Chapter 2

Three days past and sure enough Lauren had mastered everything she needed to know about the tournament. She had learned how a winning trainer was supposed to act, how the tournament round rounds were laid out, and what ranking you needed to achieve in order to be able to fight the Elite Four. Many of the competing trainers were just now arriving, and the welcoming ceremony was supposed to start in an hour in the main stadium. Lauren was starting to feel a little nervous about competing, but she had faith in her pokemon so she wasn't too worried. Over the few days she had been at Evergrande, she had seen glimces of the Elite Four as they dashed about doing things, and Sidney had even waved at her, which made her feel special. Over the past several days, Lauren also groomed her pokemon, and sang to them.

(start flashback)

One of the songs she sang to them the day before the actual tournament was to start, when she had no idea that while she was being observed by Sidney and also wasn't aware that he was hearing her song as well.

Lauren still remembered that when she finished that song she heard someone clapping and when she turned around she saw that it was Sidney, and when she found that out she blushed.

"Aw, it's not that bad…… You've got a nice voice. Your pokemon are very lucky to have you to sing to them." Sidney said.

"Okay, thanks." Lauren replied.

"By the way do you always sing to your pokemon?" Sidney asked.

"Yes, I've always sung to them, it's just something I've always done." Lauren replied.

Sidney smiled, "Keep it up, okay? Oh, and I would like to see good stuff coming from you and your wonder team, okay?"

"Okay, I'll try." Lauren replied.

"Okay, good. I'll see you around, I've gotta go, bye." Then Sidney walked away.

(end flashback)

Lauren! Earth to Lauren, come in Lauren Casey said.

"Oh, Casey, I'm okay, I was just thinking about yesterday." Lauren looked at her watch "Holy smokes! We need to be at the stadium in ten minutes! Come on everyone back in your balls, I'll try to let you out later." Lauren said.

Lauren recalled all her pokemon and ran to the stadium, and found out where she needed to go and she went there, which as it turned out was a long hallway where trainers were lining up to wait to be welcomed to the competition. She joined the rest of the trainers, and together they waited for the welcoming ceremony to begin. The ten minutes passed quickly, and before Lauren knew it the line began to move as everyone who was competing walked out onto the stadium floor. Lauren wasn't as nervous as many of the other competitors because she had experience with getting up in front of people and doing something tough, so being in front of thousands of people was almost nothing to her. When her turn came, Lauren stepped out onto the stadium floor, and when she did so she saw Sidney and the rest of the Elite on the stage that had been set up for this occasion. Sidney looked around and when his eyes landed on Lauren, he smiled, which made Lauren feel a little better and feel that she belonged here and that she could do this.

A few minutes Drake broke the silence and spoke into his microphone and said, "Welcome to this year's annual competition, before the battles start tomorrow there's some things I need to go over. Firstly, the battles that will take place tomorrow will be held in this stadium, and secondly we will using an electronic machine to pit each person against another. Tomorrow will be the longest day for battles because there are so many people, but that's a good thing, it pleases me to see so many spirited young people. Now one important thing I want you to remember throughout this competition, You are all winners, even if you lose, it takes courage to compete in a tournament like this and for that fact I commend you for taking the plunge to try to achieve your dreams. Now, I assume you all know the rules of the battles so I won't bore you with details…… Okay, now we need everyone to go over to the building where they registered this morning or earlier if you arrived before this afternoon." Drake said, his gaze falling on Lauren. "Okay battle valiantly, and the top three finishers will get a chance to take us on. So give these battles everything you've got. Okay, that's everything I have to say. You may proceed to the registration building so that you can find out who you'll be battling tomorrow."

Drake turned off the microphone and everyone walked out of the stadium and headed to the registration building. Somehow Lauren ended up at the registration building first since most of the trainers had gotten lost on the way over there, but since Lauren had spent several days in Evergrande City, she knew where quite a few things were so naturally some trainers started to follow her when they saw that she knew where she was going. Lauren walked inside and walked over to the lady that would start the machine to determine who she would battle the next day.

"Okay, since you're here first, you'll be battling first tomorrow. Now let's see who your opponent is……" She pressed a few buttons and two pictures appeared on the screen, and the boy behind Lauren gasped and gulped since he hadn't wanted to battle first; but Lauren didn't really react she had hoped that she would get to battle first and she had gotten her wish.

Lauren's opponent was a boy named Joshua Cunnings, and he had black hair and blue eyes, and wore a red shirt with blue jeans and a green hat with white print and white running shoes.

"Joshua Cunnings, your opponent will be Miss Lauren Black." The lady announced.

The boy gulped and sighed, and nodded knowing that the decision was final and that there was no way that he was going to get a different opponent. Now Lauren left the registration building after the lady told her that her battle would be at 8 o'clock the next morning. Lauren walked out of the building and went to have dinner, then after she had eaten, she walked back to the place where she was staying and set her alarm clock to go off at 6 o'clock the next morning so that she would have time to get a shower before her battle. Lauren changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed and fell asleep in a couple of minutes.