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"Linda?" Lita asked into the phone, "It's Lita."

"Oh, honey, do you want to just wait a few minutes, Vince and I are in a meeting with..."

"Steve, Eric and Paul." Lita told her. "I know. I have something I want to say to you all, do you think you could put me on speaker phone?"

"Hold on a second." Linda told her, the sounds the background becoming muffled for a second.

"All right Lita, tell us what's on your mind." Vince's voice told her.

"I've made a decision about work." She answered. "I know what I'm going to do."

"And?" Steve asked.

"I want to go on RAW tonight, and tell everyone, at the same time." Lita told them. "I want five minutes of uninterrupted ring time to finalise my decision. No body guards, no one hovering protectively over my shoulder. Just me in the ring with a microphone."

"Will you even give us an inkling of what you're going to do?" Linda asked. "Lita we worry about you, and Zane." "I won't, in case I change my mind. I don't think I will, but I'd hate to mislead anyone."

"We'll see you tonight then, in the ring." Steve said to her, "Stay safe."

"You too." Lita told him. "See you all later."

"I didn't expect to see you here tonight." Hunter told Lita as he spotted her in the hall. "Where's Zane?"

"He's not here." She answered simply. "I don't have time now, I need to be in the ring in a second."

"You're wrestling again?" His voice barely contained his shock.

"No." Lita spun around and made a hasty exit, moving towards the gorilla, not turning back to look at him before she disappeared from view.

"Are you ready to go on?" Vince asked, standing just behind the curtain, "Because if you're not, this can wait until later in the show."

"I'm going to be okay." Lita smiled briefly, then turned and moved through left wing out onto the ramp as LoveFuryPassionEnergy hit.

With a wide smile on her face she bounded down the ramp, then slid into the ring and jumped up on each of the four turnbuckles to greet the crowd, who were chanting her name almost all the way around the arena.

With a smile she moved to the middle of the ring and gestured for someone to throw her a microphone.

"Wow guys, thanks for the welcome!" She called out. "I came out here to... Well, I came out here to make a decision. But before I go ahead and make that decision, you guys will probably want some background. Everything started when Evolution began targeting me, in more ways than one.

So when I went on maternity leave, I flew to Mexico to be close to some old friends, and some new ones. But Evolution found me again in Mexico. I had my baby, and there was the twenty-man grudge match, slash rumble, slash brawl. It ended with me driving a metal scy through Triple H's hands, and in retaliation, Evolution kidnapped my son, then held me hostage.

I'm sure at least one person in the audience will know what it's like when someone takes your child, and I'm not even going to try and describe how it feels because with words it just can't be accurately described." Lita shook her head, pausing before she continued.

"I've been completely absent from work since, and a long time ago, when I went on leave I told my bosses that I might not be able to work on RAW anymore, that I would make my decision when I was ready, and they've all been great. From Vince and Linda McMahon, to Stone Cold Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff, they've all been very understanding. But I've made my decision, and I'm going to stand by it."

As she finished speaking Evolution's music hit.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" Hunter asked, standing at the top of the ramp, his flunkies standing around him.

"I'm making a career choice." Lita answered.

"No way in hell." He shook his head at her, and the four men began to advance to the ring.

Maintaining her composure Lita stood tall, ignoring them. "Would Vince, Linda, Steve, and Eric come out here please. I've taken long enough to make a decision, I would like to tell you face to face."

No music played at all as the four people made their way to the ring, each walking quickly as Evolution slid into the ring.

Finally all nine people stood in the ring, with Lita looking the most relaxed of all.

"Thank you for coming out." Lita said quietly. "If you don't mind, I'd like to just be able to speak for a moment, and speak my mind, so please, no interruptions." Vince, Linda and the co-GM's of RAW all nodded, while Evolution remained still and silent.

"I have thought long and hard about this, and I tried really hard to weigh up everything and to make a decision that I felt was right for me." She began. "And that's why I'm leaving RAW. This will be my last segment here, probably for quite a while.

When we were in Mexico, Paul Heyman came to me with a proposal. He told me that if I wanted to keep wrestling competitively, the SMACKDOWN roster would be glad to have me.

Now at this time, I feel that it's better for me to have some space, and be with people that I love, who care about me. I know that I have that kind of support here on RAW, but for the people I will be joining on the SMACKDOWN roster, it's a different kind of love and support that they offer me and I'm grateful for that." Lita paused, and swallowed.

"It's been a pleasure working with you Steve, and it's been... interesting working with you as well, Eric, even though we have had our differences in the past. So thank you, and good bye." She reached out and hugged each of the two men before sliding out of the ring, and disappearing at the top of the ramp, leaving eight people standing shocked in the ring.

"You're really leaving us?" Trish asked tearfully, catching her friend up in a hug as soon as Lita was through the curtains.

"I'm really going." Lita told her, brushing away a few stray tears of her own. "I need to get out of here, for a least a while, and I want to go."

"We're going to miss you." Rob Van Dam ruffled her hair, and then hugged Lita, squeezing her tightly.

"I'll miss most of the people here too." She told the group of people who had gathered around. "But this is something that I think is right for me, and right for Zane at this point in time."

"So are you hanging around for a while?" Christian asked, "So that we can all go out after the show?"

Lita shook her head. "I have to get going. My ride's here already, and we have a flight to catch." She smiled at Jeff and Matt who stood just a little way down the hall, holding Zane gently in his arms.

The others turned to see the guys standing there, Matt cradling Zane.

"I know that some of you might feel like I'm walking out on this, and that I'm giving up, but that's not it." Lita told everyone. "I'm going to go and be with the three guys I love most in the world, the three people who I consider to be my closest family."

As she moved to join them, a hand grabbed her by the shoulder, making Lita automatically try to twist out from the restraining grip.

"Let her go." Matt snapped at the figure, passing Zane to Jeff and moving towards Lita.

"What the hell are you thinking?" Hunter asked Lita, spinning her around. "You're just going to take Zane away, and not bother telling me anything?"

"You got told when everyone else did." She snapped at him, "Now let me go!"

"So I can't see him at all now?" He asked. "You're just going to take him away on the road with you, so that I'll never be able to get to know him?"

Lita stopped struggling in his grasp. "Just let him go Hunter. Let us both go. You might be Zane's biological father, but as he grows up I don't want him to recognize you as his father. He'll probably call you 'daddy' or whatever, but I hope that 'Matt', 'Jeff' and 'Rey' mean the same or similar things to him. When all the other kids in the playground talk about their 'daddy', Zane will have at least six people he can talk about, even if only in name."

"This isn't fair." Hunter shook his head. "You can't do this."

"I can't forgive you Hunter, not for what you did to me in the beginning, with kidnapping me, handcuffs and everything else. And I can't forgive you for taking Zane, or for what you put me through that night, or for all the therapy that I went through, and the time you took from my life. I can't forgive you. But I can take Zane with me, wherever I go, and I will. This is the end and I'm going home now." Without too much trouble Lita pulled out of his grasp and let Matt hug her.

Hunter watched as Matt kissed her forehead, and Jeff passed Zane into her arms, the three of them turning and walking away, Matt with an arm around Lita's waist, Jeff walking backwards, making faces at Zane, the baby's laughter carrying down the hallway.

"It's all over." Lita repeated to Matt and Jeff. "This is the end of a nightmare, and we're going home together."

"We'll always be going home together." Matt told her. "Don't worry."

"I'm not." She smiled, and the two men knew that it was all over as soon as the smile reached her eyes, lighting them up with happiness and warmth. "I'm not worried anymore."