A Place To Belong


Name: Lauren Black

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Golden Brown

Age: 18

Personality: Moves in a very graceful manner as she was a ballerina.  She treasures her friends dearly, though she likes to have some time to herself too.  She adores her pokemon and treats them like family.  In fact she even sings to her pokemon.  She's very different than her friends, and for that reason she often finds herself an outcast in society.  She believes in the legends about the elves, and dreams that she might one day get to meet them.  Lauren really desires to find a place where she's accepted and appreciated and not shunned and ignored because she believes in things that most people do not.

Appearance: Wears a pale blue peasant shirt with a white peasant skirt, along with white socks and light blue tennis shoes.  She wears a black belt that is studded with Jade stones around her waist to accent her skirt.


Milotic: (Water/Dragon); Nickname: Mystic

Tropius: (Grass/Flying); Nickname: Sandra

Beautifly: (Bug/Flying); Ariel

Espeon: (Psychic); Sakura

Houndoom: (Dark/Fire); Casey

Ampharos: (Electric); Sparkle

Note:  All her pokemon are at level 60


Author's note: The in the story indicate pokemon speech.


Chapter 1

Lauren and her friends were camped along a quiet river in the valley of a mountain pass.  Lauren was grooming her pokemon while her girlfriends just sat around chatting about the new styles of clothing and about the boys that they had their eyes on.  Lauren wasn't interested in their conversation so she was devoting her free time to her pokemon.

"Chill, Casey, I'm only going to brush your coat to make it silky smooth."  Lauren told her Houndoom matter of factly.

 You're sure it won't hurt me?  Casey asked.

"Yes, I'm sure; I wouldn't use anything on you if I thought that it would hurt you."  Lauren replied while patting Casey on the head.

Okay then, brush away!  Casey replied.

Lauren continued to brush Casey, and while she was doing so one of her friends walked over to her, "Lauren, you devote too much time to your pokemon, you need to lighten up and have fun for a change."

"I am having fun, my kind of fun is being around my pokemon."  Lauren replied.

"You're weird."  Lauren's friend shot back.

"Only because you make fun of things you don't understand!"  Lauren shot back.

"You'll never be one of us!"  Her girlfriend exclaimed.

"Did you ever think that I ever cared to be one of you?  Because I don't!  If I can't be with my pokemon, then you might as well not be my friends."  Lauren snapped.

"Suit yourself."  Lauren's girlfriend said walking away.

Once she was out of earshot, Lauren looked at Casey and said, "They just don't understand that pokemon training is my life.  They think the world revolves around malls and boys when it doesn't.  They'll never understand me…….  I might as well not call them friends because what kind of friend asks you to stop doing the one thing you love doing?"

Then they don't deserve your friendship; you should find friends who share the same passion you do for life.  It may be hard to find these kinds of friends, but it is possible Casey answered.

"You're right, Casey……  Come on, it's about time that we enter in a Pokemon Tournament.  I have all the badges required for the Hoenn League and then some from all the other leagues I've competed in.  With you at my side we'll overcome even the toughest opponent!  We might even be able to topple the Elite Four and the Champion and clinch the title."  Lauren said optimisticly.

That's the spirit!  I can't wait!  Let's go!  Casey exclaimed.

"Alright, we'll head there now."  Lauren said, putting her brush away and standing up.  "Come along, Casey, we really need to get going because the tournament starts in three days time, and it'll take us awhile to get to Evergrande City.  Alright, let's get a move on."  Lauren remarked to Casey.

Recall me back into my ball, and let's get a move on  Casey replied.

Lauren recalled Casey back into her poke ball, then she walked over to where her friends were and said, "I'll see you later, I'm going to compete in a tournament."

"You won't win.  You're second rate compared to us."  Her friends replied.

"You're not even trainers!"  Lauren exclaimed.

"Still you'll never be as good and pretty as we are."  Her friends replied.

"If that's your attitude about it, then you're not my friends anymore.  If you aren't going to support my dreams, then I don't need you.  Goodbye."  Then with that Lauren walked off leaving her friends shocked since they couldn't believe that she had just ended their friendship.  Lauren now called out Sandra and flew to Evergrande City.  Once she arrived in Evergrande City, she registered for the tournament and got a key to one of the trainer houses that she would be using while she was competing in the tournament.  As Lauren was settling into her temporary home she thought to herself, "This might be harder than I thought since I don't have any friends to support me through this tournament……  Hopefully I'll be able to make some new friends to replace my old selfish, self-centered friends, who don't even care about me…….."

Lauren now began researching tournament etiquette and the rules that you had to abide by while you were competing.  She knew that this would keep her busy for awhile so she dove into it, since she knew that she only had a few days to master all the information before the tournament started.  As she was booting up the PC, Lauren thought about what she might have to expect in her battles ahead, and wondered what kind of friends she would make.  All Lauren could do now was research the tournament and wait for more people to show up so that she could make new friends and hopefully achieve her dream.