Not so Alone

Sharron Ibbitson

Rating: PG

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Not So Alone.

Martin Riggs whistled to himself as he walked down the parking lot to his car. Today had been a pretty good day; he and his partner had managed to get a couple more scumbags off the streets of LA, it had been an extremely long and tiring case and he felt exhausted. He was going home alone to face another evening with only his own company. He had been feeling pretty lonely lately sure he had the Murtaghs, but it just wasn't the same as having a family of your own. To fill some of the void he had worked a number of double shifts of late, he hadn't told Roger because he knew all too well what the older man's reaction would be. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, but found them drifting back to his late wife, he had only ever seen himself having a family with one person and that was Victoria Lynn, he had loved her more than life itself, he still did. He knew that he could never completely give his heart to anybody else, because part of him would always belong to Vicky.

"Yo Riggs wait up?" a voice yelled at him from behind, pulling him violently out of his melancholy thoughts.

"Hey Rog? What's up?" he greeted his partner, plastering a smile on his face.

"Just wondering what you're doing tonight is all" Roger replied, not fooled for a second by his partner's bright exterior, he knew his partner well enough to notice that the smile didn't reach those all too expressive blue eyes

"I dunno Rog, I'm probably going to just chill at home with Sam, have a few beers and maybe watch a movie" Riggs replied, not making eye contact.

"Well Trish is visiting her sister with the kids for the night, so you want to come over to mine and make it a bit of a boy's night?" Roger propositioned, keen to discover what was wrong with his partner. Riggs hesitated for a second before replying.

"Actually Rog I'm kinda tired I might just have an early night" he replied, Roger frowned that in itself was most unlike his partner, he normally jumped at any invites, even if it usually involved suffering Trisha's cooking.

""Oh okay if you're sure, just don't forget that Trish is expecting you round for dinner tomorrow night" Roger responded, his concern growing as the look on his partner's face clearly showed that he had forgotten.

"Na don't worry I'll be there" Martin replied, then turned around and headed towards his pickup.

"Hey Riggs?" Roger called after his partner, and continued when the younger man turned around. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine, just tired Roger, just very tired" Martin replied, and Roger was just as concerned by his partner's words, but had no choice other than to head home to an empty house, a microwave meal and an evening of worrying about his partner.

Riggs sighed to himself as he walked through his door, absentmindedly tickled Sam's ears threw some food in his bowl and then headed straight to bed, not even pausing long enough to remove more than his boots. He was asleep within seconds of his head hitting the pillow, his plans for a few beers and a movie long forgotten.

Roger paced up and down for about the millionth time that night. Something was niggling at the back of his mind, he just didn't know what to do. He was really worried about his partner, but knew that Riggs liked his privacy and might overreact to Roger's concern. He sighed to himself; he knew he would never settle until he knew his partner was okay, so he hesitated only a second before picking up his phone and dialling the familiar number. His concern as not lessened when the phone continually rang with no response he tutted to himself and quickly grabbed his gun, keys and jacket and headed out of the door.

He arrived at the beach in record time and sprinted straight across to the door, knocking loudly and calling out his partner's name. He was appalled when his partner answered the door slowly. He looked paler than any human being Roger had ever seen and his eyes were glazed with a sunken look to them.

"Riggs are you okay man?" Roger asked, already knowing the answer, but asking anyway, Riggs seemed to stare through him, not hearing what was being said to him. Roger stepped forward just in time to catch his partner as he crumpled to the floor. Roger gently lowered the younger man down so that his head was resting on his lap, he gently shook the other man

"Riggs! Riggs wake up man?" he urged his fallen partner desperately searching for a pulse and relieved when he found one, even though it was erratic it was there. Roger pulled out his cell phone and frantically dialled 911, as soon as he had done so he went back to trying to rouse his partner with no success.

Roger paced nervously back and forth in the waiting room, he had already contacted Trish to let her know what was going on, and she was on her way, as worried about heir surrogate son as he was himself. Roger nearly leapt onto the doctor when he saw him approach.

"Well what's going on?"  Roger asked desperate for news.

"After running a number of tests, we have diagnosed your partner as suffering from chronic exhaustion and dehydration" the doctor told him.

"What? But how is that possible?" Roger asked, confused.

"Generally to lack of sleep and food over a period of time cause it to come to ahead. Given the severity of your partner's collapse I'd say that this has brewing for some time" the doctor told the concerned man gently.

"How could this happen?" Surely I would have noticed" Roger mused out loud.

"It's no use thinking like that, it may be that your partner himself didn't even notice what he was doing himself. Look he is going to be just fine" the doctor reassured the man before him.

"So what do we do to get him well again?" Roger asked.

"He needs complete rest and good meals with plenty of fluids for at least a week. Then I'd recommend that he goes for a vacation for a week or two, away from distraction." The doctor told the man, and before Roger could respond a female voice cut in.

"Well that's no problem he can come and stay with us can't he Roger?" Trisha Murtagh told her husband, and Roger grinned.

"It goes without saying sweetheart" Roger replied, then turned back to the doctor. "So when can he come home?" he asked.

"Straight away. He is awake and fairly lucid, as long as he has someone to keep an eye on him there is no reason why he can't go now" the doctor replied, and Roger nodded please.

"Okay then take us to our boy" he responded and the doctor grinned, before leading eth couple to the room that housed his patient.

"Hey there?" Roger greeted his partner. Martin laid stretched out on the bed, with his forearm shielding his eyes as if he had a killer headache, which Roger supposed he probably did.

"Hi Rog" Riggs replied quietly.

"You ready to blow this joint?" Roger asked with a grin that was returned by his partner.

"Thought you'd never ask" Riggs joked weakly swinging his legs over the side of the bed, and getting unsteadily to his feet. Roger firmly placed his hand on his shoulder to steady his now swaying partner.

"Easy there take it steady" he told the younger man, and as soon as they had the young man signed out they all settled into Trisha's car and headed off home. The journey passed in silence as Martin slept most of the way. When they pulled up outside of the house, Riggs jolted awake with a start, confused as to where he was, Roger jumped out first and helped his exhausted partner out of the car.

"Hey I thought you were taking me home?" Riggs protested speaking the most words he had uttered all night.

"We have Martin, this is your home, and don't you ever forget that" Trisha told the younger man, and he was embarrassed to feel his eyes fill with moisture.

"Thank you" he replied softly, not trusting himself to say more. She squeezed his arm gently, and then the two older people lead the swaying Riggs into the house.

"Come on Riggs let's get you settled" roger told his partner, as he practically carried him up the stairs to the spare room, concerned by the lack of energy his usually vibrant hyperactive partner possessed. Roger gently lowered his partner down on the bed whilst Trisha carefully pulled the covers over their ill guest. She leant forward and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

"Get some sleep Martin, I'll bring you some breakfast up in the morning" she told him and then she and Roger crept out of the room flicking the light switch as they went.

"Mom, Dad, what's going on"? Their oldest daughter asked them as she caught them creeping out onto the landing.

"Rhianne go to bed sweetheart and we'll explain in the morning" Roger whispered to his daughter, she nodded, not really understanding but her father's tone told her to do as she was told.