. They were both pleasant face people with wide smiles and slight wrinkles that made them seem wise and kind. Jerry's hair was completely white, but in no way did he look old. His body was fit and he towered over me, looking down from his six foot frame with cloudy blue eyes. He wore an expensive blue business suit and radiated an aura of comfort. His wife had brown hair with gray streaks combed into a bun. She had soft brown eyes and also towered over me at her 5'8" frame. She was pretty and wore a yellow sundress with short sleeves. The kids were at school.

            "Duo," Kara said with warmth, "It's so good to finally meet you." She came over and hugged me, pressing me deep into her impressive bosom. I was nearly smothered, but in a good way. And no, it wasn't because my face was in her breasts. I liked the way the hug felt so motherly, like when Sister Helen's hugs.

            Jerry came up behind me and placed a large hand upon my shoulder, "Welcome to the family son. Call us Jerry and Kara if you want, but we don't mind if you call us Mom or Dad either. Whatever you're comfortable with." He smiled at me, already accepting me as a son.

            It felt weird. Really weird, standing between these two parents, looking up at them, knowing that they were willing to take care of me. Of course, I still didn't trust them completely. How could I? If this turned out to be some kind of elaborate hoax I didn't want it to hurt too much when it ended. I was wary to say the least as I walked into the humongous house, but there was also a tiny bit of hope inside.

            Maybe things wouldn't be so bad. Maybe things might actually work out. Or maybe not. I would see, wouldn't I?


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