Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen

"Roger is going to kill us you know" Martin muttered to his faithful dog by his side. "I mean maybe not so much you, but definitely me" he continued, lighting a much needed cigarette as he walked, Sam trotting along by his side. The two strolled to the end of the street where Riggs pickup was awaiting them. Martin sighed as he unlocked the vehicle, knowing that Murtagh was going to be beyond annoyed at him- he would want to kill him himself- but he also knew that he was doing what he had to do. He could not bear to put his family at risk- and he sure as hell was not going to. Without a backward glance he stepped into the truck and shut the door. He knew what he had to do.


"I am going to wring his scrawny neck!" Roger Murtagh yelled as he discovered his empty guest room. He rubbed his hands over his tired face, his concern for his partner increasing ten fold in his absence. Trish appeared by her husbands side upon hearing his raised voice.

"He's gone?" she asked, her own voice flat with worry.

"Yeah hes gone off on his own" Roger replied, his tone anything but resigned. He was going to find his partner, he was going to help him, he was going to keep him safe and then he was going to kill him.

"He has his reasons" Trisha muttered, knowing that Roger would not like it, but he would understand it.

"I know, and so do I" he replied, before giving her a brief hug and leaving the room.


Murphy looked up from his paperwork as he saw an extremely harassed looking Roger Murtagh walk into the squad room, his interest was further piqued at seeing the other man walking directly to the Captain.

"What has Riggs done now?" he asked the detective, knowing that only one person could make the seasoned cop so angry.

"He has gone it alone" Roger replied, Murphy looked up sharply, his shock displayed over his face.

"You mean he has gone already?" he asked, wishing that the youngest of the trio was not so impulsive and stubborn.

"Yeah he sloped off in the night" Murtagh replied, his tiredness and concern catching up with him and he slumped down into the chair.

"Dammit!" Murphy muttered, with the tone of someone that knew more than he was letting on.

"What is it?" the subordinate asked, his curiosity rising. Murphy didnt answer- he merely threw a file at the detective and awaited his reaction. "Oh shit" he whispered as he finished reading. He looked up and his eyes met those of his boss his own concern mirrored in the return gaze. "What do we do?"

"Apart from kill Riggs you mean? Take Wilcox with you and go to Riggs place, see if hes there. After that check everywhere else you can think of he might go. Report back after each place, we dont know if he knows how close you are. I am going to put an APB out on Riggs and his truck- its for his own safety!" Murphy continued before Murtagh could protest.

"Martin aint gonna like that" Murtagh commented.

"I dont give a rats what he likes at this moment in time- he wont like being dead much either so he can like it or lump it" Murtagh grinned slightly in response- glad to not be on his own in looking out for his partner and his friend.


"So where do we start?" Lee Wilcox asked the senior detective as the two set off looking for the missing cop.

"His trailer first- if he aint there, there might be something that gives us a clue to where he actually is" Roger reasoned, missing his partners natural banter and wit as they travelled looking for him.

"Okay" the younger man replied. He knew how close the two detectives were, and he could also understand how worried Roger must be. "We will find him you know?" he commented hoping to at least ease the man slightly.

"I know, its just whether he will be alive when we do" Murtagh replied- his comment reducing the ability for further conversation. Wilcox sighed silently and continued driving, not fully sure what else to say.


The journey to Riggs trailer seemed to take forever yet in reality was only a matter of twenty minutes. As soon as they arrived at the location Murtagh felt his stomach churn, all of his instincts told him that something was very very wrong. The two men stepped out of the car and Roger instantly noticed Martins truck parked a short distance away. He paused and drew his gun, all of his intuition screaming at him. Wilcox didnt say a word, he trusted Murtagh and drew his own weapon. The two detectives eased there way along the building line to the front door of their friends trailer. Murtaghs heart sank when he saw the door wide open. His experience allowed him to continue without the worry affecting his judgement. A soft whining drew his attention into the lounge area of the small living space, tears sprang to his eyes at the sight of Sam laid on his side, blood covering his soft fur. The two men entered the area and after checking that all the rooms were clear Murtagh went and tended to the injured dog. As he looked closely he found a small bullet wound to the shoulder of his friends animal. Wilcox appeared beside him his cell already out, summoning assistance for the wounded dog. Once he had completed his call, he further gained Rogers attention, as the older man looked up he gestured him to one side.

"Theres something else that you need to see" he told the detective quietly. Rogers heart sank further as he knew it was nothing good. He followed the younger man further into the trailer and pointed out an area of the wall. Roger gasped at seeing a pattern of bullet holes, and a blood splatter over the wall. He also saw the blood splattered LAPD badge of Sergeant Martin Riggs.

"God Riggs!" Roger muttered under his breath as he fought to get control of his rising emotions.

End Chapter Fifteen.

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