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Fortunately for the three psychopaths and Ryou, Isis made no move to stop them from having a 'guys night out' since they told her that all they planned on doing was going to a club for a few hours. Unfortunately for them, She had also flat-out refused to lend them her jeep and they were forced to take the van, which still had Marzuq's baby seat in it. Currently Bakura was driving, since Marik and Malik were way in the back making out and Ryou was riding in the passenger seat. Bakura wasn't exactly doing the greatest job driving however since not only was he going way above the speed limit, he kept on sneaking glances at Ryou causing the van to swerve all over the road every time he did that.

"Are you two done yet so I can find out where I'm going?" Bakura complained as he looked in the rearview mirror at the two blondes, at least he tried to look at them but Marik was currently laying flat on his back on the seat with Malik on top of him as they passionately kissed each other.

Not paying attention to where he was going, Bakura accidentally ran over a pothole. Unfortunately for those in the van, the jolt of the van hitting the hole resulted in the TV in the back to spring to life. There were cries all around as one of Marzuq's Barney DVDs started to play. Bakura covered his ears with his hands, forcing Ryou to lunge at the steering wheel so they did not crash into anything. Meanwhile Malik was trying to scrabble over the seat to stop the DVD player but his efforts were halted by the fact that his pants had mysteriously found their way down to his ankles, tripping him up. Only Marik seemed content to let the video play as he quietly sang along to the song, while wondering why his lover had left him.

"The break Kura! The break!" Ryou frantically cried but alas Bakura had no clue what the break thing was his hikari kept talking about.

"Turn that thing off!" Bakura yelled glancing over his shoulder and found a half-naked Malik still trying to scrabble over the seats. With other cry, Bakura snapped shut his eyes to block out the images. In desperation, Bakura finally hit the other pedal next to the gas stopping the van and causing everyone to fly forward in the process except for Ryou who had been the only one smart enough to wear a seat belt.

"Ow," Bakura complained as he freed the pointy-spikes of his Millennium Ring from where it had become embedded into his skin when his chest hit the steering wheel. Fortunately for them all, Malik had landed next to the DVD player and quickly turned it and the TV back off before pulling up his pants.

"That was interesting," Marik commented as he picked himself up off the floor.

"Well maybe if you two could keep your hands off of each other for one minute, I could have found out where we were going!" complained Bakura.

"Who cares as long as we get to torture and kill someone," Marik snapped back at the former thief.

"Hey look, we're at the airport!" Ryou announced pointing towards where a plane was landing with the initials KC on the side of it. The two yamis and Malik exchanged a quick gleeful look before they all started scrabbling out of van and running towards the plane. Stopping at the wire fence that surrounded the landing pads, Marik dug out some wire cutters from the bag he was carrying and quickly made a hole for them to walk through. Hurrying over to the plane, they soon however that the plane was not carrying the rich billionaire but his younger brother and he had a camera crew with him.

"Hi guys!" Mokuba cried seeing the three of them and Ryou following Marik, Malik and Bakura at a much slower pace. "What are you doing here? And why is there more of you?"

"Where's Kaiba?" Malik demanded to know.

"Back home," Mokuba replied. "We're here doing a documentary for KCTV."

"Rats," Malik grumbled with a small pout. He had been looking forward to bugging Seto Kaiba but his heart just wasn't into annoying Mokuba since he knew that Seto would kill them if they harmed Mokuba in any way. Fortunately Bakura and Marik didn't share Malik's fears and were more then willing to torment the young Kaiba brother, that is they were more then willing to make Mokuba their victim until they saw who the cameraman that Mokuba brought with him.

"Hello," Bakura said with a toothy grin as he shoved Mokuba out of the way so he could walk over to said cameraman. Seeing that the cameraman was an easy target Marik decided to follow the other yami. Recognizing the two yamis from Kaiba's Battle City Tournament, the camera screamed in terror before trying to run back into the plane. Unfortunately for him Marik grabbed him by the back of his t-shirt and pulled him back, throwing an arm across the other's shoulder.

"Hey! I know you!" Ryou happily cried. "You're that guy who lives across the street in the attic of that crazy old lady!"

"You mean the old lady I always run over with your car?" Bakura asked and Ryou nodded his head.

"Bob, isn't it?" Ryou asked and Bob weakly nodded his head.

"Wow, you're really brave Bob," Malik said as he started to grin. "Not only do you live next to Bakura but also to accept an assignment like this."

"What do you mean?" Bob asked while nervously looking around at Bakura, Marik and Malik who were grinning madly at him.

"Curses," Malik whispered as he tried to be serious and he held back a laugh as he watched Bob become extremely pale.

"Yeah," Marik agreed. "All these places are cursed."

"You wouldn't believe the things I've seen that curses have done," Bakura told him. "Some of them are worst punishments then death."

"Bad luck for all eternity."

"Brutal deaths for their entire family while all they could do was sit by and watch."

"Painful diseases for the rest of their lives."

"Guys!" Mokuba finally yelled at them but not before they managed to make Bob go completely white. "There's no such thing as curses!"

Fake wide and fearful eyes turned to Mokuba. "Says who?" Marik asked.

"Yeah we're the experts here," Malik added and he faked a small shutter. "I grew up around all kinds of curses and trust me it's not pretty."

""Nisama told me," Mokuba firmly told them while crossing his arms over his chest. "He has some memories of his past life from 3000 years ago so he would know!"

"Well I lived it," Bakura told him in a last attempt to try and scare Mokuba. "Trust me, I know."

Mokuba didn't reply him, he simply pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number. He spoke quietly in it for a few minutes before holding it out to Bakura, Marik and Malik. "Nisama wants to talk to you."

Malik and Ryou gave a terrified look before they dragged their yami away and back to the van. "What are you doing?" Marik complained to Malik as Malik opened the sliding door and shoved him inside. "Things were just getting good!"

"Don't mess with Kaiba!" Malik hissed as he climbed in next to his yami. In the front, both Ryou and Bakura were back in the van as well. "You can go after him but not Mokuba or you will pay!"

"At least we got to scare that moron Bob," Bakura snickered. "Much more and he would have peed his pants!"

"Yeah that was fun!" Marik laughed. "I need to visit Domino more often so I can torment him!"

"Can we do something normal now?" Ryou weakly asked. He did have to admit however it had been funny to see Bob's reaction to the things that the others had told him.

"Define normal," Malik replied with a grin.

"Lets go get something to drink," Bakura suggested as he drove along in search for a bar.

"Kura! No!" Ryou begged. One they were technically too young to drink and two he was worried that if they got drunk he wouldn't be able to keep himself from climbing all over his yami.

"I have an idea," Marik announced with a large grin. "Bakura, head towards the Museum."

"Do you have a death wish!" Malik yelled at him. "Isis would kill us if we do anything there!"

"Don't worry, we're just going to borrow something from there that they've been having trouble identifying. I'm sure Isis won't mind after we show her how it works."

"Sounds boring," Bakura replied as he continued his search for a bar.

"I was talking about Dia Disks," Marik told him with a smirk on his face. Marik then had to hang on with his life as Bakura made a sharp U-Turn and started heading towards the museum where Isis worked.

"What are Dia Disks?" Ryou asked as Bakura sped down the road.

"I have no clue," Malik replied as he checked to see whether he had whiplash or not.

"You'll find out soon enough," Marik told them with a crackle. Sure enough with the way Bakura was driving they reached the museum in no time. And with two Millennium Items it was a snap breaking into the place.

"Where did you get that?" Malik asked Marik who was holding the Millennium Rod. "I thought I gave that to the Pharaoh after Battle City."

"I swiped it back this afternoon," Marik informed him with a shrug of his shoulders. "Baka Pharaoh didn't even realize it was missing. Besides it's Kaiba's rod but he doesn't want it."

"Just make sure you don't get caught with it," Malik warned as they made their way inside the museum. Marik led the group knowing the right way to go as he's been the museum a couple hundred of times since his return. Marik led them all to one of the many Egyptian displays. Inside the glass case appeared to be nothing more then two armbands that weren't even made of gold. Stepping aside, Marik allowed Bakura to use the Millennium Ring to unlock the case, Marik then lifted the lid off, pulled out one of the armband and slipped it on his arm where his Duel Disk would normally be. Bakura snapped up the other armband and placed it around his left wrist as well.

"Armbands?" Ryou asked in disbelief. "We came here to steal armbands? Armbands that Isis will kill us over stealing when she finds out?"

"They're not armbands!" Marik growled. "Weren't you paying attention? These are Dia Disks!"

":Leave him alone!" Bakura yelled at Marik. "Your hikari doesn't know what they are either and he was suppose to grow up knowing all this stuff! He can't be very bright!"

"Don't insult Malik!" Marik snapped. With a flick of his arm, his Dia Disk extended and now it looked like an armband with a fan attached to it. Likewise, Bakura did the same thing and the two faced off against each other.

"Not in here!" Malik yelled at the both of them. "Besides we're all on the same side! Remember?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Marik grumbled as he reluctantly agreed with his koi. "Come on lets get out of here so we can cause some damage." The four of them then walked out of the museum. Once they were back outside on the street, Marik and Bakura forgot all about their argument as they madly grinned at the thought of all the fun they were about to have.

"Diabound!" Bakura yelled and a large grayish monster, who's tail became a head of a snake, appeared in the sky. Likewise Marik called out monsters of his own and the two of them began terrorizing the city.

"Can I try?" Malik begged as Marik's Lava Golem caught an innocent person in its cage and began melting. The man began screaming in pain as he was melted alive.

"No," Marik grumbled. "Take Bakura's Dia Disk, he's just using his ka and doesn't need it."

"Don't touch me!" Bakura yelled as Malik who made a move to take Bakura's Dia Disk. Diabound destroyed a building with its blast before turning around and glaring at Malik. Malik gave a yelp and ran back to Marik to hide behind his love.

The fun was over all too soon for the former yamis, when a piercing bright light filled the sky. As their eyes adjusted to the light, they could make out the form of a familiar golden dragon. Bakura clutched his chest in pain as Ra destroyed Diabound.

"The Pharaoh!" Marik cried as both he and Bakura hid their arm with the Dia Disk on it behind their backs. Marik was holding the Millennium Rod in his left hand so it was hidden behind his back as well.

"What is going on here?" Yami demanded as he marched down the street towards them with his own Dia Disk on his arm. Above him, Ra was flying around still lighting up the sky. Isis was following close behind him.

"Nothing!" Marik quickly replied as innocently as possible. He called away the Lava Golem who disappeared in the night sky. "What's that thing on your arm?"

"I think you know," Yam replied eyeing the two yamis. Smartly Ryou and Malik backed away from the two of them. "Pulling a move like this would have been better before I got my memories back."

"So where did that Dia Disk come from?" Ryou innocently asked. He figured Bakura might not be in as much trouble if he was able to get the Pharaoh to calm down a little bit.

"It's my own," Isis informed them. "You've all seemed to have forgotten that I use to be a Priest for Pharaoh Atemu in a past life. Some things the general public does not need to go and Dia Disks are one of them. I kept one for myself and placed the other two that have been found in the museum. Now cough them up."

With a grunt, Bakura tugged off his Dia Disk and handed it to Isis. Marik meanwhile slipped the Rod to Malik before bringing his own Dia Disk into view and removing it.

"Now for your punishment," Yami announced and all four of them paled, which was hard for Bakura, Marik and Malik to do since they were so dark skinned. "First of all, Malik and Ryou, I don't blame the two of you for what happened. As for you two, Bakura and Marik, you've both have gone too far." Ryou and Malik both began to panic; as it looked liked Yami was going to Mind Crush both of their loves. Malik was paranoid that he was going to have to raise Marzuq all alone who greatly loved Marik. As for Ryou all he could think about was that Bakura would never know how he felt. Ryou desperately wanted the type of relationship with Bakura that Marik and Malik had.

"Wait!" Ryou cried thinking fast freezing Yami who had his arm outstretched at the two yamis. "If you punish them, they wouldn't be able to give you a body for yourself! Malik and I don't know how to do it."

"Yeah," Malik agreed picking up what Ryou was trying to do. "Think about how Yugi will feel if you had your own body." It was no secret that Yugi had a crush on the sexy former Pharaoh. "Marik was just telling me the other day he wanted to help give you your own body for repay you for all the things you've did for us!"

"I did?" Marik asked in wonderment.

"Shut up!" Malik hissed at him. "Think about Marzuq! If I have to, I'll use the rod on you!"

"Yeah, yeah! I said that!" Marik cried as he wanted to see his son again and didn't want his love to use the rod on him.

"All right," Yami agreed as he lowered his arm. "But I'm warning you two, not to screw up again!"

"We'll be good!" Ryou promised as the four of them scurried back to the van. The van then sped off, with Marik driving, back to the Ishtar home.

"Baka!" Malik repeated yelled at Marik the entire way. "Did you not think about what could have happened?!"

"Not really," Marik calmly replied as he pulled into their driveway.

"Why do I put up with you?" Malik yelled. "First you go messing around with Mokuba knowing that Kaiba would become involved and then you almost get killed by the Pharaoh!"

"Taste death, live life," Marik told him while shrugging his shoulders. Fed up with Marik, Malik marched off to check on Marzuq, while Marik went into the kitchen to find some ice cream that he could carry up to his bedroom. With a smirk, Marik knew that Malik and him would soon be making up.

"Are you okay?" Ryou gently asked Bakura as soon as they were alone. He had been worried about Bakura ever since he saw the former thief's reaction when Diabound was destroyed. It had been like a piece of Bakura's soul had been damaged at the same time.

"I'm fine," Bakura grunted and he did indeed looked much better. "Thanks for—thanks."

"It was nothing," Ryou said with a blush, knowing what Bakura met. "I know you aren't completely evil like Yami seems to think. Your kill count tonight was actually pretty low compared to things you've done in the past."

"Tonight was indeed a disappointment," Bakura replied with a sigh.

"It doesn't have to be," Ryou told as he continued to blush. Acting quickly, Ryou placed a quick kiss to Bakura's lips before backing away slightly. Bakura stared at Ryou in shock for a few minutes, letting it all sink in, before pouncing on the teen. They both landed on the floor with a thud with Bakura on top of Ryou as they passionately kissed for a few minutes.

"Upstairs," Bakura panted upon breaking the kiss as he frantically tried to tear off Ryou's clothes. Standing up, Bakura gathered Ryou up in his arms and carried him up the stairs to the room they claimed as their own. "Time to see if the psycho blondes like strange noises keeping them up all night," Bakura playfully growled as he placed Ryou on the bed before once again climbing on top of the white-haired teen.