Days passed, March and April came and went uneventfully, and Draco and I didn't fight anymore. Blaise Zabini had even backed off a little, although he did tend to lurk in the shadows when Draco and I walked past.

Classes were harder than ever and teachers saw it fit to weigh us down with so much homework that finishing it all seemed impossible.

Draco and I were walking from our Potions class and to my next one, Divination. He couldn't walk all the way up to the class with me as it was seven floors up, but he kissed me goodbye at the bottom of the steps.

Ron caught up with me halfway up the steps, a scowl on his face.

"Was Malfoy up here?" He said.

Ron still wasn't amused by the fact that Draco and I were spending every free moment together, but was even less amused that Slytherin was going ahead in the Quidditch Cup while Gryffindor wasn't.

"Yes, Ron, he was. I thought you two were getting along better now," I said, disgust coating my voice. I was getting awfully sick of the constant bickering that had started between Draco and Ron and Hermione.

"We are. Comparatively speaking anyway. I got you two back together because you were both obviously miserable. I'm sorry, but I still find all of this a little... strange.." Ron said.

"I see," I said tonelessly. I understood where he was coming from, but I still didn't like it.

Ron changed the subject quickly. This conversation always lead to tetchy waters.

"I wonder what Trelawney's got for us today. If I have to read one more cup of tea leaves, I am going to drown her in it," Ron said, a forced grin plastered on his face.


Thankfully for Ron we didn't have to read anymore tealeaves, but were starting on the study of prophecies.

"As you know, I am a Seer and I possess the Divine capability to make prophecies, See the future and predict people's fortunes. It is a Gift that is rare, but yet present in human people. This term, your final one at Hogwarts, will be the final determination of whether or not you possess the Gift of Second Sight," Professor Trelawney said in her misty voice.

That was the last she said directly to the class that period, she just let us read though our books to read up on prophecies.

"This is ridiculous. I already know that I can't See. What's the point?" Ron said, thumbing through his copy of "Unfogging the Future"

I mumbled a reply to him. I knew perfectly well that I couldn't See either, but I couldn't help but be reminded of the connection I'd had to Lord Voldemort that caused me to see what he was doing and feel what he was feeling through strange emotional waves and dreams.

"Haha Harry, it says that muggle Seers don't even know that they're Seers and just go though life thinking they're mad or something!" Ron laughed gleefully, pointing at the paragraph on the page that indicated this.

"Or they think they're psychic," I said absently.


"Never mind," I said, flipping through the book and ignoring Professor Trelawney asking Lavender to try and See what Parvati's future had in store for her.


"Wow, that lesson was... Less than interesting," Ron said, stuffing his book back into his bag at the bottom of the ladder and starting down the stairs.

"Yeah, it was. Ron, I left my book on the table and I need to go get it, I'll be right back," I said, inwardly shuddering at the prospect of going back into the heavily perfumed room so quickly after leaving it.

"All right, I'll see you at lunch," he said, and started down the stairs.

I sighed deeply and started up the ladder again where Professor Trelawney ignored me; she just sat, staring avidly into space. I crossed to the table I had been sitting at and picked up my book, then made a move to leave.

"A boy with no father to speak of is in grave danger – "Came Trelawney's voice, although it was not as misty as usual. Indeed, it was gravelly and hoarse.

"Before the next phase of the moon passes a boy of 17 years who is without a father will come to be in grave danger from the Dark One. The Dark Lord and his Minions of Darkness will take the boy to a place familiar to his kin. The place will be a warm one with a heavy depression hanging over it; one of death and destruction. The boy will be lured to this place by one he once considered his best friend. He is.. Not... Safe... Danger... The Dark... One..."

Her head dropped to her chest and she stayed completely still for perhaps a full thirty seconds. Only on one occasion had she gone into such a state, and that prediction had been true.

"Um, Professor?" I said tentatively, prodding her forearm gently.

Her head rose back to his full and upright position on her shoulders and she stared blankly at me; her eyes didn't look quite as much like an insect's as usual.

"Yes, Mr. Potter?" She said, looking as though nothing had happened and she was quite obviously wondering why I was still in her classroom.

"You just told me that 'a boy with no father' is in danger from Lord Voldemort. That's not possible, he's dead," I said, my voice surprisingly toneless.

"Yes, I know that Potter. Now run along to lunch. It's a rather warm day and you should be outside," Trelawney said, frowning at me and shooing me out of the classroom.


"Where's Malfoy?" Ron asked when I joined him a few minutes later in the Great Hall.

I sighed inwardly when Ron said 'Malfoy', wanting more than anything to say that his name is Draco. But I didn't. I knew that some things would never change and Ron calling Draco 'Malfoy' is one of them.

"Probably in the library working on that paper for Lupin. The one on Dementors," I said absently, my mind still on Trelawney and what she had said.

"Oh," Ron said, stuffing a forkful of something in his mouth.

"I'm going to go," I said, suddenly not hungry. "I'm going to go see if Draco is in the library."


I walked from the Great Hall to the library in about twenty minutes, the whole way spent replaying Trelawney's words in my head.

"A boy with no father to speak of"

Voldemort is dead. He is. I killed him; I watched myself do it.

With that, I told myself that Professor Sybil Trelawney was, as usual, full of shit, and put the entire thing from my mind. My mind drifted to Ron and Draco and their constant squabbling. Ron had asked me that morning why Draco just had to sleep in our dormitory every night. He had been, to say the least, very annoyed when I told him that he slept with me because he wasn't exactly welcome in the Slytherin dormitories anymore.

"Hey," I whispered, shortly after entering the library and coming upon Draco alone at a table, completely surrounded by books.

"Hey," he replied, closing the book he was digging through and pulling me into his lap.

"I missed you at lunch," I said, nuzzling at this cheek.

"I have to get this essay done and I've been coughing all day," he said bitterly, glaring at the stack of books on the table and stifling a cough.

I frowned at him and stood up. I started to gather his things and put them back into his school bag.

"Let's go back up to Gryffindor Tower and you can sleep, okay?" I whispered, careful to keep my voice low because Madame Pince would be less- than-pleased otherwise.

"We have Potions this afternoon. Snape won't like it if we're not there," he said hesitantly.

"Snape doesn't like us anyway."

Draco laughed at this and nodded his consent.

"Okay. I'm not feeling well and sleep might do me some good..." he said, getting to his feet.


Draco and I both reduced ourselves to our boxers and crawled back into bed a short while later.

"Come here," I whispered, pulling him close and shifting him so his head was on my chest. I registered in my mind that this was probably this first time that we had laid like this; it was usually vice versa.

He coughed again and his face felt warm on my skin.

"I am never going to get that essay done..." He mumbled. "Bloody dementors..."

"Dementors are awful," I said, petting his back absentmindedly.

"Do you really hear your mother when you're close to one?" He asked in a voice that suggested that he knew I would probably snap at him for asking about it.

I sighed, knowing that it was time to tell him everything.

"Yes. It's terrible. Scary as hell..." I started, hugging him tighter.

"Can you tell me?"

"Yes..." I said.

I fell silent for a time, wondering where I could even begin. My childhood? No. I know Lucius Malfoy and Draco's childhood couldn't possibly have been better. The dementors? Not much to tell, really. At least no way to describe it. Voldemort? But what about him. Again, so much to tell, no way to tell it.

I bought myself some time by sitting up and slowly closing the hangings on my bed, shielding us even more from the midday light that was coming through the window.


"Hmm? I'm sorry, just thinking about where to start," I said, grinning apologetically.

He nodded and pulled me back down, snuggling close so that I couldn't move again.

"I didn't even know I was a wizard until my 11th birthday," I started slowly, staring at the scarlet hangings.

"We started getting funny letters with the post and my uncle always took them away, saying it was a mistake. But then, two days before my birthday, hundreds of them started shooting out of the fireplace and into the living room," I went on, dragging my eyes back to Draco, who was looking mildly amused at this.

"Uncle Vernon went completely mad and gave us five minutes to pack. Then he ripped the door open, stuffed all four of us in the car and drove, changing directions every little way, each time muttering something like 'shake 'em off'. We went to a hotel and while we were eating dinner that evening the desk clerk brought a stack of about a hundred letters, that Uncle Vernon tore up," I said, laughing at the expression on Draco's face. He looked like he'd love to laugh, but was trying desperately not to.

"So, we rented a boat and spent the next night in a cabin on a rock in the middle of the ocean. It was a cold little two room shack with the most pitiful furniture I've ever seen in my life. Not that I'd know if it were comfortable or not, I had to sleep on the floor," I said, now grinning myself.

"Then Hagrid showed up, scared my aunt, uncle and cousin to death, then took me away to Diagon Alley to get my school things. That's when I met you for the first time," I said, smiling and kissing his forehead possessively, remembering how much we'd hated each other then.

"Yes, I remember. I'm sorry I was so mean to you," he said, looking genuinely upset.

"Don't be. It was a long time ago," I whispered, hugging him tighter and then continuing.

"Then weird stuff started happening after I started Hogwarts and I ended up killing Professor Quirrel... But I saved the Sorcerer's Stone and prevented Voldemort returning for another year," I said, then pausing for his reaction. He made a surprised face; clearly this was an entirely different story from everything that had been told to him by other people.

"And then in second year, you know, the whole 'Heir of Slytherin' thing. That was your Father's fault, I'm sorry to say. If he hadn't slipped that diary to Ginny Weasley in Flourish and Blotts, none of that would have happened," I said slowly, wincing at the look on Draco's face when I mentioned his father's role in the events of five years ago.

"I'm sorry, love, but it's true," I added, pulling him closer to me.

"I know. He told me that he did it that summer when I asked him why Dobby wasn't doing the wash," Draco said, frowning slightly.

I laughed a little and inhaled deeply before continuing.

I told him about third year in a little more detail. I explained about the Time Turner, mentally noting that Hermione would curse me into oblivion if she knew that I'd told him.

"Then in fourth year, in the maze, Cedric Diggory and I were transported to a graveyard where Voldemort and his Death Eaters, your father included, were waiting for us. They killed Cedric right off, but they needed my blood, otherwise I would have died, too. Once Wormtail preformed the spell that returned Voldemort to his body, we dueled. Our wands did something funny, Priori Incantatum, the reverse spell effect," I said, and Draco's jaw dropped.

"I've heard of that... It only happens when wands with cores from the same creature..." Draco said, comprehension dawning on his face.

"Yes, my wand core and Voldemort's both come from the same Phoenix. Fawkes..." I confessed, my insides squirming.

"Can you tell me about when you... Defeated him?" Draco asked me, tracing circles around my navel with his fingernail. "Yes... That was probably the scariest night of my life," I breathed. I didn't know if I were grateful for someone to talk to about it or wary of what could become of telling.

"I'd said something to you... Told you that I'd kill you for putting my father in Azkaban..." Draco whispered, turning his head just enough to kiss my stomach in way of an unnecessary apology.

"Don't even think about it anymore. It was over a year ago," I whispered, dragging my fingers up and down his spine.

"I couldn't use my own wand because of the reverse spell effect... So, I summoned one of the Death Eater's wands, Nott, I think, and used that..." I broke off there, convulsions spreading through my body as the memories of that night came back all at once.

"Okay, you don't have to say anymore..." Draco whispered, sitting up a bit and kissing my cheek.

I nodded and tilted his head up with my fingertips so that I could kiss his lips.

"You're pale... You don't look well," I observed in a low voice before adjusting our position so that he was laying down again. "Go to sleep."

He nodded and nuzzled closer, his eyes closing as he inhaled deeply.

I held him and let him sleep, just feeling him breathe for hours, until Ron burst into the room, demanding to know where I'd been all afternoon. I frowned when Ron woke Draco up with his shouting, but told him what he'd asked.

"Draco isn't feeling well, so I wanted him to sleep," I said shortly, rocking Draco gently in hopes that he'd fall asleep again.

"So you skipped class? Why couldn't he just come sleep? Snape was really angry; he took 50 points from each Slytherin and Gryffindor!" Ron shouted, causing Draco to whimper and pull the blankets over his head. He always had been cute when he was half asleep.

"Ron, just go so Draco can sleep. He's been coughing all day and I think he's got a fever," I said, glaring angrily at Ron for shouting.

"This isn't even his dormitory! Why doesn't he go sleep somewhere else!" Ron snapped, throwing his bag onto his bed.

"Because he's got no where else to go, Ron," I said, trying to keep my voice level so as not to disrupt Draco any more than necessary.

"Fine, I'll go. Hermione and I have plans tonight anyway," Ron snapped and, glaring at lump under the blanket that was Draco, left the room.

"He's noisy," Draco said absently, clawing the blankets off his face and looking up at me.

"Yes, I know love, I'm sorry," I said, tucking the blankets more comfortably around him.

"It's okay..." he said, closing his eyes slowly and pressing his entire body against me.

I sighed comfortably and settled myself back into the pillows.

"I'm cold," he complained after a few minutes, his words interrupted by a cough.

I pulled away from him and picked his robes up off the floor and handed them over.

"Thank you..." he said, pulling his robes over his shoulder and then cuddling back under the blankets.


Draco didn't mention Voldemort again for at least a three weeks. It had surprised me how calmly he had reacted when I had finally told him everything. Although, perhaps it was this that had silenced his questions, the realization that it wasn't pleasant information to possess.

May twenty-fifth was a very dull day and, mercifully, a Friday. Draco and I sat in front of the fire several hours after Ron and Hermione had retired to bed, not talking, just sitting.

I had nearly nodded off in my chair when there was a slight pop coming from the fire place.

"Draco Julian Malfoy," came a voice that sounded very much like it could break glass.

"Mother!" Draco said, obviously surprised by the sound of his voice.

My eyes napped open and I looked up, first at Draco, then at who I immediately recognized as Narcissa Malfoy.

"What are you doing here? And with him?" she shouted, jerking her head in my direction to indicate that she was talking about me.

"I'm sitting, Mother. What's it look like?" Draco said coolly. The slight arch in his neck and the way he was poised in the chair suggested that he knew exactly where this was going and wanted to avoid the entire thing.

"That is Harry Potter, Draco. One of your friends sent me a letter which I received last night saying that a sort of relationship has developed between the two of you. It needs to stop now. You're spitting on the name Malfoy with what you're doing," she said shortly, glaring at me as though I were some sort of poisonous insect as she did.

"Mother, first, who sent you the letter?" Draco said, looking positively murderous, although this detail seemed to go unnoticed by Mrs. Malfoy.

"If you must know, it was Blaise Zabini. Well, what do you have to say for yourself? What would your father say?"

I sat completely silent, just watching them argue for several minutes, replies volleying back and forth, each slightly more venomous than the previous one.

"Why do you always do everything by what Father would want? Look where his scheming landed him! Twice!" Draco was now on his feet, shouting loudly.

I had to speak at this. I had to quiet him before they woke people up. I stood and grasped his forearm loosely; just enough to get his attention.

"Draco, will you stop shouting?" I whispered urgently, staring up at him as he was about four inches taller than I was.

"Draco, if you don't leave Gryffindor Tower and go back to the Slytherin dormitories where you belong I will disown you as my son, and I shall write your Father to do the same. You disgrace me," she hissed from her place in the fire.

Draco slowly looked from her to me and back again, the expression on his face showed an internal battle that was perfectly clear through his eyes.

"Fine," he whispered slowly. He took my hand and pulled me, very forcefully, up the stairs to our bed.

He fairly tore his clothes off, save for his boxers, and crawled into the bed. I followed, although much more slowly. My mind still hadn't quite registered that Draco had just chosen me over his own mother. This shocked me just as much as Draco's confessing his virginity had; Draco being a virgin was not exactly something I had expected.

This incident, which was not brought up again. At all. Ever. Was completely forgotten within a few days.

"So, Potter, you and Draco still together, are you?" Blaise said in the drawl that Draco used to use. I swear it's a thug requirement to speak as though you need the extra time to finish forming the sentence.

"Yes, Zabini," I said absently. I just wanted to get as far away from him as possible before a fight broke out.

He smirked and turned down the stairs to the Potions Dungeon.

"Harry, don't worry about it. We graduate tomorrow, he'll be completely gone from our lives then," Draco said softly, kissing my cheek.

None of the Seventh Years had made much of a big deal about graduation from Hogwarts. The entire class loved Hogwarts to the point that they almost wanted to stay here and repeat a year. In any case, not much had been said about it. Even the teachers had noticed the lack of interest towards it and stopped bringing it up in classes.


"You'll be taking your N.E.W.T exams this summer, as I'm sure you've been told. They should have been done over the course of the last three weeks, but due to a blunder within the Ministry, they will be over a two week boarding camp at the end of July. This was decided yesterday by the Department for Magical Education and Learning," Snape said, pure irritation in his voice that told us all that he had been enlisted to teach at this boarding camp.

"As it is, you're all going to be making a very difficult potion today. Wolfsbane. Used to keep werewolves at bay. Much like the one that Professor Lupin uses," Snape continued slowly, eyeing Draco and I with dislike.

Draco stared back, completely unabashed by the looks of loathing that he still wasn't accustomed to receiving.

"The directions are on the board, I trust that you all can still read?" Snape finished before crossing back to his desk and sitting down, completely ignoring us all.

Draco and I were copying down the directions when that ever-familiar drawl came from behind us.

"Oh look who it is: the former favorite and the tragic hero. What a mismatched couple you two are," Blaise said, staring lazily at Draco and then at me.

"What do you want Zabini?" Draco snapped and threw his quill quite violently down on the desktop.

"Oh nothing, just wanted to come talk to you, Draco," Blaise said carefully, walking around to the front of the desk and coming to a stop just across from him.

"What about? Make it fast. I'm a little busy," Draco said, glaring at Blaise.

"Zabini, just go away. Some of us want to pass this class," I said lightly, picking Draco's quill up and continuing to copy down the instructions.

"But I'm not finished yet," Blaise replied simply, looking at Draco with an odd expression on his face. Partway between a pure evil sneer and wanting to laugh.

"Finished with what, exactly?" Draco said, looking at Blaise with a look of complete loathing.

"I said I wanted to talk to you. I'm not finished yet," Blaise said, leaning down closer to him.

"Go the fuck away, Blaise," Draco snapped.

"Fuck away? No, fucking you is much more fun, Draco," Blaise said, winking at me in a very I-know-something-that-you-don't kind of way.

I really didn't like how that sounded. Draco was a virgin. He'd told me he was... I stayed silent, not really knowing how to reply to this.

"You didn't tell him, Draco? Well, I suppose not a lot of people do know. Just you and I and now, Harry," Blaise hissed in Draco's ear.

"Shut the fuck up Blaise," Draco said, attempting to push him off but failing.

"Draco, I can't believe you didn't tell him exactly how close we were," Blaise continued, completely ignoring Draco and running his finger down his cheek.

"What in the hell am I missing here?" I said loudly, although the voice in the back of my head was telling me I knew what I now feared most.

"Draco, you didn't tell him. I thought I knew you better than that. You should have told him. I'm sure you knew deep down that he'd find out somewhere anyway. I think it's time that Harry knows exactly how close we were," Blaise said, very blatantly kissing Draco's forehead.

I suddenly felt a very possessive surge of anger. Blaise kissed Draco. That had ignited boiling rage in my stomach and I wanted nothing more than to rid Blaise of a few of his limbs.

This was insane. Too much at once. Zabini had just... said that he had been with Draco? Complete madness. I was not hearing this. I couldn't be hearing this.

"But Draco... said that he's a virgin," I said dumbly, my mind refusing to process this.

"Draco? A virgin? Perhaps in a parallel universe of some sort, but here, he's quite the opposite," Blaise replied simply. He was unconcernedly checking his fingernails under the light.

That did it. That sentence completely broke the dam blocking my mind from storing and processing this unpleasant revelation.

"Draco?" was all I could make myself say. I just wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. Unless Zabini were lying. But, judging by the gleeful look on his face, he wasn't.

"Harry, I – "Draco started, but I cut him off. I couldn't hear any more of this.

"Draco, no. I'm going over there..." I said, putting a hand up to silence him and then gesturing to where Ron and Hermione were sitting.


This was pain worse than anything. Even the last time we had fought hadn't been quite this bad. That had been something rectifiable. This wasn't. This was completely beyond repair and I knew it.

Ron and Hermione asked what was wrong during the remaining twenty minutes of Potions Class, but I couldn't say it. Saying it would make that much more real and I couldn't handle that yet. I saw Draco in the corridor leading the Astronomy Tower after dinner; he'd obviously had the same idea as me. He saw me as well, but I turned around and walked away without saying anything to him. I couldn't say anything to him. I hated Blaise for this. I always would hate Blaise for this.


I woke up the next morning, Saturday, in a complete haze. I felt like someone had hit me around the head with a blunt metal object.

"Get up Harry. I know you don't want to, but we're graduating today," Ron said, unceremoniously ripping the hangings around me bed open. "Where's Malfoy?"

"Fine... I don't know where he is," I snapped, starting to sit up.

"Why – "He started, but I silenced him with an I-don't-want-to-talk-about- it look.