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Rating: G Spoilers: None Summary: General Hammond's thoughts on SG-1 whereabouts

Where Are They NOW?!?

"Where are they now?" said General Hammond as he shook his head deep within Cheyenne Mountain. Only alone in his office could he get away with showing worry for his missing team. As the commander of the SGC, he felt responsible for each and every person under his command, but SG-1 was different. They were special. They were the flagship team of his command as well as his friends and they were late for their scheduled check in...very late.

It was not the first time they were late for check in. It has happened many times over the years. Most of the time it was because Dr. Jackson or Major Carter found some new artifact or piece of technology that they couldn't be pulled away from. He had seen "the look" on each of their faces when describing their "latest & most wonderful discovery" in the debriefings. Smiling and shaking his head, he could only imagine what they were like when out in the field. Col. O'Neill had his hands full at times.

General Hammand chuckled to himself as he thought of Colonel O'Neill's reaction each time it happened. Both scientists would profusely apologize for the distraction and launch into some complicated explanation of what they had found. It would always drive the Colonel nuts! But he wouldn't be surprised if Col. O'Neill's reaction drove Dr. Jackson nuts, in return.

Hammond's thoughts turned more serious as he remembered all the other times when they were late and were in trouble. Unfortunately, there had been way too many of those times too. Because SG-1 was so good, they did not get into a little trouble... they got in a lot of trouble. A lot of trouble usually meant that 1 or more members of SG-1 would end up in the infirmary. Or worse. He did not want to dwell on the or worse.

The General got up and walked down to the control room for an update. He knew that he would have been called if there were anything new to report. The men and women of his command knew their jobs but he needed to do something to keep his mind from dwelling on the worst.

"Report!" He barked as he entered the dark control room.

"Sorry Sir, no contact from SG-1 yet," Said Sargent Davis briskly as he monitored the open gate.

General Hammond was startled to realize that he had taken his frustration out on someone else. He usually didn't act like that. He must be more worried than he thought.

Taking a deep breath Hammond said, "It's OK Sergeant. You are just doing your job."

After a pause, Hammond asked, "How long since their last transmission?"

"48 hours, Sir."

"That makes them 24 hours late for check in," Hammond said to no one in particular.

"What are the latest readings from the MALP?"

"Just a minute Sir...readings show no change in surface conditions on the planet, no activity in the gate area, and no radio chatter in 48 hours, Sir"

"Where are you now?!?" Hammond said in exasperation.

"Sorry, Sir?" Davis answered in confusion.

"Nevermind, Sergeant. Shut it down" said Hammond.

With that order, Sgt. Davis shut down the gate. He could tell that the General was worried. General Hammond didn't bark at people unless he was extremely mad ...or worried.

Just then the gate started spinning!

"In-coming wormhole." Davis said as the alarms started sounding.

"It's SG-1, Sir!" The surprised Davis yelled as he rechecked the incoming code.

"Open the iris." Hammond ordered. Shaking his head, he thought "this had better be a good one or there will be some serious explaining going on."

To be continued in where are they now?!? – Janet's POV