A/N: 100-word TsunaShizu fic. Well, it's a little over 100 words, to be honest, but it's close ... Random inspiration during the wee hours of the morning ...


you're the one who wants to hold her, hold her and control her ... better forget it


Sometimes Shizune gets fed up with Tsunade.

Maybe it's because she's a compulsive gambler (a compulsive gambler who loses all the time, no less), maybe it's because she might just have a drinking problem, or maybe it's because she can, on occasion, be a real foolhardy bitch.

Whatever the reason is, though, Shizune gets fed up with her.

She gets so fed up that she just wants to burn all of her money and smash the bottles of booze she knows that Tsunade's got hidden somewhere and slap her until she starts acting rationally.

She just wants to change her, to make her act her age, damnit.

But Shizune knows that none of it will matter in the morning, because Tsunade won't be gambling or drunk beyond all coherent thought, she'll be sleeping beside her, looking so peaceful that Shizune wonders how she could ever get mad at her.

And Shizune knows that she can't change Tsunade anyways.