They like me, they REALLY like me!!!

Brooky: luv, it's a T.V. series. This is X-Men EVOLUTION. You're thinking of X-Men the movie and X2. There's also the comics. You need to keep up, darlin'.

Dark Jaded Rose: wow! Thankee, thankee, thankee! I've never been a muse . . . *strikes pose*

Enfant-terrible: nice name. Terrible child, eh? You really like Pietro, don't you? Hm. I might have him cameo, if yer good.

Ultra aardvark: ok, the name makes no sense. I agree, few bisexual stories are classy, much less possible. Well, mine's highly improbable, but still.

I've been meaning to make a Toad story for a while. This was my excuse.


"Bonjour, m' petite chere," the rough Cajun murmured irresistible French in Rogue's ear as she woke.

"Swamp Rat," she scowled, opening one eye to see her watch. 4:00 a.m. "SWAMP RAT!" she whined, smacking him off of her. He sat back against her headboard as she slowly sat up. "Whaddaya want at this hour?"

"Remy had an idea, and a talk with a certain amphibian."

Rogue licked her lips, which had suddenly become very dry. "What kinda idea?" She knew precisely which amphibian.

"Your powers, my little Rogue. Direct contact, oui?"

"Yeah . . ."

"So if there was something like . . . water . . . in the way . . ."

Rogue's eyes lit up. "That's – that's so far-fetched it might even work."

"School swimming pool?"

"Hold on, Ah don' wanna drown ya. First . . . there's a bathroom in the hall with a large sink. Let's go."

They went off to experiment.


I realize how PHENOMENALLY short that was. But I've been wanting to work this water thing in for a while. It was just an idea I had. Anyway, here's my update, I'll try to get more up soon.