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Sunday had to be the greatest thing since someone thought of a stick with chocolate on it. Sunday meant no training in the hot summer sun, no homework or a stupid essay, no Chouji, no Shikamura, and no Asuma with his smoke filling Ino's lungs with tar so when she becomes twenty she won't die. And the best part was she got to spend the scorching hot day inside her mother's cool flower shop. Yes, life right now was good.

Ino sighed deeply as she stood at the counter and had her head resting in her hands. It was a lazy work day, so not too many came in to buy roses or tulips. It would be great to fall asleep right now, but she already tried that, and her mother poked her with the end of a broom.

"Stay alert child. You never know when a rich man will come in to buy thousands of flowers for his sick wife."

Was what she said and walked to the back room to cut some flowers to make them live longer. Ino pouted for a moment, but oh well. She got to sleep in late because it was Sunday so she couldn't complain.

"I'm telling you, the woman love flowers. She'll love them."

"Yeah, but it's so overrated. She might not-"

"Overrated? Phfft. Please man."

Ino looked out the window's shop to see her father with his friend, Shikato, walking towards the door. Ino stood up proper and smiled as the two older ninjas stepped in.

"Hi Otousan. Hello Mr. Nara."

The older version of Shikamaru with the beard and cigarette, that was not lit for some reason, looked up at the happy blonde and smiled. Ino's father gave her a wink like he always did. Shikato walked over to Ino, and leaned over the counter with his elbows whispering,

"Tell me kid. If your husband kept giving some flowers year after year for you birthday, you would still love him, right?"

Ino giggled at the silly man and his weird question. She swiveled her head so her one stand of hair flew around her head and back to where it was. She gave a cocky grin and walked around the counter to all of the wonderfully colored flowers all over the store. Inoshi rolled his eyes, but laughed at how his daughter was acting around the old funny dud.

"Weeeeeeeel. If my husband gave me the same flowers ever year, then no. I would not love him."

When she said the begging of her statement, she waltzed over to the red roses. The ones that were always chosen. Then she picked one out.

"A rose does show love, but year after year means that my husband got too lazy, and this was his last resort."

Shikato raised his one eyebrow. The girl really did now her flowers. Ino then put the flower down and skipped over to the Sympetalous. A pink flower that has not yet bloomed with thick thorns on the bottom.

"What would you think your wife would say to this Mr. Nara?"

He scratched his beard.

"Uhh...well it's pink. A girl color. So she would like it."

He liked his answer and hit nose tip with his thumb. Ino shook her head at him. He frowned.

"This is a very deadly plant. If not handled carefully, it will bite you and resent your wife until it dies. And that does not say much about you, now does it?"

Shikato glared at the stupid flower.

"Now these,"

Ino picked up a white and blue Imchain flower. It was a long steamed flower. About the size of the girl's arm. It was fully open and gave off the most amazing color. It also smelled heavenly, as Ino inhaled and fluttered her eyes.

"This one says 'Honey, you mean the world to me. So I took my time a picked out the most beautiful flower for you because you are so beautiful, I had to find something that could slightly compare to you and I hope I did you justice.'. That, Mr. Nara, that is what will make me love my husband if he got me a flower ever year for my birthday. And would make me love him forever as well."

Inoshi clapped ones and then twice at his wonderful, smart, and one hell of a salesman, daughter. Shikato slapped down a 40 yen bill on the counter and proclaimed,

"I'll take two."

(A.N. Does 40 yen sound right...? Hehe.)

Ino smiled, picked up another Imchain, and ran over behind the counter to ring her customer up. She was about to give him his change, but he held up his hand.

"Keep it. Its yours. You deserve it."

Ino blushed slightly. She loved it when people gave her tips just because she knew a little too much about flowers. Plus it was just more money towards her goal of buying a new ninja outfit.

Inoshi threw his arm over his friends shoulder and started to laugh, they started to walk out but not before Ino picked up,

"Tomorrow morning, I want details about what happens tonight. And I mean every dirty, little, thing you..."

And then they were out of range. Ino stepped back and snapped the 10 dollar yen in front of her.

*Inner Ino- "HELL YEAH!"*

(A.N. I know, I know. That's Sakura's little thing, but Ino should have an inner voice too. It's just funny too picture.)

-Later that night-

Ino was helping her mother move some things around, as they were ready to close up for the night, and squeaked a little when she felt something cut her finger.

"What is it sweety?"

Mrs. Yamanaka turned around when she heard the little distress call from her child.

"I dunno. Must be a loose piece of glass under this box. I'm ok, just a little scratch."

It wasn't little. The cut was deep, and a few drops started to drip down onto a flower. When she lifted the box of cards she was trying to get behind the counter, Ino was right. A light green piece of glass was cought on the bottom. Must have been from a vase or something.

"Goodness! Ino, let me see."

"I'm fine Okaasan."

But Ino's mother took her hand to look it over anyway. She got up, left, and then came back with a bandage and tissues to clean up the red finger with. When all was done, and in place, she kissed it and let go of Ino's hand.


"Much, thank you Okaasan-chan."

Ino looked at her repaired finger and gave her mother a smile.

"You go home. You have training tomorrow, and that means getting up early. I'll finish up here."

"You sure?"

Her mother nodded, and then shooed her out the store. Ino had no problem walking home at dark since they lived like ten seconds away from their shop. She did groan at the thought of training early, before the sun came up. She always looked like hell in the mornings and took her forever to get her hair to get into the nice ponytail she had. Then she has to put her eye make up-


Ino snapped her head at the direction of the chop stick had come from. It took her a second to register the boy that was leaning against the ally wall with one leg hitched up, supporting all his weight on it.. The other chop stick was in his mouth, as he twirled it with his tongue, looking very board.

"Oh it's just you."

"Just me? Gee, you know how to make someone feel welcomed."

"I don't welcome people that throw random objects at my beautiful face."

"Get over yourself Ino. Plus I hit your stupid head, not your face."

"Your such a jerk Shikamaru."

Ino turned on her heel half way and started to walk home like she was. She heard Shikamaru say a 'whatever' and she guessed he left because she heard him walk off in the different direction.

'Tech. Men.'


Ino took off her one left shoe while hanging onto the doorknob, closed the door and then took off the other shoe. She knew something was off when she smelled something burning. Oh oh. She ran over to where the kitchen was (seeing how the smell came from that part of the house) but breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her father struggling very hard with a pan of really badly burnt popcorn.

"Rotten, stupid, worthless piece of honey! Hehe, didn't here you come in."

"Otousan what are you doing?"

"Well...I got a hankering for some popped corn...but it didn't work huh?"

Ino shook her head at him with a smile. Her father never was one for cooking. That was one of the reasons he married her mother.

"Where's your mother?"

Ino pulled out the stool of the kitchen table and sat down in it.

"Finishing up the junk at the shop."

"Aha. You know, I got to congrat you Ino."


Inoshi took off the silly looking apron he was wearing and threw the burnt pan in the sink. He gave it a dirty look.

"Shikato's wife loved the flowers. He'll be...uhh...very happy tonight... and tomorrow."

"Really? I thought so."

Man she was smug. But happy non the less for her father's friend's love life. Inoshi stretched his back and mad it snap. Ino cringed, hating that sound, and looked over at the clock. She had a good hour before she had to be asleep. Being in bed, and sleeping were two different things. It was more like being in her room before she had to be in bed asleep. She got back up, kissed her father and went upstairs to her room.


Ino walked over to her vanity and sat down gently on the little stool and pulled out her black scrunchy from her hair. Her long and smooth blond hair feel down gracefully on her shoulders and stopped a little above her butt. She grabbed her brush and started to brush out all the tangles that she had gotten though out the day. There was one little spot that felt a little odd when she brushed over it. She felt on the right side of her head and her fingers ran over a little square shaped indent.

Ino put one plus two to get...Shika! She had no idea he could throw that little chop stick that hard. Oh she would get him tomorrow if that tiny (talk about your Princess and the Pea) little dent didn't go away. Those thoughts lead to a new. Why was Shika on this part of the town? And this late? And on that spot on the wall. If she remembered correctly, the shop to the left of him was a closed gift shop and to the right was a coffee shop. It was still open but Shikamaru didn't strike her as a coffee drinker. He was too lazy to order a cup. She would have to somehow ask him that tomorrow. He better not be stalking her! She got dressed in her ninja PJs, a bottom and top with little leafs on it with chines symbols, and sat on her bed.

With nothing coming to mind that she could do instead of sleep, she gave up and went under her covers. She fell asleep quickly, mumbling to herself that she has to get up early. Oh well.


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